Kitesurfing in March

You want to go kitesurfing during another month, here are some great destinations…

Everybody who can’t wait to get on the water should start packing their stuff and drive to the airport asap. While we still hide underneath scarfs and wooly hats outside, it’s getting warmer in the South of Europe. Just to make sure you can spend spring on the water, we looked up some of our great destinations for kitesurfing in March for you:

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Italy- Sicily: Kitesurfing in March

The season in Sicily starts in March, where a massive lagoon and perfect conditions are waiting for you. The spot is right in front of your door, so you can easily grab some lunch on your balcony while watching your kite-buddies on the water. Mark the 24th of March in your calendar, as Kiteboarding Events Sicily are back again to get you on the water. Experienced trainers from Kiteboarding Events, loads of new equipment and great support from our KiteWorldWide Team are waiting for you.


+ Around only 3h away by plane 
+ Massive, shallow water lagoon
+ Amazing wind forecast (more than 300 days/year)
+ Low-cost apartments right next to the spot
+ Season from March until November

Sri Lanka – Kalpitiya: Kitesurfing in March

Winter season in Sri Lanka is about to finish, last chance to kite with North-East wind conditions. In April the winds will begin to turn. Mother nature needs a little break, before the “main season” which starts in May. Perfect wind conditions and sunny days will then be welcoming you on the water. The free 4×4-Shuttle takes you during wintertime to the other side of the lagoon, where you can choose between shallow water or endless ocean. What are you waiting for?


+ Massive shallow water lagoon with heaps of “glassy” freestyle spots
+ No unwanted obstacles & sandy ground
+ First Lodge right at the lagoon with European standards
+ Jungle safaris, historical cities, downwinder, and many more activities
+ Full-board with lunch in our KiteWorldWide beach-shed right at the lagoon

South Africa – Cape Town: Kitesurfing in March

March is one of the most underestimated months in  Cape Town. Unbelievable, since it is the favorite spot from one of our founders during this time. Everything is a little less busy, so you can enjoy relaxed kite sessions or trips to the local market. All wave-riders should keep this place in mind because the waves become even more beautiful in March.

KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town: Lifestyle-Loft-Villa right next to the Kitespot  
+ Breathtaking spot-diversity 
+ Many opportunities for activities and trips 
+ Amazing community feeling in the mansion 
+ Exclusive with KiteWorldWide
+ Discovering the best spots, trips, and parties with Juli, Martin, and Marci from KiteboardingEvents

Morocco – Essaouira: Kitesurfing in March

After a 4 month break, it is time to get back on the water in  Essaouira. Also known as the most beautiful old town in Morocco with many small cafés, restaurants and small oriental markets. One of the special thing about Essaouira is that there is no car noise, at all! This automatically puts you in 1001 nights and allows you to wander through the small streets in peace and quiet without being constantly harassed by the salesmen. The new season starts with great waves and an easy climate. Wind from the right will take you along the beautiful and massive bay, so you can enjoy great kite sessions with perfect conditions. Don’t forget to pack a jumper, because it can be a little chilly in the evenings.

+ Great atmosphere in the old town of Essaouira
+ Awesome wind forecast
+ Kitesurf spot with shallow area + Awesome wind forecast
+ KiteWorldWide Guide on site
+ Great for wave beginners and advanced wave kiters, lots of different spots
+ The new KiteWorldWide winter destination with an activity package included

Zanzibar – Jambiani: Kitesurfing in March

The beautiful island of Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean and is also called Spice Island. An exclusive kite spot for KiteWorldWide is right next to our hotel in Jambiani. Beginners and advanced kiters can perfectly enjoy the last sessions of the season here. As you can see in the chart, the wind could be more reliable, but no need to worry! When the wind takes a little break, you can always explore the stunning nature or local culture. Boat trip, a spice tour or stone-town-tour? If this sounds good to you, get ready for Jambiani! 

+ Giant lagoon, sheltered by the reef, with turquoise blue water right 
Red Monkey Lodge right at the spot
+ Kite center at the lodge with the latest gear
+ Winter and Summer destination
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

Spain – Tarifa: Kitesurfing in March

When the wind in Jambiani gets tired, it is just the start for action in  Tarifa! Because of the sea gate next to the strait of Gibraltar and the sea current, we have special thermal conditions, which intensify the already constant winds in Tarifa. Our KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa is the perfect accommodation – in the middle of the historic center, close to all happening bars and clubs – wonderful furnished, with common kitchen and rooftop. Don’t forget a jumper, if you want to spend unforgettable evenings on our roof, it can be a little chilly in March on a night time.

+ Spanish flair and long party nights
+ Great wind conditions and bland climate, only 3h away via plane
KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa with high community factor
+ KiteWorldWide Guide on site
+ Atlantic Ocean meets shallow lagoon

Morocco – Dakhla: Kitesurfing in March

Our second destination in Morocco also has a lot to offer during March! Dakhla comes to the mind of many kiters when they think about perfect conditions for kitesurfing. Here you will find one of the worlds largest shallow lagoons and amazing wave spots. Great wind forecast for nearly the whole year. The result: An incredible kite destination for beginners, intermediates, advanced and wave-kiters.

+ Giant shallow lagoon and many wave spots
+ Perfect wind forecast for most of the year
+ Awesome conditions for freestyler, beginners, and wavekiters
+ The fanciest, newest and comfortable accommodation right at the spot: KiteWorldWide Villa Camp Dakhla
+ Professional VDWS Kite Centre by KiteWorldWide with the latest equipment and VDWS licensed teachers

Cape Verde – Sal: Kitesurfing in March

The season in  Cape Verde is running well during March. First guests will feel comfortable in our new Kite House. The GoPro team have got their cameras set on the island. There might be no better place in the world to learn wave-kitesurfing. It quite warm in Sal in March, so our rooftop will be welcoming you after long evening kite sessions. What could be better than a cold beer, watching other kiters surfing during sunset and enjoying your time with like-minded people?

+ Wind during wintertime only 6h via plane away
Kitesurfing with Mitu – exclusive from KiteWorldWide
+ Season from October until May
+ Daily kite shuttle and general inclusive  program 

Egypt – Seahorse Bay: Kitesurfing in March

The  Seahorse Bay starts with about 20°C in March, so you will feel more comfortable wearing a spring neo on the water. The shallow and sandy lagoon offers more than 70% wind days a year. Perfect conditions for an unforgettable holiday experience. Thanks to loads of space for two teaching- areas, beginners and advanced kiters have all the space they need. Don’t forget to bring your jumper, because it can become a little chilly at night time. But don’t worry, there is a sauna at the Seahorse Bay KiteClub.

+ Family-like atmosphere at the Ibi & Friends Kiteclub at the Seahorse Bay   
+ Accommodation right at the spot    
+ Full packages for beginners, intermediates and advanced kiters   
+ Limited booking for more space on the water   
+ Exclusive with KiteWorldWide 


Slowly, spring is around the corner and the first sunny days with temperatures around 15 degrees and some wind can make the kitesurfer’s mouth begin to drool a little at the prospect of a new season on the water. If you want to be on the safe side this spring regarding wind and sun and take the Easter holidays with us to one of our many destinations.

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