Kitesurfing in August

If you haven’t been on holiday yet, this Blog will give an insight of miraculous spots for kitesurfing in August. The beautiful accommodations are often located at white, sandy beaches and crystal blue lagoons. Next to kitesurfing, you will find a variety of other activities, usually nearby the lodges.

Brazil: Tatajuba – Kitesurfing in  August

+ Beach site accommodations
+ Incredibly beautiful Pousada far from crowded spots

+ VDWS kite center managed by KiteWorldWide
+ Flatwater spot in front of the door and other spots nearby
+ Best wind in Brazil
+ Jericoacoara only 45 min. away
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

Tatajuba really is a small kite paradise which is offering adequate spots for each type of kiter. The wind blows constantly and makes sure that you’ll have nearly endless kitesurf sessions. The location of the KiteWorldWide Pousada is right next to the water. Just two steps from the Kite Center you can walk in shorts or bikini into the warm water.

New in 2017 on Sri Lanka: Dreamspot Eco Kite Lodge – Kitesurfing in August

+ NEW: Dreamspot Eco Kite Lodge with an exclusive new kite spot
+ huge flatwater lagoon with numerous glassy freestyle spots and the ocean with wave spots right in front of the Sri Lanka Dreamspot Eco Lodge
+ professional KiteWorldWide Kitecenter with new Core Kites
+ extremely good wind statistics during the summer season, good winds also during winter
+ no underwater obstacles & sandy sea bottom
+ Favourable flights, short-term booking possible
+ Delicious and exotic food
+ Exotic Eco Resort with Robinson Crusoe feeling and pool right at the spot
+ Sri Lanka is the closest tropic destination from Europe and offers lots of possibilities for exploring culture and making day trips
+ Consistent warm and pleasant temperatures
+ Seasons: May-October, December-March

If you like to have kitespots all to yourself, the Dreamspot on Sri Lanka is the best holiday place for you. The wind statistics are comparable to the ones in Brazil. You can choose flatwater conditions or a gentle swell for boarding in waves. On top of that, the Eco Kite Lodge is located just 10 meters away from the beach. If you want you can chill at the tropical garden next to some palm trees and or simply jump into the pool.

Sri Lanka: Kalpitiya – Kitesurfing in August

+ The first lodge lies directly at the lagoon and comes with high standard
+ Massive flat water lagoon with numerous “glassy“ freestyle spots
+ Super wind-proof during the season
+ Favourable flights, short-term booking possible
+ Delicious and exotic food
+ Professional Kite Center, owned by KiteWorldWide and exclusively for our guests
+ Advanced riders can launch right in front of the lodge in winter season
+ Free boat shuttle to the other site of the lagoon & lunch in the KiteWorldWide beach hut
+ Sri Lanka is the closest tropic destination from Europe and offers a lot of possibilities for exploring culture and making day trips
+ Consistent warm and pleasant temperatures
+ Super friendly people on-the-spot and a stunning landscape

The KiteWorldWide Lodge in Kalpitiya is surrounded by an idyllic landscape. As soon as you wake up, you will experience stunning views over the lagoon from your bedroom. The wind could be a little gusty sometimes but usually blows constantly with 16-33 knots. During the summer season a short trip by car can take you to a headland where the main spot is located. Everyone who is learning kitesurfing has perfect flatwater conditions. Also advanced kiters will have a huge playground to try new tricks at that spot.

Morocco: Dakhla – Kitesurfing in August

+ NEW in 2017: exklusive spa and Moroccan Hammam
+ Stunning Kite Villa Camp exclusively for KiteWorldWide
+ Diverse, shallow flatwater spot in front of the camp and wave spots around the corner
+ Perfect wind conditions from March to October, good wind from November to February
+ VDWS licensed kite center under KiteWorldWide management
+ New flight times mean no overnight stop

We have six mini villas and a new townhouse – called Riad – for your summer holiday at our KiteWorldWide Villa Camp in Dakhla. An open restaurant, with a view over the lagoon, is the central meeting point where everybody is coming together for dinner and relaxation. Right next door you will find our kiteschool. Everything in Dakhla is located really close and the spot is almost in front of your door. Flatwater fans would love this spot, considering the huge space for new freestyle tricks. For beginners, the first attempts on a board will be quickly learned.

Morocco: Essaouira – Kitesurfing in August

+ The new KiteWorldWide winter destination with activity package included
+ The KiteWorldWide Riad
+ Great atmosphere in the old town of Essaouira

+ High wind probability
+ KiteWorldWide guide on site

+ Kitesurf spot with shallow area
+ Great for wave beginners and advanced wave kiters, lots of different spots
+ For those who rather push their level together: Kiteboarding Events Essaouira

The Bay of Essaouira offers beginners, intermediate or advanced kiters the perfect conditions for kitesurfing in Morocco. If you want to learn how to rip some waves, then this is the place to be. The waves are coming in a regular interval so that you always have time to prepare yourself for the next run. A Moroccan townhouse with unique and familiar atmosphere will be your place to stay. Our guide who stays at the Riad aswell ca take you to the most beautiful corners of Essaouira like bars, live music locations and oriental restaurants.

Spain: Tarifa – Kitesurfing in August

+ NEW 2016: Our own kite school exclusively for KiteWorldWide guests
+ Season from April 1st to June 30th and September 1st to October 31st
+ Spanish lifestyle and epic nightlife
+ High wind probability and mild climate only three flying hours away
+ KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa for a great community feeling
+ KiteWorldWide guide on site

Right in the centre of the picturesque old town lies our KiteWorldWide Town House in Tarifa. A rooftop terrace is perfect for an afternoon BBQ or get togethers. Enjoy the surfer lifestyle with endless party nights and tapas bars. The wind conditions are ideal for endless kitesurfing sessions. Our kitesurfing instructors and a guide will help you in all situations to make your holiday a dream come true.

Italy: Sicily – Kitesurfing in August

+ Huge flatwater lagoon
+ Hotel Santa Maria: the ONLY accommodation directly at the spot with swimming pool
+ More than 300 days of wind every year
+ Season from March till November
+ Newly renovated appartements located on the front row to the spot
+ only 3 hours away

The spot Lo Stagnone on Sicily has one of the biggest flat water lagoons in Europe. The Santa Maria, a modernly designed and high standard hotel is located directly at the lagoon. In between your kite sessions you can easily enjoy your lunch on your own balcony or relax in the pool.

Egypt: Seahorse Bay -Kitesurfing in August

+ Family like atmosphere at Ibi & Friends Kiteclub Seahorse Bay
+ Living right at the spot, without TukTuk rides
+ Complete packages for beginner, intermediate and advanced kiters
+ Limited availability for more space on the water

The Kiteclub Seahorse Bay is offering a familiar atmosphere. There are two learning areas at the bay so that beginners and advanced kitesurfers have a lot of space. Also the limited number of people kitesurfing on the bay guarentees enough space for everybody.

 Zanzibar: Jambiani – Kitesurfing in August

+ Giant lagoon, sheltered by the reef, with turquoise blue water
+ Red Monkey Lodge right at the spot
+ Kite center at the lodge with latest gear
+ Winter and Summer destination
+ Exclusively with KiteWorldWide

Our Red Monkey Lodge is a beautiful holiday paradise at the east coast of Zanzibar. The Island is famous for its dreamlike beaches and turquoise water. A long sandbank forms a large lagoon where you can kitesurf in shallow water and on the other side of the reef in nice waves. Other activities like a SUP tour through the mangroves are nice variety.