• Sal - Cape Verde

    Most reliable spot for winter, only 6 flying hours away

    Visit Cape Verde!
  • Cape Town - Kitesurfing in South Africa

    Great community feeling at the Mansion

    What awaits you
    Kitesurfen in Kapstadt, Suedafrika
  • Zanzibar - Kitesurfing in the blue paradise

    Red Monkey Lodge right at the spot

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  • NEW: Panama - Kitesurfing in Punta Chame

    Big lagoon with lots of wind at the doorstep

    Go to Panama!
  • Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

    Kiting around palm trees

  • El Gouna - Kitesurfing at the dreamspot

    Huge shallow water area with turquoise water

    Discover kitespots in Egypt!
  • Morocco - La Tour d’Eole

    The new kitespot in Dakhla, Morocco

    Find out more!
  • Tatajuba - Kite trips to Brasil

    Best wind in Brazil!

    Lets go!
  • Kite trips for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

    Far away from mainstream & package tours

    – Dreamlike Spots
    – Extraordinary accommodation
    – The perfect combination of individualism and comfort

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Kitesurfing Holidays Worldwide

Learn Kitesurfing in your next vacation


With us you’re in good hands, kitesurfing holidays are a completely unique experience with the perfect mix of accessible remoteness, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert.

Anne Valvatne KiteWorldWide Travel Consultant

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Most popular kitesurfing holidays

Kitesurfing holidays worldwide

KiteWorldwide specializes in delivering extraordinary kitesurf holidays to exotic destinations while avoiding the tourist traps. Our focus is on high quality tours that differ from other offered holidays by exclusive destinations or accomodation, special services providing local (kitesurf) knowledge and / or outstanding package deals.

Learn to kite surf!

Our destinations cater for kitesurf beginners so if you want to learn then you have a choice between 16 different spots. All our locations are fully licensed VDWS or IKO affiliated centres, Our instructors are international who speak a multitude of languages. Every year we stock our centres with the latest kite equipment

Seven of the kite schools and centers are owned by us the other 9 we work with partners at that particular spot or destination. Our own kite centers are in Zanzibar, Brazil, Cape Town, Dakhla and Sri Lanka. We pride ourselves in always ensuring that we stay up to date when it comes to latest developments in kitesurf tuition.

Kitesurfing holidays Service

KiteWorldWide is a full service, fully licensed and financially protected tour operator with our head office located in Hamburg, Germany. We also have an office in the UK and a team of twenty kitesurf and travel enthusiasts who are here to help kitesurfers travel all over the world!

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