We have a team rider – Nils Wesch!

We had been thinking about it for a while and dragging our feet as to whether that even makes sense for us to support a kite surfer. Just giving some money to get a sticker on a board wouldn’t quite cut it. Something like this has to be beneficial—and most importantly—fun for everyone involved. But that takes time, and we weren’t sure we’d be able to pull it off the way we imagined it.

Then Denis came, the guy with the best nuts from KERNenergie. He’s pretty well-known for founding Boost Kiteboarding with his dead-on feeling for trends and nice people. Well, he told us to talk to Nils Wesch. He was not just supposed to be a “sensational” kiter, but was just also an all-around awesome guy who wants to have fun, and of course, win without taking everything too seriously.

No sooner said than done. Nils was at our office in February, and we came to an agreement pretty fast that this could be really cool. Since we didn’t just want to trade a sticker on his board for some money, we made a date to meet up in Tarifa. We were going anyway—just like every destination once per season—and Nils was going to be training there anyway.

We’ll report about the trip we took soon. Apart from the new accommodations in Tarifa, we have also secured an awesome, new KiteWorldWide destination.

But, we’re talking about Nils: Denis was definitely being modest about him. Nils is really a really amazing kiter for 17 and knows how to pull off sweet, stylish tricks no matter what the conditions are like. And he’s just a cool guy who just wants to kite and travel around. Fits us just fine.

So, we’re proud to announce the first KiteWorldWide team kiter:

Welcome to the KiteWorldWide Family: Nils Wesch!

PS: He got a sticker on his board anyway ;)

Besides KiteWorldWide, Nils is supported by Liquid Force, KERNenergie and Quiksilver.

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