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Jambiani/ Paje – Kitesurf in paradise


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+ Giant lagoon, sheltered by the reef, with turquoise blue water right in front of the lodge
+ Red Monkey Lodge right at the spot
+ Kitecenter at the lodge with latest gear
+ Winter and Summer destination
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

The beautiful island Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for its beautiful beaches with crystal-clear, turquoise water. Our spot has shallow water and is therefore also perfect for beginners.

We found the perfect spot and accommodation for your kitesurf holiday at Zanzibars east coast in Jambiani. The lodges are directly in front of your kitesurf spot and exclusive for KiteWorldWide guests. It is on a beautiful private beach with a close-by mangrove forest.

The Red Monkey Lodge is completely renovated and contains of nine rooms which are in small bungalows with palm roofs. Coral Rock Hotel is situated at the other side of the bay, and is priced higher with even more comfort and a stunning sea-facing pool.

The kitespot is directly in front of the lodge. Because of a 2km long sandbank we have a huge lagoon with shallow water for instructions and trainings but also for freestyler and advanced riders.

Since June 2012, there is a KiteWorldWide owned, VDWS licensed kitesurf school on Zanzibar, Jambiani, with multilingual instructors and new gear from Core & Best Kiteboarding.

The kiteseasons are from June till September and from December till March. The wind direction is always sideshore.

This small, amazing island in front of the east coast of Tanzania does not only have beautiful beaches and coasts but also beautiful dive sites and lots of alternatives activities to do.

Zanzibar is also famous for its huge variety of spices which gave Zanzibar the nickname: “Spice – island”.

The beautiful historic centre of Zanzibars capital, Stone Town is also worth a visit. Freddy Mercurys home town is affected by small alleys and coral-stone made colonial houses. You will also find some small bars and shops.


Spot-Kitesurfing lernen
Spot-Kitesurfing lernen
Sansibar-Kitesurfing lernen
Sansibar-Kitesurfing lernen
Kitesurfing Spots-Sansibar
Kitesurfing Spots-Sansibar
Kitesurfing lernen-Sansibar
Kitesurfing lernen-Sansibar
Kitesurf Kurse
Kitesurf Kurse
Kitesurf Kurs-Spot
Kitesurf Kurs-Spot
Kitesurf Kurs-Sansibar
Kitesurf Kurs-Sansibar
Kite Unterkunft-Sansibar
Kite Unterkunft-Sansibar
Kite Reisen-Sansibar
Kite Reisen-Sansibar

Kitesurfing on Zanzibar

Kitesurfing Spot

This exclusive kitesurf spot is located directly in front of our lodge at the east cost of Zanzibar in Jambiani. It provides perfect conditions for beginners, advanced riders and freestyler.

Here, a 2 km long sandbank forms a large shallow water lagoon, a perfect place for our lessons and trainings. We use equipment from CORE (GTS2 and XR2), Brunotti Boards and ION gear. The VDWS licensed instructor and our partner school, KiteWorldWide Center Zanzibar / Jambiani speaks English and German.

Only 5 km north of your “homespot” you will find the popular Spot: Pajé. The Water is shallow too. During the summer advanced kiters are able to do a downwinder to Pajé.

The winter kitesurf season lasts from December till March. During the summer you can kitesurf from June until October. The wind is always sideshore and during the kitesurf seasons really reliable.

This spot is strongly regulated by tides, but it is also possible to kitesurf under low tide conditions after a short walk on the beach. During high tide launching the kite can be more difficult, that’s why we recommend kiting during high tide only for advanced kiters.

Because of small solitary corals it’s recommended to wear neoprene shoes.


Since June 2012, there is a KiteWorldWide kitesurf school in Zanzibar, Jambiani, with multilingual instructors, new gear from Best.

The kiteseasons are from June till September and from December till March. The wind direction is always sideshore.

This small, amazing island on the east coast of Tanzania does not only have beautiful beaches and coasts but also beautiful dive sites and lots of alternatives activities to do.

Licensed, mulit-lingual kite instructors (English, German, French) teach beginner and advanced courses and lead downwind excursions along the coast.

We offer you different kitesurf courses and rental options.

Kite Camp Beginners

– 5-6 days

– 15 hours kite group lesson incl. kite gear

– 475 €

Beginner / Advanced

– 3-4 days

– 9  hours kite group lesson incl. kite gear

– 330 €

Refresher course

- 2 days

- 6 hours kite group lesson incl. kite gear

– 250 €

Refresher / Introduction course

– 1 day

– 3 hours kite group lesson incl. kite gear

– 150 €

Kite Gear Rental

Price weekly

 Preis bei Vorbuchung für die Gesamte ReisezeitPreis bei Vorbuchung für einzelne TageVor Ort Preis
Kite Pool komplett (immer der passende Kite inkl. Bar, Board & Trapez)315 €490 €560 €
Nur Kitepool245 €350 €420 €
Board175 €245 €280 €

Important: We only rent kite gear to experienced kite surfers who are completely independent and who can ride upwind, turns, re-launch and perform self rescues. Please contact us fore more details.

Price Daily

TagespreisPreis bei Vorbuchung für die Gesamte ReisezeitPreis bei Vorbuchung für einzelne TageVor Ort Preis
Kite Pool komplett (immer der passende Kite inkl. Bar, Board & Trapez)45 €70 €80 €
Nur Kitepool35 €50 €60 €
Board25 €35 €40 €

Your accommodation on Zanzibar

Red Monkey Lodge Zanzibar/Jambiani

The Red Monkey Lodge Zanzibar/Jambiani is on a beautiful, small beach surrounded by forests. Since the early December of 2012, it has been fully renovated and is under new German-Italian management.

The beach, which is also our kite spot, is directly in front of the lodge. You can literally go straight from your bed to your board.

The Red Monkey Lodge Zanzibar/Jambiani is a great mixture between the local and new customs. Those of you who are looking for a non-touristy place, come here. With the relaxed, quiet atmosphere the Red Monkey Lodge Zanzibar/Jambiani rightfully own the motto “barefoot and lazy.”

Additionally, there is free WiFi in lodge’s restaurant. The internet is low speed but enough to write and receive emails.


The lodge has a total of eleven rooms which are housed in stone bungalows with palm roofs. Each double room has a private bathroom and a small terrace which leads you directly to the beach in just a few steps.

Beach House 1 & 2

Beach House 1 is located immediately next to the bungalows and thus also directly on our kite spot. It includes a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and terrace. The terrace of the house provides you with a beautiful view of our spot.

Beach House 2 can fit up to five people in two bedrooms with private bathrooms. Both rooms include ceiling fans and in the living room there is a dining table with multiple seats and a fridge. On the porch of the house is a garden with beach beds and a direct view of our spot making this a perfect place to relax after an exhausting kiting session.


The restaurant at Red Monkey Lodge Zanzibar/Jambiani has dishes of fresh fish, meat, salads and fruits (from the island) to choose from. The bar is also well equipped with the usual selection of drinks. Breakfast is included in the price. A 4-course dinner with fish or meat to choose from for the main course can be arranged for 14€ per day.

The Coral Rock Hotel

Coral Rock Hotel is still undiscovered from mass tourism. It’s located in Jambaiani, a fishing village of the southeast coast of Zanzibar. Its unique location built on a coral rock above the sea and its exclusive features make the Coral Rock Hotel a truly worthwhile experience. The Coral Rock Hotel has a beachbar, a beach restaurant and a triangular pool with lounge chairs on a sea view terrace.

The Deluxe Bungalows

The Deluxe Bungalows in Swahili style come with a private bathroom, hot water shower, private sea view terrace, air conditioning and fan.

 Other Activities

Activities to book on site (not included)


If you are an advanced rider, this is something you don’t want to miss.

Riding endless waves downwind for 20 km, strapless, or with straps. It is an amazing trip where you can’t stop smiling, taking the waves, jumping, making big off the lips. If you are lucky you will see some turtles or dolphins on the way.

Depending on the season (wind direction) we have a drop off and ride towards the hotel, or start from the hotel and have a pickup that brings us back.

Afterwards you will finish the day with an amply seafood Barbecue. An incredible amazing coast area with dreamlike beaches and cristal clear water and a lot of fun and action awaits you!

Safari Blue

On this “safari” you will sail with typical Dhow boats from Fumba in the south to a sandbank where you can snorkel and explore the faszinating under water world of the Indian Ocean. Afterwards you sail further to a tiny solitary island where you finish the day with an amply seafood Barbecue and cool drinks. You might also see some dolphins!


Zanzibar is also called Spice-island because you can find almost every spice here. On this guided half-day expedition you will discover spices in various ways. This excursion comes as a welcome and interesting change to the everyday kitesurfing life.

Stone Town

You will visit the beautiful historic centre of Zanzibar’s capital, Stone Town. A guide will explain and show you certain interesting details about the home town of Freddy Mercury. In addition to the national museum you will find lots of bars and small shops. This charming historic center belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage and is affected by small alleys and coral-stone made colonial houses.

General information

How to get there?

Airport: Zanzibar (ZNZ)

From Scandinavia:

You can fly with Condor via Frankfurt and Mombasa to Zanzibar from Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen once a week.

The flight from Frankfurt to Mombasa takes 8h30m and from Mombasa to Zanzibar 55 minutes. In Zanzibar we pick you up at the airport and bring you the one hour short drive to our Lodge.

The flight back from Zanzibar is normally with just one stopover in Frankfurt.

There are also daily scheduled flights with different stopovers flying from all over Scandinavia to Mombasa, just ask, and we will find the best flight and connection for you.


The local currency is Tanzanian Shilling.

You can buy food and drinks, for fair prices, in our lodge as well as in the local shops.
Per day you should calculate between 10 and 20 Euro.

In the red monkey lodge you can pay via US-Dollar and Tanzanian Shilling.
At Coral Rock you can also pay via Visa/Master card.


You can get a Visa on arrival directly at the airport, for 50$.

Airport Transfer

The airport transfer takes around 1 hour and costs 50€ one way. The driver will wait for you at the airport, with a KWW sign.

Internet and Electricity

We offer a free wifi connection in the public areas (restaurant, bar and library), please note that it is not the fastest connection and that performance form the provider varies. Kindly avoid using to much bankdwidth and please do not download large files and stream videos.

Power in Zanzibar is 220-240 volt AC.

Food and Beverage

Breakfast is included in the package. A 4 course dinner can be booked optional, for 14€.
Generally, you should calculate between 20 and 40 Euro per day.

In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishers and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can only be considered very little – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.


Fully certified VDWS school.
Kiteservice contains of: Launch- and landing support

Which kites do I need?
In winter: 10-15m (most used kite 12m)
In summer 8m-15m (most used kite 10m)


The east coast of Zanzibar is subject to tides and we recommend that you plan your excursions/activities around them you can find the tidetable in the bar area.
Do not miss out to explore the beach on the low tide!

The Spot

The spot and school are located right in front the red monkey lodge.

Coral Rock is located 200m further.


At the red monkey lodge, there is a laundry list in the room. Please inform your housekeeper if you have some washing.


Please avoid wasting water, as it is scarce in Zanzibar.
We recommend that you don’t use tap water to brush your teeth as your stomach mighth not be used to it!

Environment / Village

Please be respectful with the environment and remember that you are a guest in a foreign culture. Please avoid drunken behaviour, walking in bathing clothes through the village as well as topless sunbathing.