Logbook entry #7: Cast off!

In fact that Corralejos could offer us a place in their marina, we could enjoy staying there the whole monday. We filled-up our water, accomplished a few things and met the harbor master,who told us at which times we could hope for some free space in his marina. Tuesday, early morning: Cast Off! As we´ve had […]

Logbook entry #5: Gorgeous Lisbon

  Saturday night: The wind turned as we expected northwards. Time for the Tonia to leave Leixões before the sun rises. During the day we could enjoy sailing in the direction of Lisbon and in the afternoon we finally set our gennaker. As if we were riding on rails we went with top-speed of more […]

Logbook entry #6: Stopover on the vulcanic island

  Located in the anchor bay of Playa Blanca, we had the honour to wake up 3 days in a row, looking at the craggy landscape of the vulcanic island. The next Marina was luckily nearby and therefore easily reachable with the dingi. Thereby we could replenish our reserves and take a closer look at […]

Logbook entry #2 | a turbulent start with happy end

The early take off in Portsmouth was worth it. While we were leaving the port, the sun raised and we head in the direction to Solent. Since the sun was still quit low, the colors of the landscape were stunning. Around 10 we reached the Needles, which are the west point of Isle of Wight […]

Tonia on Sea. An adventure on the way to the Canary islands

The summer is slowly coming to an end, the days become shorter and the nights a little colder. Also the early morning frost on the pole of the Tonia is a sign that it is time to leave the Baltic Sea to head to warmer regions. Your crew, the experienced sea dogs, Stephan, Björn and Lukas, are ready to bring you certainly from Portsmouth to Porto and from Porto to Lagos for an unique adventure! Before the first guests of the crossings go aboard in Portsmouth, we head to the Baltic island Fehmarn, where the large part of the KitWorldWide team is enjoying the Kitesurf Worldcup. The new Kites, which they get there, also have to go with us on the trip! Over Kiel it further goes to Cuxhafen, and from there in the direction of Portsmouth. Finally, after some days on Sea the first host country flag could be hoisted: We have reached the Netherlands. On our route to Portsmouth Tonia sails past the chalk rock of Dover, unfortunately, the look is clouded. Now after some quit days on Board it is about time for a little action! We leave the sloop to water and let ourselves pulled after the boat with a wave board. Now we cannot expect the first Kite session any more! After these amazing impressions of the […]