Strapless Kitesurfing Video Tutorial with Willow-River Tonkin

You’re already done with straps, get euphoric shivers by smelling the scent of Sex Wax and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss the feeling of strapless kitesurfing for the world? Even the first waves got slit and the tacks are in progress? Then it’s time for the supreme discipline – strapless freestyle! Here we go! First pop, grap, 180 or start already with the frontroll. With Willow-River Tonkin at your side you won’t miss a thing. Here are the frist 4 episodes of our strapless kitesurfing video tutorial. If you don’t want to miss a new episode register yourself in our free online strapless freestyle camp with Willlow-River Tonkin!

Learning Strapless Kitesurfing Episode 1: Strapless Jump with Pop

Learn with Willow-River Tonkin how to do your first strapless pops. A solid pop is the fundament for all further strapless tricks, so make sure you know what you’re doing.
First you should ride cross wind, keep your backleg straight and your frontleg bent while jumping. To ensure that the board won’t fall off your feet push the board with your toes into the wind. For landing steer the kite down and also land downwind. And there you go: your first strapless pop!