Terms and Conditions

Eligibility Conditions
The participation at the competition of KiteWorldWide, further named the operater, is free of charges and complies striclty with the following conditions.

The competition starts on the 28th of June and ends on the 16th of July 2017. During this period, users have the chance to participate online at the competition. 

To participate at the competition it is required to fill in and send the entry form on our website. The participation is only possible in the declaired period of time. The operator can not consider entries for the lottery which take place out of that period. 
The operator only accepts one inquiry per participant. It is prohibited strictly to use variable Email addresses or Facebook profiles to enhance the chances of winning.
The participation at the competition is for free. 

Persons eligible to participate

To participate in the contest you have to have completed your 18th year and your abode has to be in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK or Italy. The participation is not limited to the operators customers and does not depend on purchasing products or services.
If a participant is restricted in his legal capacity, the approval of a legal representative is required. 
Excluded from the competitions are all persons who were involved in the conception and implementation of the competition, as well as the operators employees and their family members.
Participants can further be excluded for valid reasons like:
a)    manipulations regarding the eligibility or implementation of the competition
b)    contravening the eligibility conditions
c)    dishonest acting or
d)    incorrect or missleading indications related to the participation at the competition.

Prize, notification and conveyance of the prize
The following prize will be conveyed:

From KiteWorldWide a trip to the KiteWorldWide Eco Kite Lodge in Sri Lanka for 10 days and two people, full board and a basic package are included, flight expenses are not included (flight costs have to be payed by the participants), worth 2500 €, beach towels worth 210 €, Island Tribe sunscrean worth 100 €, Hoodies from the online shop worth 300 €; from Core a Sensor 2S Pro Bar worth 649 €, a Sensor 2S Bar worth 499 € and an XL pump worth 54,90 €; from the Kiteworld Magazine five print & online combo subscriptions worth approximately 40 €; from the Kiteboarding Magazine one annual subscription worth approximately 25 €; from Mystic a Majestic X harness worth 399 €; from Schwerelosigkite a hoodie worth 70 € at their online shop; from GoPro a seeker backpack, pack of mounts (floating had grip, surf mount, head strap) and a goody bag worth approximately 250 €.

After the entry deadline, the evaluation of the winner will be conducted in a lottery out of all participants, according to the random principle. 
The winner of the lottery will be informed via E-Mail promptly. 
The conveyance of the prize will be conducted only to the winner or the legal representative.
Exchange, will collect or a cash withdrawal of the prize is not possible. 
The operator absorbs the shipping costs for the prizes. Additional costs related to the take up of the prize have to be absorbed by the winner as well as eventual taxations of the prize. 
If the winner is not answering after being requested twice within a period of three weeks, the prize will be transferred to another participant.

End of the competition
The operator is allowed to cancel the competition without a preannouncement and disclaiming reasons. This requires especially to all reasons which interrupt or inhibit the scheduled procedure.

Data Protection

To participate in this competition you’ll have to share your full name and email address. These details will not be handed out to third parties.

By participating in the competition you agree that KiteWorldWide is allowed to use your email address for the KiteWorldWide Newsletter.

The participant can always disconfirm the participation. Just send an email to “marketing@kiteworldwide.com”.

Facebook Disclaimer
This competition stands in no relation to Facebook and nor linked or supported by Facebook.

Legal rights
The competition underlays exclusively the laws of the federal republic of Germany. There is no right of appeal.


If any of these Terms anConditions are determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reason of the laws of any state or country in which these Terms and Conditions are intended to be effective, then to the extent and within the jurisdiction which that Term or Condition is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed and deleted from this clause and the remaining terms and conditions shall survive, remain in full force and effect and continuto bbinding andenforceable.