Kitesurfing and Sailing: Josi and Marco on the KiteWorldWide Catamaran Cruise

Josi and Marco have already visited quite a few of the KiteWorldWide destinations together – Tatajuba, Dakhla, Essaouira, Tarifa, and some of the former destinations as well. A few weeks ago, the two of them set out for something completely new and took part in the one-week catamaran cruise through the Canary Islands. It’s the […]

Tatajuba Brasil Kitelagoon

Josie & Marco for kitesurfing in Brazil

Dakhla, Essaouira, Tarifa, Portugal, France and Sardinia – until now Marco and I have been to quite a few KiteWorldWide destinations. Always accompanied by our faithful 4×4 truck, the “Beachexplorer”. Because I wanted to experience the fantastic conditions in Brazil this year, which Marco has been talking about for years now, we both had to […]

Throwback: Our journey through Morocco!

We met Marco and Josi on exactly the same place where they headed from to Morocco six months ago. The southermost point should be Dakhla, their way back leads them along the dream like Atlantic coast. Watching the skyline of Hamburg, the two of them recall the past. While they converted their 4×4 truck, they […]

Road Book Entry #9 – Goodbye Dakhla

After spending one month in the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp, Marco made fast progress in foilboarding, while Josi was training on her jumping skills. Sadly it´s time to leave the camp and start on their way to Essaouira. Saying goodbye to some of their friends was hard. Especially, they gonna miss the funny evenings with the […]

Road Book Entry #8 – Exploring Dakhla and its Surroundings

Marco and Josi enjoy Dakhla to the fullest. After several nights` stay at the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp, they are now on the way to explore the surroundings of Dakhla. In this way, they want to get a different perspective of their favorite spot, the white dunes. As they cross the tropic of concer, they are now […]

Road Book Entry #7 – Get the Reward: Kitesurfing!

Since the beginning of March, Marco and Josi are on the road to explore Morocco. Now they have reached the destination Dakhla, and reward themselves for all the efforts they had, with kitesurfing, kitesurfing and kitesurfing! At the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp they enjoy a luxury way of living: what a breathtaking view without leaving the bed! […]

Road Book Entry #6 – A long ride to Dakhla

After Marco and Josi finally enjoyed their first kite session in Morocco, they now have a new designation: Dakhla. On their way from Tarfaya to Dakhla they passed by the the famous shipwreck of Armas, a remnant of the former single ferry connection between Morocco and the Canary Islands. On the way from Lyounne to […]

Road Book Entry #5 – The Kites are Ready to Get Launched!

Through deep sandy pistes Marco and Josi crossed the desert of Erg Chegaga – the biggest desert in Morocco. After spending a lot of hours alone in the sandy landscape, they finally want to reach the ocean to let the kites fly! On their way they stopped by at a supermarket to stock up on […]

Road Book Entry #4 – Up and Down through the Ravines

After the excitement of the sandstorm, Marco and Josi continue their way through mountains and ravines. The got recompensed for their difficult roads with some amazing views. Right before the Ravines of Todra, they passed the village Tinerhir. They almost failed to notice it, as the houses are painted in the same color as the […]

Road Book Entry #3 – A Rough Ride trough the Sandstorm

After spending some relaxing hours in Tissirt, Marco and Josi went on to the desert region Erg Chebbi. Due to the bad conditions of the roads, they can only drive very slowly. Reaching Erg Chebbi, the owner of the auberge welcomed them. It felt like he wasn’t really in need of guests, which is why […]

Road Book Entry #2 – Driving Some Kilometers

After spending two days on the ferry, Josi and Marco are already on their way through Morocco making some kilometers. On the passage they pick up with like-minded travellers as well as with a customs officer, who was more interested in a glass of german water than in something else they might take with them. […]

Road Book Entry #1 | On the Way to Catch the Ferry

Marco and Josi already mastered the first stage of their journey! Leaving the moisture of northern Germany behind them, they crossed snow, the Alps and finally reached Genua. There was only one small incident. Now the two of them are on board of the ferry and directly on the way to Tangier in Morocco. After […]

On and Off the Road – Roadtrip to Morocco

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. True to that motto Marco and Josi spend their lives. They start on an adventure and want to explore Marocco, via Roadtrip, and its most beautiful spots. In order to find them, they leave bitumenized roads and drive off road on uncomfortable streets. They want to travel about […]