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+ Dates from July to September
+ Sail for 7 days from spot to spot on the sporty and comfortable kite catamaran
+ Get very close to the spot with the Catamaran and its low clearance
+ Learn the basics of sailing (those who want to)
+ Skipper and VDWS Instructor on board
+ Secret spots and outstanding downwinders
+ Beautiful sailboat marinas every evening
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

Sail through the deep blue waters of the Baltic sea, anchor in deserted bays, explore islands, have dinner under the stars and start kitesurf sessions from a sandbank.  Sounds a bit like the description of Caribbean islands?  There is only one difference. You find all this in the Baltic Sea between Germany and Scandinavia!  This year KiteWorldWide in cooperation with Kiteboarding Events we bring you an amazing kite catamaran trip through the Danish Southern Sea.  With wind in the sails, we will reach speeds of up to 20 knots we will sail from spot to spot in comfort and style.

The Danish Southern Sea is one of the most beautiful sailing areas in Europe.  Get fascinated by the spacious coastal forests and white sandy beaches.  Sailing in the Baltic Sea means a lot of wind, small and fairytale-like ports with beautiful deserted shores. Enjoy the most beautiful spots and burn off energy on endless downwinders – with no other kiters around.

The catamaran with a very low underwater clearance will bring you close to the most stunning sandbanks.  Of course without any engine noise, naturally powered by the wind. Be accommodated comfortably in your own cabin.

Even adventurous captains will have a serious thrill on this trip. Together you steer through Denmark with our captain who will teach you the basics of sailing.

Ship ahoy and welcome on board!

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Kite Katamaran Ostsee-3


The different spots on the tour are suitable for all levels of kiter. There are daily kite courses taking place, conducted by the VDWS licensed kite instructor for beginners and advanced kite surfers (These are optionally extras).

Because of the low underwater boat clearance of 90cm we reach every sandbank easily. So, you don’t have to launch your kites tediously by the boat in the water.

The trip offers a great variety of conditions: the flat water at Gedser, waves round the island of Rugia as well as endless downwinders on the Danish Southern Sea.  There is no possibility of getting bored on this cruise!

The Tonia

With 4 double cabins (2 with double and 2 with single beds) and one extra single bed, the catamaran has a 120qm of top surface the Tonia provides space for up to 9 people.

Furthermore, there are two toilettes with hot water showers, a fully equipped galley with stove, fridge/freezer and a lounge area with a flat screen TV and 220V sockets.

We spend the evenings in nice and well appointed harbors with sanitary facilities, hot showers and almost everything you could ask for.

100qm of sail area allow a high speed up to 20 knots. Enjoy speed and comfort at the same time! On top of that, with only 90cm draught the Tonia brings you close to all the spots. It is only powered by the wind, completely without any annoying engine noise.

In addition to that you can look forward to memorable cooking sessions with the team or explore the local restaurants – however you like it.

The Tonia is certificated as “SeeBG” catamaran and provides a high safety standard including 2 life rafts.

The Cabins:

Of course, the cabins are not very spacious but that’s because you are living on a catamaran! The double and single beds are super comfortable and large enough for everyone. The single beds in the double rooms are separated by a small wooden partition.

Catering on Board

  • Nourishing breakfast and lunch included
  • 4 times dinner on board included
  • 3 evening excursions (small towns in Denmark, Fehmarn or Rügen)
  • Mineralwater incuded
  • Beer, soft drinks and juices

A Day on Board of the Tonia


Let yourself arise out of your cabin by a magical sunrise and smell the fresh coffee brewing.  The Catamaran with it’s length of 44 feet provides enough space to start your day with a smile. The wind forecast is our destiny and shows us the spot with the best conditions for each day. We set sail together and slide with up to 20knots through the beautiful blue waters.


Watch the white cride cliffs on the horizon.  Welcome to the Danish Southern Sea! Desert Islands, magical coasts and seals on sandbanks capture our imagination.  Close to a sandbank with shallow water we set anchor and launch our kites amount the unspoiled nature.  If you are lucky, you may will see a group of porpoises while kiting on the emerald water.


We come to the end of an exciting day and head into the next port. Relax in the big netting on board and enjoy the sunset and another idyllic small port.

Dates & Prices

ampel-rot01.07. – 08.07. KiteWorldWide
ampel-rot29.07. – 05.08. Kiteboarding Events / KiteWorldWide
„ampel-rot26.08. – 02.09. KiteWorldWide
„ampel-orange02.09. – 09.09. Kiteboarding Events / KiteWorldWide


Sail with KiteWorldWide 1158€*

Sail with KiteBoardingEvents 1599€*

*(Price examples per person in single cabin. Harbour dues,dinner and cash box aboard excluded)

Basic Package

Basic Package: Sail Basic KiteWorldWide

  • 7 nights on board
  • Skipper
  • Catering*
  • Harbour fees*
  • SUP and wake boarding behind the catamaran
  • 24/7 VDWS licensed Kite-Instructor by your side
  • Basics of sailing (if you want to, you can actively cox the boat)

Basic Package: Kiteboarding Events

  • 7 nights on board
  • skipper
  • catering*
  • harbour fees*
  • intensive training with VDWS licensed instructors from KiteBoarding Events
  • 4-6 hours kite surfing daily (theory and/or practice depending on the wind conditions)
  • rental of Kites and boards from leading brands like North Kiteboarding, Cabrinha and Core

*on the first day every participant of the tour pays 40€ per day. This is used to pay catering and drinks (water, soft drinks, beer), as well as harbour fees.

Beginner Package

Sail & Learn

+ 12 hours kite course

+ Rental for the rest of your stay (VDWS level 5 and minimum of 8 hours class is required)

+maximum of 3 students per teacher

PLEASE NOTE: this package is only available on the first tour!

Intermediate Package

Sail & Learn

+ 6 hours kite course

+ rental for the rest of your stay (VDWS level 5 and minimum of 4 hours kite course is required)

+ maximum of 3 people per instructor

PLEASE NOTE: this package is only available on the first tour!

Advanced Package

Sail & Learn

+ 3 hours Kite Course

+ rental for the rest of your stay (VDWS level 5 required)

+ maximum of 2 students per instructor

PLEASE NOTE: this package is only available on the first tour!

Additional Service

Sail & Progress (private lessons)

Intermediate and advanced kiters have the chance to push their level individually. The intense training guarantees fast and easy progress!

+ 1 kite hour kite course per day

+ e.g. jumping, foil boarding or other individual goals

+ guided kite surfing included

350€ per person

 Sail & Rent (rental package – min. VDWS level 5)

Advanced kiters can book the rental package. This will make sure, that you’ll always have the latest gear and the most suitable kite for all conditions.

Course of Action

  • Boarding on the first day from 10 a.m. Followed by a relaxed lunch
  • 4 hrs of sailing daily and 4-5 hrs of kitesurfing
  • the route depends on the wind forecasts. This is how they will look like roughly:
    route 1: start / finish Rostock city port ; Fehmarn ; Marstal ; Soby ; Lyo ; Svendborg ; Lohals ; Gedser 
    route 2: start / finish Rostock ; round Rugia ; Gedser ; Fehmarn ; Salzhaff
  • in the evening we dock at beautiful sailboat marinas with sanitary facilities, showers and so on
  • On the last day we will have breakfast together from 6:30 till 8:00 a.m.

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