Kiteholidays in Ulcinj / Montenegro

Montenegro: The new kitesurf hot-spot in Europe


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+ Foilboarding lessons!
+ Very high wind probabilty due to reliable thermal wind systems
+ Only about three hours away by plane (North West Europe)
+ Huge sandy beach with waist deep water
+ KiteWorldWide Center
+ KiteWorldWide Kite house
+ KiteWorldWide Guide on site
+ Season from May until September

In 2012 Alex, the biggest Kitesurf maniac ever, told us about a spot with a 14km long sandy beach and super steady side-onshore thermal wind. All of that less than a few hours’ flight away and with incredibly friendly locals, fresh Mediterranean cuisine and with loads of other alternative activities.

In the beginning we were a bit skeptical, due to non frequent and seldom flights but finally even the airlines realized that Montenegro is growing in tourism. Nowadays finding flights is easier than ever.

We decided that we had to open a kite centre in this location, everything Alex told us was correct.  This place is awesome, its the perfect place for families or a bunch of friends wanting to have an awesome time.

We proudly present the new kite-hotspot on European mainland: Ulcinj (spoken: Ooltseen) Montenegro, former Yugoslavia.

In our own kite school, the KiteWorldWide Center, we offer not only kite lessons but recently also Foilboarding lessons! Furthermore we managed to find the perfect accommodation for kiters. Our KiteWorldWide House has lots of space, a huge roof top terrace, a relaxed chill out lounge and a volleyball field in the backyard.

Just like in many other KiteWorldWide destinations, we also offer our complete “no worries” packages in Montenegro. Total Beginners as well as intermediate and advanced kitesurfers will be totally taken care of with all the packages that we have to offer.

The team of was already at the spot and caught on camera what the beach, spot and lifestyle is all about in Ulcinj.


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Aerials Montenegro high rez9

Kitesurfing at Ulcinj

The Spot

The main spot is ideal for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers due to its broad beach, waist deep water and the steady side-onshore wind. The sea floor consists of fine sand without any rocks or reef. Compared to other kiteschools along the beach no swimmers are allowed in our area so there are only kiters.

From May till September the Albanian Alps in the south cater for super steady thermal winds that will hit the coast in the early afternoon with 18 to 25 knots. In kite sizes this means usually 8 – 12m at high season and bigger kites at either end of the season, around 12 usually. Perfect news for all the party animals and the not-morning-people among you, you can relax in the morning or explore the surrounding area, knowing the wind will kick in like clock work for the early afternoon.  As tides don’t really exist in Montenegro you can start kiting whenever the wind kicks in. Due to the warm water, wetsuits are not really necessary in the summer. A few kilometers downwind there is a river mouth with perfect flat water. All the freestylers among you will find this spot perfect for getting busy with tricks.

KiteWorldWide kitesurf holiday packages Ulcinj

Just like in many other KiteWorldWide destinations we also offer the complete “no worries” packages for maximum fun without any hidden costs in Montenegro.

Those packages consist of your desired accommodation and the transfer from and to the spot.

Service always included:

– VDWS Kite Course as booked

– Gear Rental (kite, board, bar) for the rest of the week & wetsuit, harness, vest and helmet rental (at request)

– Daily transfer to the spot and back to the hotel

– Rescue, launch and landing service

– Usage of KiteWorldWide Center facilities, like sunbeds, showers etc.)

– Accommodation & Catering as booked

– Barbecue including fish and meat (veggies and cheese for vegetarians)

-Yoga or Pilates 2 to 3 times per week

The airport transfer is not included in the price (Podgorica 70 € / Tivat 65 € one way) or by mini van for 3 – 6 people (Podgorica 95 € / Tivat 90 € one way). Alternatively, we can offer you a rental car.

Attention: Since these package prices are heavily discounted, fees for gear / courses will not be returned for days with ‘non-kiteable’ conditions (no wind, storms etc.)!


In Ulcinj there are already several kite schools. To guarantee the best quality and service, we decided to start our own kite school. The KiteWorldWide Center.

Our VDWS licensed instructors are very happy to help you to get on the board or up to the next level.

The center is located directly on the spot. At the kite center you will find showers, toilets, sunbeds and other seating options where you can relax between the sessions and chat with other kite surfers.. Like in all of our kite centres we have made sure that there Is the latest equiptment for you to use.  You will expericnce the highst standards of kite courses that are generic in all of our schools.

Of course, advanced kiters have the opportunity to leave their kite gear safely in the storage room.

The new KiteWorldWide Center is the prefect starting point for a relaxed kite holiday!

Even during or rather in between your kite sessions we like to take special care of you. Therefore, our kite center serves yummy snacks like sandwiches and pasta salads right on the beach, which are delivered by our KiteWorldWide restaurant.

Courses / Gear

Kitesurfing Courses

The professional instructors at the KiteWorldWide Center teach in English. All instructors are licensed and teach in small groups of max. 2 – 4  people to ensure fast progress of your skills.

For intermediate and advanced kiters we offer special advanced training courses to get you onto the next level.

Beginners (VDWS Level 0-1)

12 hour beginners group course (lessons in small groups of maximum 4 people)

Kite equipment (kite, board, bar) included for the entire stay, after completion of 8 hours of lessons and achieved VDWS level 4-5 (you can stay upwind)

Wetsuit, harness, vest and helmet rental, if necessary

VDWS license (kitesurf “driver” license)

(Price not included in the package)

Intermediate (VDWS level 2 - 4)

6 hour intermediate group course (lessons in small groups of maximum 4 people)

Kite equipment (kite, board, bar) included for the entire stay after completion of 4 hours of lessons and achieved VDWS level 4-5 (you can stay upwind)

Wetsuit, harness, vest and helmet rental, if necessary

VDWS license or upgrade

(Price not included in the package)

Advanced (VDWS Level 4-7)

3 hours intermediate semi private course (lessons in small groups of maximum 2 people)

The course can be flexibly taken throughout the week

Kite equipment (kite, board, bar) included for the entire stay for students with VDWS level 4-5 is (you can stay upwind)

Wetsuit, harness, vest and helmet rental, if necessary

VDWS license or upgrade
(Price not included in the package)

Extra Services

Individual kiters with their own gear & their friends or family

Just bring your own gear and hit the water. Storage, rescue service, launch and landing service as well as alternative and social program is also included in this package. Of course also your non-kiting friends or family can attend all these activities.

Private lessons

You are welcome to take private lessons in order to reach your personal goal. Simply book your hours additionally to your individual package:

1 hour: 80 €


Kite equipment rental package (VDWS level 5 needed)

Advanced kitesurfers (able to stay upwind) without their own kite equipment (or with no wish to carry along equipment or pay for extra sporting luggage) can book the rental package. In this way you always have the right sized kite available or you can test kite gear of the current season.

Foilboarding Lessons

New challenge: Foilboarding

You are looking for a new challenge? In Montenegro you have the chance to try out the latest trend: foilboarding! Experience a new feeling of kitesurfing and float over the water!
As you need some hours of training to get the feeling for the 4th dimension, we offer you private foil boarding lessons. For the coaching we use Slingshot Dwarfcrafts from season 2016, the lengths of the masts can be varied.
Experienced foil boards can of course rent the foil boards.

Learn Foil Boarding Faster with the Slingshot Foiling Kite School

Foil boarding has been on our radar for quite some time already. Its an amazing sensation, floating over the water with the foilboard it will add a new dimension to your kiteboarding!
Its not as easy as it looks, it takes time, including some frustrations, but man is it rewarding when you can ride these babies. The new Foiling Flight School Program of Slingshot has convinced us to explore the enthusiasm of foilboarding together with you guys! The length of the mast can be adjusted fitting to your level of knowledge and your comfort zone. Step by step you can familiarize yourself with the unique feeling of floating over the water. You will learn the coordination which foil boarding requires, with an easy to handle masts to be begin with before you go for the the full length of 35,5 Inch. Learn foil boarding fast, easily and safely together with KiteWorldWide and the Slingshot Kitefoil School. Check out the Slingshot Foiling Kiteschool in our video!

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Accommodations in Ulcinj

It was truly not easy to find a decent accommodation for your kitesurf holidays in Montenegro. But know we are happy to present you with our amazing KiteWorldWide House Montenegro.  You only have 15 minutes to walk until you stand at the beach of Ulicinj, the famous Velika Plaza. The kitespot is located 50 minutes walk from the accommodation. But don’t worry, we are shuttling all our guest to the kitespot within 10 minutes by car.

KiteWorldWide House

We were truly amazed at the level of interest we received for this new spot ! That’s why, we decided to invest in our own KiteWorldWide accommodation, the first guest house for kiters in Montenegro.

The KiteWorldWide House offers you lots of space to chat and chill out with the other guest, on the huge roof top terrace or in the chill out lounge in the garden. For those of you, who still have some energy left, there is a volleyball field in the back yard to have a game or two.


The KiteWorldWide House offers convenient and clean rooms, with free Wifi and parking spots in front of the house. All rooms are equipped with a flatscreen TV, air-conditioning, as well as a refrigerator and balcony or terrace. Also half board is inclusive for all Kitehouse guests.

Standard Rooms

The comfortable standard rooms have single or double beds, offering a room for 2 – 4 people. In addition, all rooms have their own private bathroom with a shower as well as a balcony or terrace.

Comfort Rooms

The Comfort Rooms are spacious and in addition they offer a separate couch chill out area.  All rooms are equipped with a flatscreen TV, air-conditioner, as well as a refrigerator and balcony or terrace.

Catering in the Windyard

Attached to the Kitehouse you will find our KiteWorldWide restaurant Windyard and a relaxed lounge area.
Here you will enjoy the half board, consisting of a rich breakfast and a 2 course, daily changing dinner. The half board is inclusive for all Kitehouse guests. Also vegetarians will get their moneys worth here there are some delicious options available. Please just let us know upfront, so we can plan accordingly.

All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients which are bought everyday from the market.

Price Calculator & Online Booking

With the following form you can check availabilities and prices for your kite trip to Montenegro and book directly online. If you want to book additional services which are not part of the form you also can make a non-binding request with our request form on this website. You can also fill in this form when we shall look for a matching flight for you.

Alternative activities

Activities included in the price

Stand Up Paddling

Discover the surroundings on a SUP-board. It’s also great for a workout or to train your balance.


Train your balance on a slackline in the garden. It’s just pure fun!


After your many kite sessions we will set up a nice barbecue during sunset once a week. So that everybody can enjoy a tasty dinner after a perfect day at the beach. During your stay, one barbecue is included in the package price, you can, however, enjoy this nice barbecue more often (for additional cost).


There is a Volleyball field directly by the KiteWorldWide House, which you can use any time to improve your volleyball skills.

Further Activities (to book at sight for an additional charge)

Fish restaurant at the Bojana River

This restaurant is directly by the Bojana river and has a breathtaking view to offer. The waiter offers you a variety of fresh seafood right at your table and you just have to choose which one you would like to have.

A night at Ulcinj historic center

In the summer, the historic center of Ulcinj becomes a party town. At least once you should  check out the city at night. We will take you to an awesome cocktail bar in the town and maybe we will end up in one of many clubs on offer.


This is a really fun alternative activity to kite surf, there are some canyons not to far away at Nevido.  Provided with adequate gear (Wetsuit and climbing gear) you will swim, jump, climb and slide through the canyons. You will see numerous waterfalls, a professional tour guide will help you with the abseiling and shows you the way. A whole day of action and adrenalin awaits you in this beautiful peace of nature.

Tara River Rafting

The Tara is one of the most beautiful and most attractive rivers in Europe. In its 145 kilometer long flow it has formed a canyon, almost 100 km long and 1,3 km deep. The Tara Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world. It is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Europe. This is one of the reasons why it is under the protection of UNESCO.

You will spend a whole day rafting around in this unique river experiencing the whole beauty of this astonishing peace of nature.


The ocean directly in front of the coast of Montenegro is ideal for diving. Wonderful underwater landscapes, warm water, 20 meter visibility and several ship wrecks are waiting for you to explore. Roman Galleys and World War Two destroyers are waiting to be discovered. Even a ‘daytime-night-dive’ in an underground submarine is possible. beginners there is a special diving course where you can try out this exciting sport for one day.

For further information just ask the team at the kite center.

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