• Slice of Life Clinics in 2018!

    Brazil/ Tatajuba Clinic 1

    27th October to 3rd November

    Brazil/ Tatajuba Clinic 2

    3rd to 10th November

  • New dates for 2019

    Caribbean Cruise – 24th February to 10th March  

    Dakhla – 11th to 18th May & 18th to 25th May

    Zanzibar – 6th to 13th July & 13th to 20th July

    Sicily – 7th to 14th September & 14th to 21st September

Slice of Life – Kiteboarding Clinics with Tom Court


UK: +44 2036 085 777
CH: +41 (0)43-50 81 504
DE: +49 (0)40-20 93 45 090

+ New dates for 2019! 
+ 5 days intensive training with Pro Kiter Tom Court
+ The right mix between downwinders and perfect flatwater-spots
+ Good chance for strong wind conditions
+ Only for riders who can ride upwind through to very advanced  
+ Fitness Sessions
+ Event T-Shirt
+ Beach-Transfers for downwinders
If you want to push yourself to the limits, on the board as well as in other activities, Tom Court’s ‘Slice of Life’ Clinics are just what you are looking for. Tom will be the host of four Clinics, exclusively for KiteWorldWide.  You will live the life of a pro kiteboarder in training and see what it really takes to progress and push your limits. All you need is one week of your time, an open mind and a positive attitude. In the mornings you might start with a fitness session, in the afternoon you could achieve your personal goals on the water and in the evening you will relax and enjoy the endless beach parties that are on offer.  There is something for everyone on this trip.

As a part of the Clinics, Tom will show you through unique video coaching and continuous guidance, how you can push yourself to the limits and go even further.  He will guide you through the whole of the week and is happy to answer all of your questions.

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Slice of Life Meets Kite & Sail – Caribbean

If you have never heard of our Kite & Sail cruise before, here is a short summary: we’ll spend the whole trip sailing in the Caribbean. With the Lagoon 52, a 50-foot luxury catamaran, we’ll sail at our own pace from island to island and go kiting wherever we want. And to make things even more exciting, next year Tom Court himself will come along and organize one of his popular Slice Of Life Clinics on the cruise – you won’t find the same sense of freedom while also being taught by one of the best in the sport anywhere else.

Slice of Life Clinic Morocco/Dakhla 

The second destination of the Kite Clinics with Tom is Dakhla in the western Sahara – one of the best spots in the world! Dakhla basically consists of a huge lagoon with shallow, warm water and an incredibly consistent wind yield.

With these incredible prerequisites, you will progress extremely fast: no matter if you want to try your first jumps or finally get into freestyle business. On top of that, you’ll be kitesurfing in the middle of the desert, which is a surreal experience in and of itself.

Slice of Life Clinic Zanzibar/Jambiani

Turquoise water, white beaches, and a vast shallow lagoon, protected by a coral reef; if any of our destinations deserve to be called paradise, it’s Zanzibar. Combined with a high wind yield, this makes our spot in Jambiani a truly dreamlike location for Tom’s third clinic. After you have learned new tricks on the blue Indian Ocean during the day, the soft sandy beach invites you to a cool beer by the campfire with the other kiters in the evening – what more could you ask for?

Slice of Life Clinic Sicily/Lo Stagnone

It doesn’t always have to be halfway around the world; our exclusive spot in Lo Stagnone, Sicily offers you one of the largest shallow water lagoons in Europe and an incredible wind yield that can easily compete with the best spots in the world. All this, combined with a warm atmosphere and spacious accommodation, makes Sicily the ideal spot for Tom’s fourth Slice Of Life Clinic. This environment offers you the best conditions to apply what you learn from Tom all day long – progress guaranteed!

Tom Court

Tom Court is part of the North Kiteboarding International Teams since ages, now called Duo Tone. Last year he became a member of the KiteWorldWide family as a team rider.  He is known for his progressive style of riding, as well as his numerous videos that are well known along the kitesurfing community.  Furthermore, he really pushes the sport of kitesurfing forward and tries to develop and refine it.  Tom’s videos always show both sides of a pro kiter life: kitesurfing a lot of fitness and training on the one hand and endless parties on the other.

Tom has been kiting since he was 11 years old.  When it comes down to business and his favorite sport, he can be very serious but when it comes to lifestyle, you can say that he is really living life to the fullest. This perfect combination is what it takes to fit into the KiteWorldWide team and he has it down to a fine art.

Dates 2018/19


Brazil/ Tatajuba 

27th October – 3rd November

3rd – 10th November


Caribbean Cruise

24th February to 10th March  


11th – 18th May

18th – 25th May


6th – 13th July

13th – 20th July


7th – 14th September

14th – 21st September


+ Accommodation in the booked category with full board or half board, depending on the location

+ 5 days Slice of Life Clinic with private training

+ Video analysis and pictures

+ BBQ and excursions in the evening

+ daily fitness sessions

+ Beach-transfers for downwinders

3 kite trips or downwinders each week

+ Group evening activities such as parties and much more

+ Event T-Shirt

Flight and Accommodation

We offer the events in a package including accommodation. We’d also love to help you with the booking and search the suitable flights for you to get to Brazil, Dakhla or Sri Lanka.  Please have in mind that the transfer from/to the airport is not included in the price.  The only exception is a transport to the clinic in Dakhla.

Prices for the Event

Slice of Life Tatajuba*

Kitehouse: 1,382€
Bungalow: 1,319€

Slice of Life Caribbean Cruise*

Shared cabin: 4,750
Cabin for yourself: 6,750€

Slice of Life Dakhla*

Riad Room: TBA
Mini Villa

Slice of Life Zanzibar*

Shared double room: 1,305
Single room: 1,550

Slice of Life Sicily*

Shared double room: price TBA
Single room: price TBA

*Prices for accommodation in double occupancy and the clinic with Tom Court when using your own material. We also offer rental packages.

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Accomodation during the event

KiteWorldWide Catamaran

You’ll travel through the Caribbean on a top-class catamaran. The Lagoon 52 is known for its comfortable furnishings and generous construction. The outdoor lounge, sundeck, and flybridge offer seating and sunbathing areas to relax after extensive kitesurfing sessions. While island hopping in the Caribbean, the luxurious sailing yacht leaves nothing to be desired. Six cabins equipped to the highest standards, each with its own bathroom, a large open kitchen with a lounge area, a BBQ grill, and an open-air lounge offer the perfect base even for sailing beginners. A special highlight is our cook on board, who will take care of your physical well-being!

KiteWorldWide Villa Camp Dakhla

In Dakhla, pure luxury awaits you in the middle of the desert. Our KiteWorldWide Villa Camp overlooking the lagoon offers everything you need for perfect relaxation after strenuous kitesurfing sessions. In total, there are six mini-villas with large and spacious double rooms, private bathrooms and private terraces, as well as six Riad-style rooms, each of which has a double room with its own bathroom. There is also a private swimming pool and a traditional Moroccan hammam.

Red Monkey Lodge Zanzibar

The Red Monkey LodgeZSanzibar/Jambiani is situated on a dreamlike, small beach with adjoining woods. It was completely renovated and reopened in December 2010 under new German-Italian management. Since then it has presented itself as a pretty, boutique-style accommodation. In addition, it is the only lodge with a sustainability certificate, which puts it miles ahead of the entire island. The Red Monkey Lodge makes it possible to kick back in a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time reduce your ecological footprint.

KiteWorldWide Villa Lo Stagnone

The KiteWorldWide Villa Lo Stagnone is located incredibly close to the lagoon. From the beautiful terrace and some of the rooms, you have a breathtaking view over the lagoon and a clear view of the sunset. Whether you’re having coffee in the morning or a beer in the evening – you can look forward to unique and peaceful moments. You can’t live closer to the water.


In Dakhla, Tatajuba, and on the catamaran, we offer you a delicious full board during the clinic, so that you can concentrate on your training. This will include a nutritious breakfast and a three-course meal for lunch and dinner.

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General Information

Which entry documents do I need?

Please keep in mind that you need a passport valid for at least another 6 months until expiry if you want to go to Brazil, Zanzibar or Morocco. 

Most Europeans are entitled to a 90 day on arrival visitor permit. For further details or any non-European citizens check with your embassy for more information.

Money during the trip


Currency: US Dollar ($) is widely accepted, no need to buy any local currencies

Approximate exchange rate: 1€ = 1.14$


Currency: Moroccan dirham

Approximate exchange rate: 1€ = 10.8 dirham


Currency: Tanzanian shilling

Approximate exchange rate: 1€ = 2,612.54 shilling


Currency: Euro

You can check all current exchange rates here.

Food and Beverage

    • In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasis on the cooperation with farmers, fishermen, and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets cannot always be catered towards – lactose-free, gluten-free or vegan dishes.