Kitesurfing in Brazil

The Relax Tour


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+ The most relaxing kite tour of all times
+ Three fantastic kite spots with the most beautiful pousadas at sight
+ Nice tour with shopping possibilities and great places to chill
+ Relaxing and versatile also for a non kiter
+ Three soothing massages included
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

We were continually asked for the perfect combination of different spots in Brazil. Our destination portfolio already offers a Kite Surf Safari, but the Kite Safari can be pretty exhausting and you have to be in good shape and kite level to ride all day.

So here it is! The most chilled Kite Safari of all times. The spots we found for you are located at the extreme northwest end of the state of Céara. Generally the wind blows with constant pressure. So there is no need to bring your 12 square meter kite, you won’t need it!

The most awesome Chillex Tour is waiting for you, and has three different gorgeous places to offer, including dream like pousadas, free timing of your kitesurf action, downwinder and all transfers.

Your non-kiting better half can chill and relax the whole time and won’t even notice, that you spent the entire day out on the water.

And as a special, you will get a relaxing massage in each of the three pousadas, thus your kitesurf muscle ache will vanish within the first minute of your stay.

The main focus of this trip is your privacy and your relaxation, we are here if you need us, but we will let you relax and kite at your own pace. The only time the kite guides will be with you at all times is during the organised downwinders or kite trips. Off course, there will be a spot briefing, and storage and kite service are obviously included.


Unterkunft-Kite Ferien
Unterkunft-Kite Ferien
Kitesurfen-Kite Ferien
Kitesurfen-Kite Ferien
Kite Spot-Boot
Kite Spot-Boot
Kite Ferien
Kite Ferien
Kite Ferien-Pool
Kite Ferien-Pool
Kite Ferien-Massage
Kite Ferien-Massage
Essen-Kite Ferien
Essen-Kite Ferien

Kitesurfing in Prea, Jeri, Tatajuba

Kite Spots


Preá is a small, authentic fishing village and is said to be one of the best places in terms of kite surfing. The pousada “Rancho do Peixe” has its own kite school right on the spot. You can take kitesurf lessons there or just rent out the newest equipment. The sedateness and tranquillity of the pousada is the perfect start of a wonderful holiday and you will spend some mind-blowing moments on the water and get a good feel for the lovable country and its people.


Jeri is the perfect place to feel the Brazilian way of life. The location of the pousada “Vila Kalango“, directly beside the sunset dune and the beach, makes it possible to choose between only relaxing (;-) or several other cultural activities, e.g. capoeira, forró dance.

The relaxed and chilled out atmosphere reminds you of the hippie past of the village with just sandy roads to drive on. And even today you will still find those sandy gravel roads.

During a nice dinner or a shopping tour around town, you can assure yourself, that Jeri made it into the 21st century in terms of quality and diversity. This place can satisfy everybodies needs.

Even for the night owls, Jeri has quite a bit to offer: At night, the main street turns into a meeting point for party lovers, with countless bars, where you can drink countless caipirinhas in countless flavours. On certain weekdays you can celebrate all night through until the sun rises.


On the way to Tatajuba, you will be hypnotized by the breathtaking views of the landscape. The epic scenery with its 25km long sandy beach and the desert like sand dunes makes you wonder if you are dreaming or if this is a dream come true. During the transfer from Jeri to Tatajuba you have to cross the river with a wooden float, which makes the whole experience even better and gives you a feeling of being a real adventurer.

In Tatajuba itself, you will find a spot that makes the heart of kitesurfer jump even higher. Directly in front of the pousada you will see the amazing lagoons with the finest of flat water for you to go wild. In the river mouth you might even find little kicker waves, which make you wanna fly high.

There is also a little beach bar on the spot. The easygoing surfer atmosphere in this place welcomes you with open arms to chat with other kiters and to enjoy the sunset while sipping a caipirinha. Alternatively, you can chill out at the pool of the KiteWorldWide pousada Tatajuba, after a sweet massage or a nice yoga session.


These are our services included in the price:

  • 12 overnight stays (4 in Preá, Jeri & Tatajuba) in comfortable bungalows incl. Breakfast
  • 3 relaxing massages (1 in Preá, Jeri & Tatajuba)- airport transfer to Preá / from Tatajuba
  • transfer Preá-Jeri & Jeri-Tatajuba (option to kite this as a downwinder)
  • respectively 1 downwinder or spot transfer in Preá, Jeri and Tatajuba (e.g. to the river mouth Guríu)
  • free daily shuttle services Preá-Jeri-Preá
  • 2 spot transfer in Jeri (once Preá, once river mouth Guríu)
  • kite service

Other costs, that are not included:

Food and beverages during the day and at night (a delicious meal in Brazil costs 5 to 10 €, a caipi costs around 1 €)

Attention: Due to the extremely reduced package prices, there are no refunds of costs for the rental equipment or courses in the case of unsuitable weather conditions (too much or too less wind)!

Dates & Prices


You have the choice from the 1st of September until the 20th of December & from the 2nd of January until the 9th of February.

Without any question you are able to extend your kite trip. We are happy to organize additional days for you before or after the „Relax Tour“.


Minimum number of participants: 2 persons

All prices are per person in one bungalow.

Two participants:

Season II: 01.09.- 26.12. & 05.01.- 31.01.: 1.590 €

Season III: 27.12. – 04.01.: 1.690 €

Three participants:

Season II: 01.09.- 26.12. & 05.01.- 31.01.: 1.350 €

Season  III: 27.12. – 04.01.: 1.390 €

Four participants:

Season  II: 01.09.- 26.12. & 05.01.- 31.01.: 1.390 €

Season  III: 27.12. – 04.01.: 1.490 €

If you want to do this trip with a group of more than four people, just send us an e-mail and you will receive a personal offer from us.

Accommodations right at the spot

Wonderful Pousadas

During your „Relax Tour“ trip you will stay in three different pousadas. All three of them will catch your breath at first sight. As soon as you step in, all your stress may be released, because you’ll find yourself in such a wonderful place. The accommodations in Preá and tatajuba are directly on the spot, therefore you will be super flexible in planning your kitesurf day.

Rancho do Peixe – Preá

The quietness and tranquillity of this place is just the right way to start a chilled out holiday like this. The kitesurf spot is right in front your stunning bungalow and before you even notice, you are already living the Brazilian lifestyle!

Vila Kalango – Jeri

This is the best address in Jeri. The pousada is perfectly integrated into the landscape and it is located at one of the ten most beautiful beaches on earth. The famous sunset dune is basically just around the corner, and you will be able to chillex by the pool or in your luxury bungalow. It is truly mind-blowing!

KiteWorldwide Pousada – Tatajuba

And we saved the best for the end of a heavenly trip. The KiteWorldWide pousada in Brazil was built entirely out of natural materials. You will find the wooden and clay construction elements run like a golden thread through the entire pousada. These little details cause a magic atmosphere and make the place and the individual rooms truly something special.

General information

The airport transfer from fortaleza takes 3-3.5 hours and is included in the package.

The kiteschool Rancho de Kite in Prea and its instructors are fully IKO certified.

The kiteschool in Tatajuba is fully VDWS certified. German speaking instructors are available.

Equipment in Prea: Cabrinha and BOW
Equipment Tatajuba: Core and Best

Kiteservice includes: Storage

What sizes should I bring?
An intermediate male kiter (80kg) needs:


(mostly you’ll take the 7m)


Per day you should calcultate between 10 and 20€.
Especially in Jeri you’ll find loads of small restaurants and bars.

In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishers and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can only be considered very little – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.

Prea is located approximately 12km from Jericoacoara. 17km Furter, you’ll find Tatajuba.
The spots Prea and Tatajuba are recheable in 50m walking distance.

In our KiteWorldWide Pousada you’ll find european plugs (type F)
The Pousada Rancho do Peixe in Prea and Vila Kalango in Jeri offer sufficient internet.
In Tatajuba you’ll find good working Wifi in the restaurant and its surroundings.