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Sardinia: Kitesurfing in Is Solinas


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+ NEW in 2017: Kitesurfing in the unexplored south of Sardinia!
+ Live together with like-minded people in a former country estate
+ Professionial Kite School
+ Get from the airport to the spot within an hour
+ No-wind-activities included
+ Season from April to June and September to mid October
+ Explore the real Italy: great food and exclusive wines
+ Kitesurf and live in the middle of the breathtaking nature of Italy

Finally, there is another new spot on the Kitesurfer’s map. Until now, Porto Pollo has been the most famous spot anchored in windsurfer’s and kitesurfer’s heads when it came to Sardinia. Unfortunately, this place can be very crowded in the summer time. With KiteWorldWide you now have the possibility to explore this beautiful italian island from a new and very different angle. You know, there are reasons why Sardinia is called “the carribean island of europe”.

The southwest of Sardinia is well known for it’s white sandy beaches, the large pine groves and incredible watercolours from blue to green to radiant tourquoise. We found the nice little village Is Solinas for you, with a Kitesurf spot just around the corner. You will be kitesurfing here with nothing but nature around you. The glassy-clear flatwater will appeal to beginners and freestylers alike. Since the Spot is used exclusively by KiteWorldWide guests, you will have plenty of space on the water. Constant winds from April to October are the icing on your kitesurf holiday cake.

To make your holiday perfect, we organised a former country estate for acoomodation. In well-known KiteWorlWide manner, you will be living close to the spot with like minded people. In the evenings you can either gather around thefireplace outside to have a BBQ or try typical italian food in one of the small italian restaurants nearby.

Far off the mass tourism you can close the day in Is Solinas with a glass of good sardic wine and of course share all the impressions of your kitesurfing day with  the others. Rustic italian flair and lots of pines included!


Kitesurfing in Sardinia

The south of Sardinia convinces with shallow beaches and huge flat-water areas. The sea bed is mostly sandy and there are no really huge waves. Therefore, Sardinia offers perfect conditions for beginners as well as freestyle and freeride riders.  In the southwest of Sardinia we found two spots, which are only a one hour drive away from the airport.

KiteSpots in Sardinia

Is Solinas

We foud this special gem for you: the spot Is Solinas is at the end of the large bay of Porto Botte. It provides beginners with perfect flat and shallow water and a lot of space for the first meters without any fear. Advanced Kitesurfers will love this spot for it’s nice little kicker waves which are just right to try your next trick.

The beginner classes will mostly be held at Is Solinas unless the direction of the wind changes. In that case, the local kite school is happy to show you other options like Porto Pino.

Porto Pino

For the wave lovers out there, Sardinia also has something to offer. Especially if you want to try strapless wave surfing or wave surfing in general, Porto Pino is your spot! Two spits of land in the north and the south of the bay allow you to slowly drive into the waves as far as the guts take you.

KiteWorldWide packages in Sardinia - Is Solinas

Like in many other KiteWorldWide destinations, we also offer an all round full service package at Is Solinas in Sardinia.
Those packages consist of your choice of accommodation and the Kitepass, to use the complete kitesurf infrastructure with no hidden costs.

These packages include:

+ accomodation as booked
+ Kitelessons as booked
+ KiteWorldWide Guide
+ multilingual kite instructors in Is Solinas
+ Italian Night (local food, wine & water included)
+ Barbecue Night at the accomodation (drinks not included)
+ No-wind activities

Please note: Due to the extremely reduced package prices, there are no refunds of costs for the rental equipment or courses in the case of unsuitable weather conditions (too much or too less wind)!


The kiteschool in Is Solinas is a mobile one. This means they will be schooling where the wind is best for beginners, but mostly at Is Solinas itself.

With more than 10 years of experience , the teachers, all of them with an IKO certificate, will be happy to guide you to your first meters on the water. The semi-private courses will be held in groups of maximum 2 people. To guarantee fast learning results the instructors will be using GoPro videos and walkie talkies. Of course, helmets and vests are also included in the course. The team ofthe kite school is fluent in many languages like English, German, Russian and Italian.

Courses / Equipment

Kitesurf Courses

Alessandro & Lola are welcoming you in Sardinia. All teachers are certified by the International Kiteboarding Organisation and teach in small groups of 2 people maximum. The team at the kite school speaks so many languages that you will not have any problems to find the right teacher for you.

Kitesurf Equipment

We have the latest equipment from RRD at  the kitecenter including kites and boards for all levels and conditions.


Intermediate kiters have the possibility to book our rental package with the latest equipment from rrd. Please note: to rent equipment you have to be able to ride upwind without problems (VDWS Level 5).

Beginner Package

Sardinia is perfect for everybody who wants to try kitesurfing for the first time. Especially the large shallow area at the spot Is Solinas where the beginner curses will be held. No rocks, waist deep water and no waves make this spot a perfect one for your first meters on the water. To guarantee fast results in learning how to kitesurf, we offer you the beginners package.

Beginners Package

  • 12 hours semi-private Kite lessons
  • Max. 2 students per instructor
  • Kite equipment for the rest of your stay
  • Wetsuit, vest, helmet, harness included in rental
  • IKO-license (Kitesurf-„drivers license“)
  • Walkie-Talkie lessons
  • Video clinics from your first successful waterstart
  • requirement: VDWS Level 0 = you do not have any prior kite experience or VDWS Level 1 = you have had your first kite lessons but have not body dragged yet

Intermediate Kite Course

For those of you who have had a kite course, but don’t feel comfortable just yet, there is a  refresh course, also held at Is Solinas.

Inclusive accomplishments

  • 9 hours semi-private kite course
  • Max. 2 students per instructor
  • Kite equipment for the rest of your stay
  • Wetsuits, vest, harness and helmet included
  • IKO – Licence (Kitesurf – „driver’s licence”) or Upgrade
  • Walkie-Talkie instruction
  • Video clinics from Level 3 (Waterstart)
  • Requirement: VDWS Level 2 = you have done body drags and can safely relaunch the kite or VDWS Level 3 = you have managed the waterstart and are able to go 50m downwind

Advanced Kite Course

For all advanced kiters we offer an advanced kite course to reach your individual goals.

Included Accomplishments 

  • 3 hours private Kite Course
  • The course can be taken flexibly throughout the week
  • Kite Equipment included for the rest of your stay
  • Wetsuit, Harness, Helmet and Vest includedNe
  • IKO – Licence (Kitesurf-„driver’s license“) or Upgrade
  • Walkie-Talkie instruction
  • Video Clinic from VDWS  Level 3

Requirement: VDWS Level 4 = you can ride both directions but can not go upwind safely or VDWS Level 5 or higher = you can ride upwind and want to improve your riding or have a individual goal.

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Accomodations on the island of Sardinia

If you decide to travel with us, we don’t only book your flight and accommodation, our packages always consists of the site care and guidance by our english speaking KiteWorldWide team. Moreover, to round the experience off, we organize a weekly italian night for all our guests. We have been searching quite a while for a perfect accommodation for you, but finally found an original country estate in Is Solinas.

We recommend taking a rental car  to get from the airport to the accomodation and back as well as driving around on the island and get to know more spots than Is Solinas. We are glad to assist you with finding a rental car for you. If you do not want to rent a car, you can book a transfer service via KiteWorldWide.

PLease note: The shuttle service from the airport and back is NOT included in your packages. It has to be booked separately.

The KiteWorldWide Kite Cottages 

In the middle of the beautiful italian landscape we fell in love with this typical sardinian Cottage. The unique style of the house shows in every centimeter and the details are just perfectly placed to match the overall impression.

You live together with like-minded people from all over the world. After long kitesurf sessions you can either relax together in one of the community areas or have a tasty BBQ outside to interchange all the new Kitesurfing stories that happened during your day.  To finish your day smoothly, you can just enjoy the silence of nature around you with a good glass of italian wine. If you are not so much into enjoying silence and there is still some energy left after your kitesurf day, you can just take a trip into town and enjoy local food at one of the many small restaurants.

Of course there is absolutely no need to step down for comfort – the Kite Cottages offer solid European standard.

All of the cottages have a small patio, where you can hang up your kite equipment to let it drip or sit together with other people in the evening and just chill. All rooms have their own bathroom.

In order to start your day right and strong there will be a rich and balanced kiter breakfast, so you can already make plans for the day with all the other guests while enjoying your first sip of coffee.


Every room is equipped with a comfortable double- or two twinbeds, air condition as well as a spacious closet and a private bathroom. The rooms are all designed in a typical italian country house manner. The rustic wooden ceiling adds a cosy atmosphere to every room.

Price Calculator & Online Booking

With the following form you can check availabilities and prices for your kite trip to Sardinia and book directly online. If you want to book additional services which are not part of the form you also can make a non-binding request with our request form on this website. You can also fill in this form when we shall look for a matching flight for you.

Price Examples

In the following you will find price examples for the next months. These prices are actual prices (no “beginning from” prices), which were updated on the 9th of October 2017. We appreciate your understanding that the flight prices might change.



Basic Package 

+ Flight from/to Amsterdam 02.10. – 09.10. (KLM)
+ Room in the  KiteWorldWide Cottage
+ weekly italian night (wine & water included)
+ BBQ-night at the cottage
+ Beach assistance

Price per Person in double occupancy: 749 €

Intermediate Package 

+ Flight from/to Amsterdam 02.10. – 09.10. (KLM)
+ Room in the KiteWorldWide Cottage
+ Weekly italian night (wine & water included)
+ BBQ-night at the cottage
+ Beach assistance

Price per person in double occupancy: 1267 €

Further activities in Sardinia

At this place we would like to give you a short overview for further activities. Your main activity will for sure be kitesurfing, but in case the wind dies or you are traveling with family or friends who are not (yet) into kitesurfing, Sardinia offers many more activities.

Activities that you can book on site (not included)

SUP – Stand Up Paddling

Sardinia with it’s perfectly clear water and many shallow water spots is perfect for Stand Up Paddling tours. It’s even possible to get into caves from the waterside which are not accessible on land ways.


The underwater world in Sardinia is a paradise for snorkeling. The offshore reefs and bio diversity are great for exploring without having to learn how to scuba dive. Our locals are happy to show you the best spots to take a snorkeling trip.

Is Zuddas Cave

The Is Zuddas Cave is only a short trip of 25 minutes by car away from the KiteWorldWide Cottages. The cave is half a kilometer of stalagmites and stalactites, that take about 100 years to grow one centimeter. Especially fascinating are the Argonautes, which grow in every direction and make the cave look like a giant coral reef.

Scuba Diving

The mediterranean sea offers a lot of diversity under water. Around Sardinia you can find anything from starfish, amberjack, moray eel, gilt head, and maybe even rays, if you are lucky.  Again, our locals are happy to help.

Mountain Biking

From the time when the southwest of Sardinia has been used to win ore, there are many little pathways left. Those abandoned pathways are perfect for mountain biking. Even for beginners most of the tracks are manageable. And the best part about these paths is: most of them lead to the ocean in the end.


About 45 minutes by car from Is Solinas is one of the best climbing areas in Sardinia – the region around Iglesias. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to go climbing in Sardinia, since it’s neither too hot nor raining all the time.

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General information for your kite holiday

The island of Sardinia and its people

Sardinia is the second largest island of the mediterranean sea after Sicily. Its dimensions from north to south are around 270 km and 145 km from east to west. The ancient greek used to call Sardinia „Sandalyon“ since the island looked like a giant footprint in their eyes. From the northern coast it is only 12 km to Corsica, from the southern coast 184 km to Tunesia. Since Sardinia is so close to Africa, it gets really hot in the summer and already mild in spring. But also, when it’s starting to get cold again in autumn in the northern parts of Europe, Sardinia still provides warm temperatures around 23 degrees until late october.

Two stable wind systems make Sardinia a perfect kitesurf destination for spring and autumn. The mistral coming from the north is known for relatively gusty winds but brings almost always nice weather with it in return. The scirocco coming straight from Africa is a little bit more tamed than its wild brother from the north but warm and perfect for beginner lessons. The sahara sand brought by the scirocco is the reason for the many sand dunes on the south coasts of Sardinia, by the way.

The inhabitants of Sardinia, around 1.6 million, speak different dialects of the sardinian language. Official language is italian and it is also used mostly in everyday day life. English and french are also very helpful on the island.


You’re absolutely tuckered out from all the kitesurfing, surfing, diving, sailing…but for some food you’d still be up for?No problem, the sardinian cuisine lures with tasty and runic food.
In Is Solinas all the bread and pasta lovers will get their moneys worth. Bread and pasta come with almost every dish, since they are considered basic food in the sardinian kitchen. But you can also get fresh fish, lamb and cheese, especially the pecorino cheese, are part of the culinary offer.

Entry documents & Visa

As a member of the EU you do not need a visa for Sardinia.

Currency and other payments

The currency in Sardinia is Euro.


  • The short flight to Sardinia only takes about 3 – 4 hours.
  • There are a couple airlines, who are flying to Cagliari, Sardinia. For example: easyjet from London Stansted or Alitalia from London Heathrow. We will be happy to assist you in booking the cheapest flight to Sardinia.


  • The transfer from the airport to the KiteWorldWide Cottages will take approximately 1 hour.
  • Please note that the transfer from/ to the airport is not included in any of our packages. If you wish to get a transfer service from KiteWorldWide, this must be booked separately.
  • We highly recommend to get a rental car for the duration of your stay in Sardinia. We will be happy to assist you with finding a rental.

Power supply

  • In Sardinia you will find the german (type C) or european (type F) plug system.

Catering and more

  • A rich breakfast is already included in your KiteWorldWideCottage
  • In the village of Is Solinas you will find different restaurants for every taste and budget
  • For self catering, calculate approximating 15-25 € per Person per day.
  • In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishers and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can only be considered very little – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.

Kite School - Main facts

  • the kite school Sardinia has more than 10 years of experience
  • brand new equipment (Kites: RRD 5qm – 14qm) / Boards: RRD,Hydrofoil )

Kite service including:

  • Beach assistance
  • Help from the instructors

What kite sizes shall I take? ?

  • An advanced male kitesurfer with about 80 kg (VDWS level 6 or 7)  will need kites from 8qm to 14qm.
  • mostly used kite size: 10qm


  • Kitebeach ( side – onshore wind) about 10 minutes from the Cottages
  • Porto Pino (Wave spot with side – onshore Wind) – approx. 20 minutes from the accommodation
    • Apart from these spots, our locals know a couple more secret spots, which they will show you in case the wind is not perfect for Is Solinas or Porto Pino

Packing list

  • EU citizens: valid ID
  • Sun protection (minimum SPF 30 and waterproof) and Aprés Sun Lotion
  • Beach Towel and Flip Flops
  • Temperatures in spring are around 18 -20 degrees, in autumn around 25 degrees
  • Jumper for the evenings (maybe even a jacket in April, if you feel chilly fast)
  • Shorty or thin long wetsuit for Summer/autumn
  • Long wetsuit (4/3mm) for the spring time
  • Kite Equipment- Board, Harness, Bar and Kites