Kiteboarding Events with KiteWorldWide at Sal, Cape Verde


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+ Intensive coaching in small groups
+ 6 day’s professional support and coaching by VDWS licensed kite instructors
+ Huge material pool with the latest kite gear (provided by Kiteboarding Events)
+ Stay in the new Kite House
+ Live comfortably and together with likeminded people experiencing a unique atmosphere
+ Most reliable spot for winter, only 6 flying hours away
+ Kiteboarding Events coaching team on site

After the more than successful events in Sicily, Cape Town and Flecheiras, it’s time for the VDWS-licensed trainning team from Kiteboarding Events to head to Cape Verde islands.

Come and explore the surroundings of Sal with us, discover the hottest wave spots and enjoy the cozy atmosphere in our individual styled Kite House after your sessions.

What awaits you? The Kiteboarding Events coach team, a huge material pool with testkites and boards from different brands and of course the assistance of the KiteWorldWide team, on site. In small groups of maximum 12 advanced kitesurfers we hit the waves around Sal. There is always at least one coach on the water with you, who can give you tips on jumps, jibbs or other tricks with the wave board or twintip. For maximum progress, we will have small groups and an intensive program!

After a long while of searching, going back and forth and negotiating deals we will finally have our very own KiteWorldWide Kite House in Sal! Not without any reason the building owners call the former ‘Turtle House’ their oeuvre. The unique style of the accommodation is shown in every detail and each centimeter is affectionately elaborated. Through this individual design and the consistent panted Colors of the house, the Kite House offers a very unique flair.

The kitesurf spots on the island of Sal have something for everyone: the Kite Beach with side-onshore wind and small wind waves and for the more adventurous, there are world-class wave spots (most of all, the waves at Ponta Preta as you may know from all of videos circulating around).



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Kitesurfing in Sal

Kitesurf Spots

Here on the island of Sal you will discover an astounding array of different kitesurfing spots.
There are spots with side-onshore wind and small waves for intermediate kiters on the eastern side of the island. This is also where you’ll find the so-called ‘Kite Beach’.

Santa Maria, a spot in the south is a great pretty much perfect, beginner cove with flat water, so even freestyle kiters get their money’s worth on Sal.

At the western corner of the bay, there is also an excellent wave spot. This is only recommended for experienced kitesurfers, as the wind blows offshore.

On the western side of the island is the infamous Ponta Preta.  Those who don’t want to tackle these powerful waves in Ponta Preta should still come and check out this spot.  Ponta Preta is an amazing place to come and watch the pros rip it up in the picture perfect barrels, its just like in the movies.

Impressions from Kiteboarding Events

Kiteboarding Events

Kiteboarding Events is one of the oldest event providers in the kite industry and is characterized by there teaching skills, safety, experience and spot knowledge to an extremely high level. A partner as one can only wish for! Kiteboarding Events certainly also offers a huge kite gear pool with the latest equipment of the season. Find the top selling brands North, Core and Cabrinha!

The spot in Sal offers the perfect conditions and assures a fast and easy progress with the instructors always by your side.


 ampel-gruen  10.02. – 17.02.2018 

 ampel-gruen  17.02. – 24.02.2018
 ampel-gruen  24.02. – 03.03.2018
Arrivals and departures are on Saturday. Event begins on Sunday and finishes on Friday.

ampel-gruen  bookable
ampel-orange  almost full (1-4 places left)
ampel-rot  fully booked


Price for the event: 1.259€

(Price example in double occupancy in the KiteWorldWide House and usage of the Kitebaording Events equipment pool)


+ 6 days intensive group training
+ 4-6 hrs daily program
+ Lessons in theory, kite gear & self rescue
+ 2017 material pool specifically put together for Cape Verde
+ Transportation to and from the airport
+ Daily transport to the spot
+ Barbeque dinner at the Kite House (drinks not included)
+ Barbeque dinner at the beach (drinks not included)
+ Santa Maria by night (inkl. local food, drinks not included)
+ No-wind activites Surf & SUP with supervision and tips & tricks
+ Event-Shirt

Flights & Transfer

We would also like to help you by organizing your flight and transfer.

The Kiteboarding Events Team

Accommodation on Sal

The KiteWorldWide Kite House

Not without any reason the building owners call the former ‘Turtle House’ their oeuvre (French for Art work). The unique style of the accommodation is shown in every detail and each centimeter is affectionately elaborated. Through this individual design and the consistent panted Colors of the house, the Kite House offers a very unique flair.

You Will live together with likeminded people from all over the world. Relax after a long day full of sessions in the lounge, or the rooftop terrace with views over the spot. Or enjoy any of the other community areas and let the day draw to an end with a nice bottle of wine. You cook together in the shared kitchen –four rooms are sharing one kitchen and a lounge area: perfect for some cooking sessions or kitchen parties the Kite House is fitted out to a high European standard and has all the latest kitchen facilities.

There is a main house and one smaller house just next door. Each room comes with either a balcony or a terrace. The South facing rooms have doors that can be opened onto a balcony, the north facing rooms are closed by a huge window to protect you from the wind, but can also be opened if you want it to.

In order to start your day ready for some serious sessions on the water we make sure you have a huge breakfast on the ground floor of the main house. There you can already make plans for the day with all the other guests while enjoying your Fantastically tasty and nutritious breakfast.


Each room is equipped with a comfortable double or twin bed, as well as a spacious wardrobe, a private bathroom with warm water shower, a mini-safe and a fan. Each room is designed in an individual theme. Always four rooms share one fully equipped kitchen –The kitchen is fully equipped with all you need such as microwave, toaster, sandwich maker etc. There is also a very comfortable lounge area to hangout in.

In addition, for the Kiteboarding Events we offer ‘shared rooms’, which means you share a double room with another participant. Therefore you can save money and to be honest, you will be spending more time on the water than in your hotel room anyways ;)


The spacious studios offer space for 2-3 people and are, just like the rest of the accommodation, designed and furnished in an individual surfer style. The studios are equipped with a mini-safe, a fan, private bathroom, living area and small kitchen.


The penthouse is the heart peace of the Kite House side building. From your private balcony you have an amazing view. Furthermore, the penthouse can accommodate 4-5 people and is equipped with a mini-safe, fan, kitchenette and a spacious bathroom.


Just like the penthouse in the side building, the apartment in the main building is the highlight of the Kite House. The former owner used to live in this side of the property, you will see why, it is very spacious. With quick access to the rooftop community terrace you will enjoy a unique 360 degree panoramic view over Santa Maria and the Kite Beach. Furthermore the apartment can accommodate 3-4 people and is equipped with a mini-safe, fan, kitchenette and a spacious bathroom. We don’t have any pictures yet because it will be newly decorated, but they will be coming soon.

Get an inquiry for your kite holiday to Cape Verde!

Alternative Activities

At this point we’d like to give you a little overview over alternative activities that you can do on site. The main activity on the island is definitively kitesurfing but Sal  much more to offer.

General Information

The island Sal and the locals

The Cape Verde islands were accidentally discovered by Portuguese seafarers back in the 1500s. Cabo Verde means : the islands of the green cape. But the “green cape“ actually referred to todays Senegal, to which the islands belonged. This explains why the islands aren’r really green, which would have justified their name.
The republic of Cape Verde consists of 10 islands that are partially occupied. They are the most southern archipelago of the North-african group of islands. They emerged out of volcanic activities and can be divided into Sotavento (turning their back to the wind) and Barlavento (facing the wind) islands.

Through the fusion between different cultures and languages of European and African island habitants, unique culture and dialect, called Creole, evolved. The Cape Verdeans developed their own identity through this.

Sal: „the island of salt“ belongs to the Barlavento-islands and is located at the north east border of the archipelago. The name came up when back in the 17th century the island got occupied for salt extraction.

Stress and rush is something Cape Verdeans don’t know much about and you’ll get to hear “não problema“ (no problem) and “um moment“ (just a moment) often. The saying: “The European people have the watches and the African people have the time“ is absolutely suited to Cape Verde. Get into this relaxed atmosphere of the island. Explore and enjoy the flair that comes along with this relaxed attitude from the locals.


You will be absolutely stoked from all the adventure sports available here on the island, which will give you a huge appetite to keep your energy levels up for more and more action.  The Cape Verdean kitchen will keep your energy levels up and have you begging for more with its tasty and rustic food.

In Sal all the fish lovers are going to get their money’s worth with tuna, mackerels, squid, langoustine, shells, crabs – just to name a few. They get cooked, grilled or fried and served freshly all over the island. There are also plenty of meat and Vegeterian options available.

Entry documents and Visa

  • You can obtain a visa at the airport for 25€
  • Passport valid for at least six months

Currency and other payments

  • The currency is the Escudo de Cabo Verde (ECV)
  • Partly paying in Euro is possible but you will get ECV as change
  • Getting money from ATMs is possible but pretty expensive (with credit card, mostly only Visa)
  • Here you get to a currency converter:


  • The quick flight to Cape Verde only takes about 6 hours from Germany
  • Use the fightfinder below to find tickets
  • regular flights offered by TUIFly
Frankfurt, Cologne, Hannover, Munich, StuttgartWednesdays and Fridays

From the UK:

  • you can fly direct with TUIFLy
  • TAP fly via Lisbon, with connection it will take around 8 hours

From Scandinavia:

  • Star Tour flies to Sal every Wednesday directly from Stockholm and Copenhagen.
  • TAP offers good connections several times a week via Lisbon from Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.
  • Condor flies via Frankfurt every Friday from all Scandinavian capitals as well as Gothenburg, though the flight back will land both in Banjul and Frankfurt.

Or ask us, and we will find the best connections and prices for you.


  • Only 15 minutes from the Airport to Santa Maria

Power supply and internet connection

  • European plug type C and F (230 V)
  • free Wireless is available but unreliable

Catering and more

  • Main dishes starting at 6 € (Tuna Filet)
  • For selfcatering, calculate approximately 15-25 € per day in our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fisher men and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can not always be catered for – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.


  • Kitebeach (east side with side-onshore wind) approximately 10 min. from Santa Maria.
  • Santa Maria Bay (Southside with side-offshore wind), not even 5 min. with the shuttle.
  • Baia de Mudeira Bay, here you’ll find more spots: Calheta Funda, Rife and Praia da Canoa. These spots are for advanced kiters and recommended when there is a swell from west to north-west
  • Ponta Sino, located at the southwest of the island has offshore wind and only recommended for (very) advanced kiter
  • Ponta Leme is mostly offshore wind, but does have pefectly flat water. Only recommended for the advanced kiter as the entry is very short and the wind is quite gusty due to the wind direction.


  • Passport
  • Sunscreen, we recommend LSF 30 – 50, waterresistant
  • Aprés sun lotion
  • Beach towel
  • Flip flops
  • Summer clothing, possibly a jumper for the evenings (temeparatures are between 23°C and 30°C all year round).
  • For beginners  we recommend thin surfshoes
  • during winter you might need a shorty or a thin longarm wetsuit
  • Kitegear (board, harness, bar and kites)