Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka


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+ The first lodge directly at the lagoon with a high standard
+ Massive flat water lagoon with numerous “glassy“ freestyle Spots
+ Super wind-proof during the season
+ Favourable flights, short-term booking possible
+ Delicious and exotic food
+ Professional Kite Center, owned by KiteWorldWide and exclusively for our guests
+ Advanced riders can launch right in front of the lodge in the winter season
+ Free boat shuttle to the other site of the lagoon & lunch in the KiteWorldWide beach hut
+ Sri Lanka is the closest tropic destination from Europe and offers a lot of possibilities for exploring culture and making day trips
+ Consistent warm and pleasant temperatures
+ Super friendly people on-the-spot and a stunning landscape


It took a while. Kalpitiya has been on the list of spots to add to our program for a while now. A stunning flat water lagoon and wind-proof, comparable to a long season in Brazil. Actually two seasons: from May until October and from December until March.

Sri Lanka is the closest tropical destination and accessible with numerous airlines such as the comfortable and affordable Golf Airlines like Emirates and Qatar.

Until last year, we didn’t have accommodation or a kite school which would have fit into our concept. Then the perfect opportunity, we got wind of a German Architect who was planning a Hotel with his Sri Lanken Wife in the perfect location.  They have built directly at the lagoon and they wanted to rent it entirely to someone else!

We took our chance and flew to Sri Lanka in a cloak-and-dagger operation. After some short negotiations it became clear: this will be the first KiteWorldWide destination in Asia.

Which Sri Lanka for whom?

Since 2017 we have two different spots and hotels on Sri Lanka. To avoid any confusion we made you a chart for a better overview which destination suits you best:

Couples, Single Travelers, Kitesurfer/Non Kitesurfer Couple, FamiliesKitesurfer Couple, Families, Friends and Adventurers
YOU ARE LOOKING FOR……a fancy design hotel with a pool and lots of other activities next to kitesurfing.…serenity and relaxation from the stressfull daily grind. You want a dinner for two or just enjoy reading a good book next to the pool.
KITE LEVELThe lagoon that is near the Kalpitiya Lodge is ideal for everyone who wants to learn kitesurfing. Even intermediate kiters can learn how to stay and ride upwind easily. For all the advanced kiters, the Kalpitiya lagoon resembles a huge playground with flatwater to try freestyle tricks.The lagoon at the Dreamspot is rarely known amongst other kitesurfers. You will usually be on your own for most of the time and only see other kiters passing by when they ride a downwinder. Perfect for everyone who prefers a lonely and remote spot over a vibrant nightlife. Beginners will find perfect learning conditions. Intermediate kiters and wave beginners will find a wave spot right in front of the Eco Lodge with moderate sized waves.
THE HOTELIn Kalpitiya you will find a design hotel that was built by a German architect. Black wood and generously designed rooms with views over the lagoon or the pool are waiting for you.The Dreamspot Eco Lodge lives true to the motto ‘being one with the nature’. The buildings are situated right in the middle of an exotic garden. Some of them were built around a tree so when you go into your room, you might find a tree trunk right in the middle ;) In addition to that, the restaurant lies next to the pool with fantastic views and, of course, you will have lots of time to relax.


Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka-15
Sri Lanka-15
Sri Lanka-37
Sri Lanka-37
Sri Lanka-53
Sri Lanka-53
Sri Lanka-24-1
Sri Lanka-24-1

Kitesurfing Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka

Spot Summer Season May – October

In the summer season the wind blows from south west with 16-33 knots, sometimes a little gusty and most of the times nonstop. The main spot during summer is situated just a short trip by car at a small headland. Advanced riders can (depending on the wind direction) launch directly in front of your booked accommodation and ride downwind to the KiteWorldWide spot. There we have set up a KiteWorldWide cottage for you to take your lunch and relax between the kite sessions.

Spot Winter Season December – Mid March

During winter time you just take a 4×4-shuttle, which goes multiple times a day and is free of charge to the other side of the lagoon. There you get the taste of the first class freestyle spots. In winter the wind comes from the opposite direction, meaning north east. It is less strong and round about 20 knots, making it perfect for beginners and intermediates.

The bottom consists of finest sand. You do need to get used to the underwater plants, but these are neither slippery nor obstructive.

As the tide is very low the lagoon is kiteable at all tides. Wind guaranteed, more space than you can imagine and no obstacles turn this spot into something perfect. Can it get any better than this?

Kite Center Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

The KiteWorldWide Center is directly at the lagoon on the area of the KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodge. There you will find deck chairs, hammocks and other facilities to chill out and relax between the kite sessions and exchange experiences with other kitesurfers.  One nice touch is that this area is protected from the wind – very important for those who don’t want to kite at all.

The kite lessons take place in a private course zone, just 10 minutes by car from our lodge (free of charge). Intermediate kiters can (depending on wind directions) start directly at the lodge and kite to the other side.

As always you have the opportunity to store your material with us (included in the price).

Moreover, we have a wide range of the newest equipment by Core Kiteboarding on site.

The new KiteWorldWide Center is the perfect start for a fully relaxed kitesurfing holiday!

Course / Material

KiteWorldWide Kiteholiday Package

As with a lot of other KiteWorldWide destinations we offer you in Sri Lanka a carefree-package for a maximum fun holiday – without hidden costs. So your expenses will be reduced to a minimum (just for drinks and alcohol).

KiteWorldWide included services for all guests

– Accommodation as booked
– Kite service depending on the package
– Full-board (tropical breakfast, main dish for lunch, three-course-menu for dinner, water included all time)
– Extensive alternative program offer
– If needed: daily transfer by boat to the opposite side of the lagoon
– If needed: Kite storage
– If needed: Rescue and launching service

Attention: Due to the extremely reduced package prices, there are no refunds of costs for the rental equipment or courses in the case of unsuitable weather conditions (too much or too less wind)!

Concerning your Kite level you can choose from one of the packages:

Beginner Kite Package

– 12 hours beginners group course

– Lessons in small groups of maximum 4 people

– Kite equipment (kite, board, bar) included for the entire stay after completed 8 hours of lessons and achieved VDWS level 4-5 (you can stay upwind)

– Wetsuit, harness, vest and helmet rental, if necessary

– VDWS license (kitesurf “driver” license)

Intermediate Kite Package

– 6 hours intermediate group course

– Lessons in small groups of maximum 4 people

– Kite equipment (kite, board, bar) included for the entire stay after completed 4 hours of lessons and achieved VDWS level 4-5 (you can stay upwind)

– Wetsuit, harness, vest and helmet rental, if necessary

– VDWS license or upgrade

Advanced Kite Package

– 3 hours intermediate private course

– Lessons in small groups of maximum 1 people

– The course can be taken flexible throughout the week

– Kite equipment (kite, board, bar) included for the entire stay  for students with VDWS level 4-5 is (you can stay upwind)

– Wetsuit, harness, vest and helmet rental, if necessary

– VDWS license or upgrade


Kite material Rental Package (from VDWS Level 5)

Advanced kitesurfer (going upwind) without your own material (or who does not want to take their material to Sri Lanka and pay for extra luggage) should use the rental package. So you will always have the right kite size available, you can also test the latest kite material of this season.

On top you get a boat trip to the stunning Dream Spot. Those who are able to can just accompany the boat for some kilometers with a downwinder.

Basic Package

For every kitesurfer with own material

The Basic Package includes kite storage and a daily transfer with the boat, launching service and rescue.

On top you get a boat trip to the stunning Dream Spot. Those who are able to can just accompany the boat for some kilometers with a downwinder.

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KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodge Sri Lanka – Kalpitiya

Finally! A lodge directly located at the lagoon with comfortable rooms on a high standard and a swimming pool in the backyard. The lodge has been built by a German architect and his Sri Lankan wife. We had already viewed a lot of other accommodations at this stunning spot but they somehow never fitted perfectly into our concept. This time it was totally different and we took over the lodge immediatley to plant our own KiteWorldWide DNA there:

Modern bungalows which are still integrated into the surrounding landscape, each with 4 comfortable rooms. Our own restaurant area and a chill-out corner with different loungers, with comfortable deck chairs and hammocks. All rooms come with a view over the lagoon and a terrace or balcony. Additionally there is a swimming pool and a volleyball court in the rear corner of the lodge and the Kite Center with storage for your material.

The rooms of the KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodge Sri Lanka / Kalpitiya

When you enter the rooms of the lodge you realise that there was a professional architect responsible designing this property. Spacious rooms with massive dark wooden furniture provide the comfort of a hotel, but in keeping with the local style.

Both room categories offer comfortable twin beds (possibility to add 1 bed if you are 3 people), a desk, storage areas, a big built-in cupboard, a terrace with loungers, minibar, fan and air conditioning. Also they have a spacious and modern bathroom with an outdoor shower. All rooms come with a view over the lagoon.

The rooms on the upper floor differ with a higher ceiling, a little more space and a 180 degree view over the lagoon.

Rooms upper floor

Rooms lower floor

The rooms at the pool site of the KiteWorldWide Lodge in Kalpitiya/ Sri Lanka 

We’ve got some fresh news for you: right next to the pool of the KiteWorldWide Lodge there are brand new rooms available! The rooms at the pool side perfectly blend into the local style while delivering the cosy feeling of being in a modern pool house.

The new rooms offer comfortable twin beds, a desk, storage areas, a big built-in cupboard, minibar, fan and air conditioning. Also they have a spacious and modern bathroom.

And the very best thing about the new rooms: the pool is right in front of your door (literally)!

Pool Rooms 

KiteWorldWide Beach Bungalows Sri Lanka – Kalpitiya

This is something very special for all of you who are spending more time on the water than your hotel room during their holiday. If you are looking for a great kite surfing spot right in front of your accommodation and do not want to spend a ton of money on a hotel room, our brand new Beach Bungalows are just right for you. The KiteWorldWide Beach Bungalows are located directly on the beach but still only a short Tuk Tuk transfer from the beautiful lagoon of Kalpitiya away. Therefore, you can choose every day to either go kite surfing on the ocean right in front of the Bungalows or shred the flat water lagoon. The daily transfer to the lagoon is included in the package price.

The modern Beach Bungalows are not as lavishly furnished as our KiteWorldWide Lodge, but they are very comfortable and offer a style, that is characteristic for Sri Lanka. Full board is also included in this accommodation and will be served in a small Restaurant next to the Beach Bungalows. Each Bungalow is equipped with a comfy double bed, it’s own bath room and a small terrace, where you can hang out after your kite sessions.

Full board for everyone – just delicious!

Due to the limited number of restaurants in Kalpitiya we offer you a delicious full board service. That means we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the morning you get a tropical breakfast with fresh fruits, bread, pancakes and different egg dishes as well as marmalade & honey. You will be served fresh coffee, tea and delicious fresh juices.

At lunchtime we offer a main course energy rich with carbohydrates for giving you enough power for the afternoon kite session.

In the evenings we make a barbecue most of the time, with fresh fish, salad, curry, vegetables, fresh bread and rice.

We serve water for all your meals (which is inclusive). Additional drinks and alcohol have to be paid for separately but they are very affordable.

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Price Calculator & Online Booking

With the following form you can check availabilities and prices for your kite trip to Sri Lanka and book directly online. If you want to book additional services which are not part of the form you also can make a non-binding request with our request form on this website. You can also fill in this form when we shall look for a matching flight for you.


In the following you will find price examples for the next months. These prices are actual prices (no “beginning from” prices), which were updated on the 29th of December 2017. We appreciate your understanding that the flight prices might change.

Basic package:

+ Flight from/to London from 10.01. – 17.01. (Non-Stop Sri Lankan Airlines)
+ 1 week in the KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodge (lower floor) in double occupancy
+ Full board (tropical breakfast, main courses for for lunch and a 3-course dinner)
+ Free use of the KiteWorldWide kite center infrastructure
+ Airport transfer

Price per person in double occupancy: 1315 €

Beginner package:

+ Flight from/to London from 10.01. – 17.01. (Non-Stop Sri Lankan Airlines)
+ 12 hours kite course
+ 1 week in the KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodge (lower floor) in double occupancy
+ Full board (tropical breakfast, main courses for for lunch and a 3-course dinner)
+ Free use of the kite center infrastructure
+ Airport transfer

Price per person in double occupancy: 1795 €

Anuradhapura – the forgotten city

What you should definitely not miss is Anuradhapura,one of the oldest royal cities in Sri Lanka which has been hidden and forgotten for a long time. It is now an UNESCO heritage. In less than 2 hours you reach the city which is surrounded by monasteries and water reservoirs, presenting such impressive buildings that you can compare them to the pyramids of Gizeh. What you should also visit is the plant shoot of the Bodhi tree under which Siddhartha found his enlightenment. Monks surround the shrines while praying, families making offerings. Here you can discover and experience buddhism in its most natural form.

Kitesafari Downwinder Dream Spot

This trip is dedicated to the more advanced kitesurfer, the session is a whopping 41 kilometers downwind. First of all we will go by boat to the small village of Keerimundal which is situated at the Dream Spot. There you will find a remote beach with the best flat water in the area. Here you can get crazy with freestyle and big air. On the other side of the 100m wide sandbank you can play in the waves of the beautifull blue indian ocean. For those who dont kite you will have the opportunity to go snorkeling. Afterwards we will make a downwinder until the end of the headland, with the rescue boat at your side all the time. Meanwhile small waves and flat water spots will alternate and you can enjoy the uniqueness of the landscape of Sri Lanka. After a little snack we will head back with our boat at sunset, a perfect end to the perfect day in paradise.

Junglesafari-Boat trip into the Wilpattu National Park

Come with us into the wonderful Wilpattu National Park which is literally just around the corner. As we don’t want to drive around the whole lagoon it would just take so much time, we simply take the most direct route by boat. Here you can enjoy the nature on a guided tour, watching elephants, crocodiles, monitor lizards, apes and many other species. After a little snack and a swim stop we head back so that you still have the whole afternoon for a kite session.

Dolpin- and Whale watching

Close by you have the opportunity to watch big pods of dolphin in their natural surrounding between November and March. You even can see whales with a bit of luck when they are on their way from the Gulf of Mannar and pass by the coast really close to the beach. The best time is November/December and March/April. You need to depart before sunrise but when you come back you still have the whole afternoon for a kite session.

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General information for your kite trip to Sri Lanka / Kalpitiya

Which travel documents do I need?

You need a passport with a validity of at least 6 months. Additionally you need to order a visa (check visa section).
Please pay attention to the right passport number.

Do I need a visa?

For entry into Sri Lanka you need a visa. The fee is 30 USD. here you will find the link for an application here.

You can also get a visa at the airport in Sri Lanka but therefore you will have to wait in line for quite a while. Here you would pay 35 USD and your visa would just be valid for 4 weeks.

Is there any discount if I want to come with my children?

Yes we have discounts until the age of 12.

If you travel with a kid until the age of 3 it’s free of charge. Until the age of 6 we charge 9€ per night and until they are 12 years old we charge 50% of the regular price.

How long is the traveling time?

Generally you can book a flight to Sri Lanka and back for round about 360 GBP. We can recommend airlines such as Etihad Airways, Qatar, Emirates and Air Berlin. You can travel with Etihad and Emirates with luggage free of size up to 30kg. The traveling time will be around 12 hours, depending on your departure airport.

How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

You better take the minibus from the airport to Kalpitiya. Prices for one way are about 50 GBP and lasts approximately 3 hours. Then we will pick you up.


In Sri Lanka the currency is the Sri Lankan Rupees.  The actual exchange rate is 1 GBP = 205.37 LKR. The link of the currency converter is here:

We cannot accept payments with Visa or Mastercard. An ATM is nearby in Kalpitiya (10 minutes with the TukTuk).

How is the price level Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is still one of the most affordable holiday destinations going. Trips and drinks are inexpensive.

Kitesurfing and Spotinfo

  • Kite school with English speaking instructors
  • brand new material from Best Kiteboarding
  • Kite service including starting and landing assistance

Which kite sizes should I take with me?

An advanced male kitesurfer (level 6 or 7) with 85kg needs:

in winter:           9 sqm – 12 sqm (mostly used size 12 sqm)

in summer:        7 sqm – 10 sqm (mostly used size 9 sqm)

The spot

The spot is directly at your doorstep. Beginners will be transferred with the boat to the other side of the lagoon. Who is already able to kite can start directly from the beach of the lodge.

The kite school is directly situated at the KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodge.


There is a tide of not more than 0,5m. Therefore you are able to kite at any tide.


Please be respectful with the environment and the local people.

The locals are extremely religious, please be respectful especially when it comes to public drunkenness and nudity


Please don’t waste the water as there is a Liter amount available.

Don’t waste waster, its very scarce here in Sri Lanka.  The water from the tap is not fit for human consumption, you can get ill even from brushing your teeth!

Internet and Electricity

Wifi is available in the common rooms but it is not the fastest.

Electricity current is 220 – 240 Volt AV.