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Kiteboarding Events Explorer Tour Cape Town

On the water together, having fun, kitesurf spot guiding and coaching. Together with the leading kite event-agent ” Kiteboarding Events” we’ll start the Cape Town Explorer Tour this year! What awaits you? The Kiteboarding Events coach team,  a huge material pool with testkites and boards from different brands and of course the assistance of the KiteWorldWide team on site.

Explore the surroundings of Cape Town with us, discover the hottest kitesurf spots and enjoy the Braai (BBQ) in the evening! In small groups of maximum eight advanced kite surfers we hit the waves at and around the cape.

There is always at least one coach on the water with you, to give you tips on jumps, jibbs or other tricks with the wave board or twintip. If it does get too dicey, you can be sure, there is always someone to bail you out. In addition to the daily kiting at the housespots we will be taking one or the other downwinder to inimitable spots such as the Cape of good Hope national park. We will be taking photos and videos  throughout all the trips, so we can all together optimize your wave-technique, jumps and jibbs with a cold beer in the evening.

In addition to kitesurfing you’ll see everything what makes a Cape Town holiday so special: impressing nature, vineyards, beaches, shopping and of course a little party too.

On top of that you´ll get this cool location: We live in the KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town. Because after the performance the focus lays especially on enjoyment. We gaze at the sunset in Sunset Beach, with a cool beer in our hands and a hot grill on the rooftop of the Mansion. There are enough topics to talk about.


Capetown Monday (1 von 9)
Capetown Monday (1 von 9)
Capetown Monday (7 von 9)
Capetown Monday (7 von 9)

Kiteboarding events for advanced kitesurfer in Cape Town

The kiteboarding events Cape Town is for advanced kitesurfer (minimum VDWS Level 5, going upwind, change directions, basic jump). Specifically targeted at those who want to upgrade their kite level in a group of like-minded people (max. 8 persons) in a specific field.

Together you discover the numerous kitespots of the area and therefore you also get to know other parts of Cape Town and the surroundings. The guide always keeps an eye on you, so you can feel safe also in unknown territories.

To give you maximum fun on the water, you have access to the material pool of Kiteboarding, specifically put together for the requirements of Cape Town. It is the latest 2017 material of the leading producers such as North Kiteboarding, Core Kites and F-One. Occasionally there are also some kites of Cabrinha and Best. If you would like something in particular, let us know and we’ll do our best to organize it.

Of course, bookings can also be made for several successive dates.

Service included

+ Cape Town event from Saturday to Thursday, both days included,
with tips, tricks and guiding by the Kiteboarding Events Team

+ 2017 material pool specifically put together for Cape Town

+ Free kitesurfing after the event on fridays,
in front of the Kiteworldwide Mansion

+ Event Shirt

+ Welcome Braai

+ Including cars for spot transfers

+ Number of participants per event: 8 persons

+ Just in case: “no wind” – program

Suitable for:

+ Suitable for kiter from a VDWS level 5 (going upwind)

+ Ideal to gain first or further directional experience

+ Also kiter from a level 4, who are about to being able to go upwind, can find their way into the wave, as we also choose easier spots.

+ No matter if you’re related to nature or rather like bustling  in bars and clubs, there is so much to explore!

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Accommodation directly at the kitesurfing spot Cape Town

KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town


What for Hugh Heffner is the Mansion with his “Bunnies”, is for kiters the KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town.

This loft-style villa in Sunset Beach, only 100 m away from the beach and the famous “parking 1” impressed us immediately. Indeed that impressed, that we decided to take the Mansion under contract for the next years.

The high ceiling in the great living room makes for a bright atmosphere. Along with chill sofas, a large flat screen TV for you to watch the pics of the day or the last kitesurfing movies, create an immediate feeling of community.

In the large, fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator compartments for each room, you can easily prepare your favorite breakfast. For dinner there are several options. Of course you can make use of one of the many kitchen facilities, and cook your dinner at home: Gas stove, oven, microwave, toaster, coffee machine and not to forget, the great BBQ grill.

Last but not least you should spend some of your evenings visiting the many restaurants in and around Cape Town. Be prepared for the most amazing food at unbeatable prices.

Oh, and did we mention the large sun roof terrace with the view of Table Mountain and the kite spot? ‘Of course’ also found here on the roof of Sunset Beach – the pool – where you can get yourself wet aside of the Atlantic Ocean.

Since the Mansion was designed and built by a Kitesufer there is also a storage garage and a outdoor garden shower. (Kitestorage fee? Not in the KiteWorldWide Mansion. You store your stuff for free!)

Rounding out the house with chic, comfortable guest rooms, all with a private bathroom with shower / WC.

In the common areas, WiFi is available, which is perfect for checking your emails (and wind ;) ), but please do not expect the European speed and reliability.


There are two types of rooms available:

Cosy room

These 25 square meter big rooms are situated on the ground floor, and can accomodate up to two persons. These rooms are really convenient for single travelers, as the single room prices are easy on your wallet.Two out of three have an access to the garden. Comfortable beds (twin or double bed) with luxurious feather beds for the best sleep you could ask for.
Surely all Cosy rooms come with an own comfortable bathroom with a warm water shower, toilet and electronic safe. Two rooms are connected through a door and are thus perfectly suitable for groups or families.

Loft room

These bright, 20-40 square meter rooms are located on the first floor. Some also have an extra bed and can accommodate up to three people. The third bed is not as comfortable as the others and should not be planned for the 2 meter person among you.

Every Loft room comes with a comfortable bathroom with a warm water shower, toilet and an electronic safe. Two rooms are connected by a door. This makes this suite ideal for the young family with up to two children. We will try to consider your request on double oder twin bed (two single beds), but unfortunately we can’t guarantee it. (the early booking wins ;))

Breakfast – as you wish

The Mansion offers you a large, well equipped kitchen. Of course included housekeeping that will take care of the dishes and daily cleaning. ;) In this way you are always completely flexible, you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. Only two minutes away by car, ten minutes by foot, you will find a great supermarket with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and everything else you need.

You have of course access to the common rooms: Living and chill room, kitchen, rooftop terrace with pool and the garden. Since the Mansion was built by a Kitesurfer there is also a garage for equipment storage for free and a outdoor garden shower to clean your quiver and have a quick shower yourself.

Included is also the daily cleaning of the common rooms as well as your own room, comfortable bed linen and towels. Should you need to wash clothes, this can be arranged at an additional fee by the housekeepers.

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Further activities in South Africa

Kitesurfing in Cape Town


The west coast, north of Cape Town offers a variety of spots for all tastes and skills. Since the wind is amplified there by different thermal and topographic effects, a distance of just a few kilometers already has a great impact on the conditions.

Right outside the door you will find the Sunset Beach, a spot that would actually be enough for a two-week kite trip. Depending on the swell, there are waves from one to several meters. Sunset Beach is more suitable for advanced kitesurfer. Unlike St. Peter Ording with its “choppy chaos”, you will find nice, long, “glassy-flats” in between the waves. You can really take a run for the next wave kicker.

The bay starting on Sunset Beach runs approximately one mile long to Blouberg beach. This bay is again divided into different sections. The names you’ve probably heard before: Dolphin Beach, Table View, Kitebeach. You probably already noticed it: the next key word is downwinder…
Sunset Beach is the perfect base for starting a downwinder up north.

Ahead of Blouberg beach you will pass some heavy cliffs, only very experienced riders should pass here. Passing the cliffs you will get to the Big Bay with other conditions.

The wind starts at noon (so you can sleep late or relax in the morning exploring the area) and hits the south – homespot Sunset Beach – at first. Generelly the further north you go, the less wind.

Quite different conditions can be found at the shallow water spot of Langebaan. Here in about an hour drive from the Mansion, even beginners will find a beautiful lagoon area, but it can get busy, especially during high season.

A detailed spot-guide follows.

Program & support from KiteWorldWide guide

The entire kite season, from 1 October to 15 April there is a German KiteWorldWide guide with you on the spot. He knows everything there is to know about surfing, eating out and doing further activities in and around Cape Town.

Regularly we offer activities and excursions, mostly free of charge.

Cape Town is more than vacation – and more than “just” kitesurfing. It’s not called for nothing: “you don’t need a holiday, you need Cape Town”. Breathtaking nature with impressive landscape and wildlife, which reaches from dream beaches to vineyards and from penguins to whales.

Excursions & activities

Excursions to the countless vineyards including winetastings, to the Cape, to Table Mountain or even on Safari with Big-5 guarantee will also give your non-kiter company a unforgettable kite journey experience.

Your guide is also a well-informed partner when it comes to other, exhilarating activities. Skydiving, shark diving, helicopter flights – even in combat mode, paragliding, abseiling, bungee jumping. Who ever gets bored during their stay here, is to blame themselves.

The activities are timed for you to undertake activities in the morning and be back in time for the upcoming south eastern wind at the Mansion.

In this way, also your non-kiter company has a lot to do on a Cape Town vacation.

Food & dining in Cape Town

During our trip to Cape Town we had the idea of offering gourmet travel during low season – since the quality of food at the restaurants in and around Cape Town is just amazingly good. When you experience it, you will very unlikely be keen on dining in a hotel or preparing something by yourself. You will not be able to prepare such great meals for a lower price than offered in the restaurants. Here the food is not cheap, but for its quality extremely low priced.

You can get perfectly grilled 300 g beef fillets for twelve Euros, seafood plates for less than ten Euros and a delicious bottle of wine from South Africa for five Euros. Several times a week, we will reserve seats in the best restaurants in town and who wants to go out and dine in a group is always invited to join.

Once a week we organize a typical South African Braai (BBQ) in the garden of the Mansion.

In addition we offer „gourmet- happenings” – for example the Old Bisquit Mill market every Saturday Morning or a ten course meal with fish and seafood in an amazing beach restaurant called Strandloper located in Langebaan.

Surely all those activities are perfectly timed so that you have enough time for burning as much calories on the water as you can.

Going out & Nightlife

Everyone who has enough power left, will get one’s money worth in the evening and night. During the summer months (our winter) Cape Town is the advertising – and film Mecca. Top Models and staff of the production companies get the party started in Camps Bay. And along the Long Street pubs, clubs and bars are right next to each other.

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General information about the kite trip

Which entry documents do I need?

Please keep in mind that you need a passport valid for at least another 6 months until expiry, which has two empty pages.

New entry rules apply for children under 18 since 1st of October 2014.

Children under the age of 18 need a notarized birth certificate (international birth certificate) in English in order to enter the country.

Single traveling parents have to carry a letter of consent by the missing parent with them. This document has to be signed by a notary in the South African embassy.

Do I need a Visa?

For short touristy visits or business trips to South Africa there are no Visas required. On presentation of a valid European passport and a proof of a valid return flight you’ll normally get a “visitor’s visa” for the planed period, however a stay of 90 days is the maximum.


Here you’ll find a currency converter!

The local currency is South African Rand.

Per day you should calculate between 20 and 50 Euro for food and drinks.

Food and Beverage

In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishers and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can only be considered very little – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.