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City beach of Ulcinj

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KiteWorldWide House

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Relaxing on the beach

Kitecamp Montenegro: Freeride & Style with Michi Schitzhofer

30th of June until 6th of July


UK: +44 (0)2036 085 777
DE: +49 (0)40 20 93 45 090
CH: +41 (0)43 50 81 504

Kitecamp in Montenegro with Michi Schitzhofer from June 30th until July 6th 2014

Sun, perfect temperature, good wind potential, a lot of space in the lagoon and a chilled atmosphere- these are the basic conditions for KiteWorldWide and Ibi & Friends’ kitesurfing events in the Seahorse Bay.

Together on the water, having fun, special training with the pro´s (freestyle / jumping), spot guiding, photo and video shoots, (with the pros at your side and the very latest 2014 BEST kite material for testing).

This year Michael Schitzhofer will be by your side to pimp your performance. From the Austrian lake Neusiedlersee, he decided to dicover all the waters around the world. He would love to share his knowledge, which he aquired by participating in every possible contest there is, with you.

The camp does not function as a teaching marathon, but it is rather a baseline to elaborate on your personal pros and cons on the water. Depending on your level, the pros will stand by your side with helpful advice, accompanied by the competence of our Austrian team member. With a good intuition of improving your skills, he will help you to freeride in style.

After the performance we will all move to the enjoyable part of the evening of getting to know each other and have fun.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Book your kitesurf experience now! The camp in the Seahorse Bay takes place from June 2nd until June 9th! No worries, in case you have to miss out on this camp, you will have another chance to freestyle with Michi: We are planning more trips with Mike in Brazil.

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Aerials Montenegro high rez6
Aerials Montenegro high rez6
Aerials Montenegro high rez9
Aerials Montenegro high rez9

Kitesurfing at Ulcinj

The Spot

The main spot is ideal for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers due to its broad beach, waist deep water and the steady side-onshore wind.

The Seafloor consists of fine sand without any rocks or reef.

From May till September the Albanian Alps in the south cater for super steady thermal wind that will hit the coast in the early afternoon with 18 to 25 knots.

In kite sizes this means usually 8 – 12sm at high season and bigger kites beginning at 12sm at off season.

Perfect news for all the party animals and the not-morning-persons among you, or for those who want to explore the area before going all out on the water.

As tides don’t really exist in Montenegro you can start kiting whenever the wind kicks in.

Due to the warm water, wetsuits are not really necessary in the summer.

Some kilometres downwind there is a river mouth with perfect flat water. All the freestylers among you will find the perfect conditions over there to improve your skills.

Kitecamp events include

+ 5 days of training with Michi and one other instructor (limitation of participants: max 12)

+ 7 overnight stays in booked category

+ Kite equipment rental (kite, neo, bar, board, trapeze, helmet, vest) for some additional costs

+ Daily transfer to the spot (Hotel Laguna & KiteWorldWide House Montenegro)

+ 1 Barbecue

+ 1 dinner in a fish restaurant in the village

+ 1 KiteWorldWide wet shirt

The airport transfer is not included in the price (Podgorica 65 € / Tivat 60 € one way per car) or in a mini van for 3 – 6 people (Podgorica 95 € / Tivat 85 €). Alternatively, we can offer you a rental car.


In Ulcinj exist already several kite schools. To guarantee the best quality and service, we decided to start our own kite school. In cooperation with Best, this season you will find the KiteWorldWide Best Pro Center directly on the spot.

Our VDWS licensed instructors are very happy to help you to get on the board or up on the next level. At daytime it is all about kitesurfing with some breaks to enjoy a nice fresh watermelon and in the late afternoon they will light up the barbecue to serve fresh fish and other local specialties.

The center opened 2013 and is located directly on the spot. At the kitecenter you will find showers, toilets, sunbeds and other seating options where you can relax between the sessions and chat with other kite surfers. We took care of the latest kitesurfing gear of Best, as well as of the level of the kitesurfing courses so you will experience the schooling standards you are used to when traveling with KiteWorldWide.

Of course, advanced kiters have the opportunity to leave their kite gear safely in the storage room.

The new KiteWorldWide Best Pro Center is the prefect starting point for a relaxed kite holiday!


Kitesurfing Gear

The kiteschool provides you with the latest gear of Best.

Get your quotation for the kite camp with Michi now!

Accommodations in Ulcinj

It was truly not easy to find a proper accommodation for your kitesurf holiday in Montenegro. There are numerous hotels and apartments in Ulcinj, most of them are quite shabby though and are far from western European standards.

They often attract tourists with shiny and neat looking pictures but are most of the times far from what they pretend to be.

This is why we decided to partner up with a brand new, high quality hotel. In the off-season you have the opportunity to stay in the city centre. In the main season we really recommend not to stay in the city centre because it is quite far off the beach and incredibly noisy at night.

KiteWorldWide House

We were truly amazed  in how big the interest was for this new spot. That’s why, we decide to invest in our own house for kiters.

As a result, we are proudly presenting our KiteWorldWide House. It offers lots of space to chat and chill out with other kiters, for example on the huge roof top terrace or in the chill out lounge in he garden. For those of you, who still got some energy left, there is a volleyball field in the back yard. The distance to the beach is approx. 10 minutes by foot and it takes about 5 minutes to the spot by car. But please, don’t worry: There is a spot transfer several times a day included in your travel price.


The KiteWorldWide House offers convenient and clean rooms, with free Wifi and parking spots in front of the house. All rooms are equipped with a flatscreen TV, air-condition, as well as a refrigerator and a balcony or terrace.

Standard Rooms

The comfortable standard rooms have single or double beds, offering room from 2 – 4 people. In addition, all rooms have their own private bathroom with a shower as well as a balcony or terrace.

Deluxe Rooms

The Deluxe Rooms are spacious and in addition they offer a separate couch area. Of course, all rooms are equipped with a flatscreen TV, air-condition, as well as a refrigerator and a balcony or terrace.

Shared room for single travelers

Last season we had many inquiries by single travelers asking for an economic possibility to spend their vacation without paying the price of a single room. Thus, this year single travelers can share a room with other single travelers if they want. We provide one 4-bed-room for those, who don’t want to stay in a single room. This room is equipped with a flatscreen TV, air-condition, as well as a refrigerator and a private bathroom with a shower and a terrace.

Catering in the Windyard

Attached to the house you will find our KiteWorldWide restaurant Windyard and a relaxed lounge area. Between 8:00 – 10:00 am breakfast (included in the travel package) will be served here. The chef takes care of your well-being throughout the whole day. After breakfast he prepares small snacks and coffee and during dinner time you have the choice between our KiteWorldWide meals (e.g. Cape Town Burger or Sansibar Curry) and a changing three-course-menu for 12 – 18 €. Our KiteWorldWide bar will serve cold beverages as well as self made cocktails.

The kite center also serves small snacks from our restaurant kitchen.
Attached to the house you will find our KiteWorldWide restaurant and our relaxed KiteWorldWide lounge. Between 8:00 – 10:30 am breakfast (included in the travel package) will be served here. The chef, Caspar, takes care of your well-being throughout the whole day. After breakfast he prepares small snacks and coffee.

Fresh ingredients are bought everyday on the market and Caspar will serve a changing three-course-dinner for 12 – 18 €. The Windyard bar will serve cold beverages as well as self made cocktails.

The kite center also serves small snacks from our restaurant kitchen.

Hotel Laguna 4****

This hotel really convinced us. Shortly before our visit in May 2013 the constructions were finished and this pearl was shining brightly just waiting for us to come. With lots of style and a high-class interior you will find twin rooms and apartments with all the comfort you can ask for. The beach is only about 10 minutes walking distance away and the spot is a 20-30 minute stroll away. NO WORRIES – we will pick you up and bring you back to the hotel every day for free. If you wish you can also rent bicycles at the hotel (add. Costs).


The Laguna offers all the amenities of a modern 4**** hotel. 24h reception, elevator, modern interior, free Wi-Fi and parking lots. All of the rooms are equipped with a big flat screen TV and air conditioning.

Twin room

The spacious twin rooms are provided with big cosy twin beds. The modern bathroom is always cleaned and towels will be changed if wanted.


The apartments are perfect for families or two friends that want to sleep in separate rooms. One bedroom with twin beds and a living room including a sofa bed will let you sleep like a baby. Additionally you will find a kitchenette with a boiling plate and a fridge.

Single bed rooms

The single rooms are little bit smaller than normal rooms. Of course, you will find your own modern bathroom with shower and a terrace to chill outside.

Catering: breakfast

Included in the price is a nice and comprehensive breakfast buffet. At night you can also dine in the hotel. A large variety of international and local, Mediterranean cuisine is always available.

Hotel Haus Freiburg 4****

The 4**** Hotel “Haus Freiburg“ is a small hotel at the edge of the historic centre of Ulcinj located in the middle of a pine tree forest. It is managed by the owners and provides western European standards.

As the Hotel is not in the historic centre and about 20 minutes away from the kitespot, a rental car is already included in the price. Each room has an own parking lot in the garage. The beach of Ulcinj’s historic centre is only a ten-minute walk away.


The hotel has an outdoor pool with a terrace and a nice cocktail bar. The rooms are equipped with satellite-TV, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, as well as a fridge and a desk.

Twin room

The cosy twin rooms are provided with big comfortable twin beds. The bathroom is always cleaned and towels will be changed if wanted. Every twin room has its own balcony with sea view.


The apartments are provided with a big comfortable twin bed and a living room including a sleeping couch and a kitchen. The bathroom is always cleaned and towels will be changed if wanted. Every apartment has its own balcony with sea view.

Catering: Breakfast

Included in the price is a rich breakfast buffet. Also for diner the restaurant of the hotel offers a variety of international and local, mediterranean cuisine.

Activities included in the price


After your many kite sessions we will set up a nice barbecue during sunset so that everybody can enjoy a tasty dinner after a perfect day at the beach. One day a week this dinner is included in the package price, you can, however, enjoy that nice barbecue every other day a week (for additional costs).


There is a volleyball field directly by the KiteWorldWide House, which you can use any time to improve your volleyball skills. This can help to show off your skills later on in a match at the KiteWorldWide House.

Further Activities (to book at sight for an additional charge)

Fishrestaurant at the  Bojana River

This restaurant is directly by the Bojana river and has a breathtaking view to offer. The waiter offers you a variety of fresh seafood right at your table and you just have to choose which one you would like to have.

A night at Ulcinj historic center

In the summer, the historic center of Ulcinj becomes a party town. At least once you should risk a look and check out the city at night. We will take you to town to a nice cocktail bar on the promenade and maybe we will end up in one of many clubs this town has to offer.


Canyoning means that you move around the canyons of the canyon Nevido for an entire day. Provided with adequate gear (Wetsuit and climbing gear) you will swim, jump, climb and slide through the canyons. Numerous waterfalls will be on your way and a professional tour guide will help you with the abseiling and shows you how to proceed the most exciting way. A whole day of action and adrenalin awaits you in this beautiful peace of nature.

Tara River Rafting

The Tara is one of the most beautiful and most attractive rivers in Europe. In its 145 kilometer long flow it formed a canyon, almost 100 km long and 1,3 km deep. The Tara Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world. It is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Europe. This is one of the reasons why it is under the protection of UNESCO.

A whole day you will be rafting around in this unique river experiencing the whole beauty of this astonishing peace of nature.


The ocean in front of the coast of Montenegro is ideal for diving. Wonderful underwater landscapes, warm water, 20 meter visibility and several ship wrecks are waiting for you to be explored. From Roman Galleys to World War Two destroyers you will find anything on the seafloor. Even a ‘daytime-night-dive’ in an underground submarine is possible.

For beginners there is a special diving course where you can try out this exciting sport for one day.

There is whole lot more to do at sight. For further information just ask the stuff from the kite center.

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