• Living right next to the spot

    Always know if the wind is blowing

  • Learn Kitesurfing in Denmark

    The Fjord offers best flat water conditions for beginners and freestylers

  • Community-Feeling

    A picturesque village right by the sea

  • Best conditions for advanved kitersufers

    Right at the KiteWorldWide Village the North Sea offers some waves

  • Get in touch with other kiter

    Even those travelling alone will quickly find a connection here

  • High wind guarantee

    One of the windiest areas in Northern Europe

  • Latest material

    The newest material from DUOTONE and CORE Kiteboarding is waiting for you

Kitesurfing in Fjand Badeby

Brand new KWW Kite Village Denmark


UK: +44 2036 085 777
DE: +49 (0)40-20 93 45 090
CH: +41 (0) 43 50 81 504

May we introduce: the first KiteWorldWide Village in Denmark! Right at the North Sea we discovered a real treasure and could save it for the windiest time of the year! With our partner Kiteboarding Events we live here in 11 small cabins, which have been freshly modernized, but have kept their typical charm! Here you can simply start your day and be ready at kitespot as soon as the wind starts to blow!
Kitesurfing in Denmark is easy to describe in just a few words: great spot variety, high wind safety, deserted spots and endless beaches. Sounds like the perfect address for kitesurfing for us and that’s why we are happy that we have now added the Fjords near Fjand Badeby to our list of destinations!

The small village Fjand Badeby offers best conditions for every kitesurfer. Here you can learn kitesurfing in the shallow water of the Fjord in a very relaxed way and practice the latest tricks or, as an advanced kiter, plunge into the waves of the North Sea! If the wind is not as good as we wish, we will simply take you to another spot, because we enjoy the highest flexibility through the mobile kite school and can therefore optimally respond to your wishes and your skills!

Through the team of Kiteboarding Events you have an experienced team on site, which will accompany you and help you with advice and action! Of course, you will also bring the latest equipment from CORE Kiteboarding and DUOTONE.

By the way, you can also bring your own van or camper van!

Kitespot Fjand Badeby – Wind statistics


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Kitesurfing in Denmark

The Spot

Advanced kitesurfers can plunge into the North Sea directly at our Kite Village. To do so, you only have to walk a few meters and set up on the endless sandy beach. Optimal conditions for all levels can also be found close by at Ringkobing Fjord (approx. 20 minutes drive). Here you can learn mirror-smooth water and kitesurfing or even practising new tricks is really fun! Or we go to a spot at the Nissum Fjord (about 10 min. drive) – here you can learn mirror-smooth water and kitesurfing or practising new tricks is a lot of fun!

As we are a mobile kite school, we can go to the ideal kite spot depending on the wind direction. This way we make sure that you can get the most out of your kitesurfing holiday.


Denmark is worth a trip especially in late summer and autumn due to the high probability of wind!

Quelle: https://www.windguru.cz/archive-stats.php?id_spot=48029

Theoretically you can kite all year long but especially in summer it can happen that on some days there is only a soft breeze. Therefore we prefer autumn for kitesurfing in Denmark!

Despite the air and water temperature rising steadily towards summer, you should wear a wetsuit and neoprene shoes all year through. In winter you should definitely bring a 5/4 wetsuit and in midsummer a 4/3 will probably be enough for most of you!

Kiteboarding Events

Kiteboarding Events is one of the oldest event providers in the kite business and is characterized by high teaching competence, safety, experience and spot knowledge at a very high level.

A partner you can only wish for! Of course Kiteboarding Events also provides a huge material pool with the latest material of different brands. 45 kites and 25 boards are waiting to be put to the acid test by you.


September 2020

19.09. – 26.09. ampel-orange
26.09. – 03.10. ampel-orange
October 2020
03.10. – 10.10. ampel-orange
10.10. – 17.10. ampel-rot
17.10. – 24.10. ampel-orange
24.10. – 31.10. ampel-orange

You are also welcome to book several kite weeks together, so that you can get the maximum of coaching.


                                   ampel-gruen  available                                         .

                          ampel-orange  limited bookable (1-4 free)

 ampel-rot   fully booked


(VDWS Level 0 – 1)

  • 12 hours group kite course for beginners
  • Lessons in small groups of maximum 3 to 4 students
  • including rental of kite equipment for the rest of the week (from the eighth lesson and VDWS Level 4)

Your Level: VDWS level 0-1, you have no prior kite experience or yet no kite experience in the water


(VDWS Level 2 – 3)

  • 6 hours group kite course for intermediate kiters
  • Lessons in small groups of maximum 3 to 4 students
  • including rental of kite equipment for the rest of the week (from the fourth lesson and VDWS level 4)

Your Level: VDWS level 2-3, you have practised body drags, water relaunch and/or done your first water starts with the board


(VDWS Level 4-7)

  • 3 hours* advanced group kite course
  • including rental of kite equipment for the whole time (from VDWS level 4)
  • The course can be taken flexibly during the week

Your Level: VDWS level 4 or higher, you had lessons but need to ride upwind or you want to improve your riding

*If there are not enough students of the same level, your course will be reduced to 2 hours of private lessons.

Course / Material

Kitesurf course

In the KiteWorldWide Kite Village the qualified and VDWS licensed instructors will teach you in small groups of maximum four persons, so that you will make progress as fast as possible.

For intermediate and advanced kiters we offer advanced courses to reach the next level.

Kitesurf material

We have new premium equipment from Duotone and Core Kiteboarding for you. As in all KiteWorldWide destinations, our Kite Village is also equipped with the latest material.


Rental Package (fromVDWS Level 5)

Advanced kitesurfers (safe upwind running) without own kite equipment (or without the desire to carry the equipment with them) can take advantage of the rental package. So you always have the right kite at your disposal and can test kite material of the current season.

Additional services

GoPro Session : 120€

  • 1 hour GoPro analysis on the water with a teacher
  • Your own GoPro kitevideo

Trick Master Session: 195€

  • You tell us the trick – we show you how it works!
  • 1 private lesson
  • 1 hour video analysis with the GoPro on the water
  • Your own GoPro kitevideo


Accommodation at KiteWorldWide Kite Village

Our Kite Village is a small group of 11 cabins and a big community house. It was built in the 1970s and extensively modernized in early 2020, with great emphasis on preserving the original charm. Besides the cottages there is also a big community house. Here we all come together and cook together or fire up the grill. Inside you have enough space for exciting game evenings or you can end the day with a beer or a glass of wine in front of the fireplace!
The cosy cabins are located right behind the dune and so you have the best conditions to start kitesurfing right after breakfast!

There will be a communal cash desk, to which each of you can voluntarily contribute something. So we can go shopping together and have a nice barbecue for example!

By the way, our Kite Village is also especially suitable for people travelling alone. Here you will quickly meet new people with the same interests and you can decide whether you want to share a cabin with other kitesurfers or book your own.

small cabin

The cute cottages have a floor space of about 20 square meters and offer enough space for two adults and 1-2 children. There are cabins with single and double beds. In addition, an extra bed for children can be rented for the youngest visitors if required.

In the small kitchenette you can prepare your first coffee in the morning and also prepare a meal for in between!

Of course, each cabin also has a private bathroom with shower!

big cabin

The slightly larger cabins have about 30 square meters and can be inhabited by 4-5 people. There are for example two single beds, a bunk bed and a sofa bed. You also have a living and dining room and a fully equipped kitchen!

As in the smaller cabins you will have your own bathroom.

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In the following you will find price examples for the next months. The prices are real prices (no “from” prices), which are currently created. Please understand that the prices can change slightly.


All packages include:

+ accommodation as booked
+ cleaning, bed linen and one set of bath towels
+ Kite service (starting and landing assistance, spot guiding, tips&tricks)
+ KWW tour guide on site
+ No-Wind program and other local excursion tips


+ one week living in the KiteWorldWide Village (Saturday to Saturday)

Price per person in Single or Double occupancy: 828€ / 585€

Rental-Package (from VDWS Level 5)

+ Kitematerial rental during your stay
+ the latest material from Duotone and CORE Kiteboarding

Price per person in Single or Double occupancy: 1.107€ / 864€

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced – Package

+ 12 hours kite course with equipment
+ Kitematerial rental for the rest of the stay included
+ one week living in the KiteWorldWide Village (Saturday to Saturday)

Price per person in Single or Double occupancy: 1.199€ / 955€

We will gladly support you and give you helpful tips for your arrival!

Other activities in Denmark

Due to the current situation through Covid-19 and the resulting guidelines, some activities are currently NOT offered – we will inform you as soon as something has changed in this situation!

Beach walks

Denmark is known for miles of beaches and around our KiteWorldWide Village you will definitely never get enough of them! So you can feel like walking forever or do your morning run. On top of that the beach here is considered one of the most beautiful and cleanest and was awarded with the “Blue Flag”!

Nissum Fjord

Nissum Fjord is a large coastal lagoon where fresh water from the highlands is collected and enters the North Sea through the Thorsminde sluice. Here you can walk, cycle and at the same time enjoy the flora and fauna!

Horse riding excursions

The beautiful landscape of West Jutland can also be explored easily by horseback. Various tours are offered throughout the year and there is something for every level and age!


Is there anything better than buying your dinner fresh from the market or even catching it yourself? Thorsminde is a fishing village and you can find fresh fish at every corner. You can either visit the fish market and choose from the morning catch of the many fishermen or you can even swing the fishing rod yourself!

General Information about Kitesurfing in Denmark

Arrival is always on Saturdays and individually by own car or train. But we are happy to help you with the planning!

Food is not included in the price of kitesurfing at the Nissum. There will be a community cash box, which will be used for shopping. So we can cook what we like and respond to your wishes in the best possible way!

*The Hoodies may vary depending on availability.
* The Promotion is only valid for any bookings to the KWW Village in Denmark.
* The Promotion ends on the 30th October 2020
* KiteWorldWide GmbH reserve the right to amend or change or cancel the promotion for any reason.

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