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The journey to the land of the hobbits – Montenegro

As some of you might have already noticed the entire KiteWorldWide team is currently on their way to Montenegro. Here we are going to work, write our blog and update our Facebook page as well as help to prepare the KiteWorldWide Guest House for the season. Of course we want you to stay updated and that’s […]

Montenegro News: KiteWorldWide Coast Cruise

A lot is happening here in Montenegro. Piece by piece, things come together well and prepare the KiteWorldWide House for an epic kitesurf season. We are excited for the long opening weekend from 28.05.2014 onwards. The newest equipment of Best is awaiting you for a first kite session and the beach party afterwards will round […]

Summary of the Pkra Dakhla

Today we finished the second tour stop of this fresh PKRA season. What a great event it was here in Morocco. Once again, Dakhla didn’t let the best kiteboarders in the world down with delivering them great conditions every day of the competition. The wind was stronger than in the last years with wind up […]

Mike Schitzhofer’s Column: PKRA Dakhla

Here we are again. After a 3 week break, it’s time for the second Pkra tourstop of the 2014 season and it will happen in Dakhla, Morocco. This event takes place for the fourth time already here at the lagoon in the Western Sahara. Due to the good connections from Europe lots of riders found […]

KiteWorldWide-Contest – Upload your picture and win!

Finally we made it! Thanks to all of you for liking KiteWorldWide more than 100.000 times. As a little thank you we organized a competition with gorgeous prizes relating to your kitesurf passion. Between the 2nd – 30th of March you can upload your best kitesurf-picture ever. With a bit of luck you’ll be one […]

Michi Schitzhofer’s Kolumne: PKRA Panama Kite & Wake

After finishing the freestyle main event on the third day and two days of competition left there was enough time to create and run a second discipline. With the unique set up of having an own little cable park with a 2.0 system in the backyard here at Nitro City, the second discipline was a […]

Mike Schitzhofer’s Kolumne: PKRA Panama Vorausscheidungen und single eliminations

Hallo. Der zweite Tag des PKRA Weltcups liegt hinter uns und bisher war es einfach nur unglaublich. Die Vorausscheidungen gingen bereits bis gestern mittag sauber über die Bühne, so dass die single eliminations bereits starteten. Heute fanden sowohl die restlichen singles statt, als auch die doubles. Es war also ein überaus erignisreicher Tag in der […]

Mike Schitzhofers column: First days in Panama / Alex Pastor injured

It’s time for my second column and it’s again from Panama to get you the latest infos about the PKRA Kitesurf Worldcup to start tomorrow. Today all the riders had to do the registration for the event in order to be able to participate. 39 men and 11 women did so which means that there […]