Tom Court’s Slice of Life Clinics 2019

The idea behind the Slice of Life Clinics with Tom Court:

If you want to push yourself to the limits, on the board as well as in other activities, Slice Of Life Clinics are just what you are looking for! Led by none other than our team rider Tom Court, who hails from Great Britain and has mastered the sport like few others. The idea behind the slice of life clinics is to create the perfect environment for learning, progressing your kitesurfing plus having fun with a group of good people and exploring new, unique spots in different locations around the globe.

We don’t want the clinic to be one dimensional and only focus on the kitesurfing element, but the full picture. Yes, of course, the central heart of the camp is about pushing your kiting to the next level, but we also focus on the health and fitness side of making sure your body is ready and fit for kiting. And then finally the relaxing side of having a few beers and a good chat about the day with your friends (and the odd party or two). Tom also uses a combination of instruction, demonstration, and video analysis during his slice of life clinics. The combination of all three helps to generate a faster progression.

What happened in 2018:

3 destinations, 6 clinics, 45 friends, lots of kiting and a few too many beers .

An amazing year of our Slice of Life Clinics with Tom Court. In all of the destinations we ran the clinics last year we were really lucky with the conditions, the wind delivered every day, we discovered new spots and went on lots of kiting missions from a kite (bar) crawl in Dakhla to sleeping in hammocks on a desert island in Sri Lanka, to blasting across the dunes in Brazil to discover new lagoon spots. Most importantly everyone progressed significantly with their kiting and we had a lot of fun.

What do we got for you in 2019:

We have six Slice of Life camps running this year, in Dakhla, Zanzibar and Sicily.


  • Dakhla: 11th – 18th May – Full
  • Dakhla 18th – 25th May
  • Zanzibar: 6th – 13th July – Full
  • Zanzibar 13th – 20th July
  • Sicily: 7th – 14th September
  • Sicily 14th – 21st September

if you are interested drop Sara from our UK office an email or give her a call on 0044203608577

Check out the highlight video and see for yourself: