The KiteWorldWide 2018 Recap – Year In Review

Hey there!

Another year has passed already – that was fast. But this is probably due to the fact that a lot has happened this year – we simply didn’t have time for boredom. So let’s revisit our memories together and look back at 2018 through KiteWorldWide eyes. Here we go: let’s turn back the time…


The search for a new destination

Those of you who have known us for some time will know that we used to have more destinations in 2017. Unfortunately, though had to say goodbye to a few of them and have since been restlessly searching for a new medium-haul destination. After traveling what felt like the entire world and still not finding anything that met our expectations, we got a great tip. Check out Djerba, Maik from told us. Said, done. We got off the plane on Djerba, drove to the spot and fell in love. The small Tunisian island immediately fascinated us and we didn’t hesitate long and made it official. So from March next year, you’ll be able to travel to Djerba with us and kite on a truly huge shallow lagoon. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Jürgen’s road trip

At the end of March, our managing director, Jürgen, set out to go on a big kite road-trip. He planned to go from Hamburg all the way down to Dakhla in southern Morocco, passing Tarifa and Essaouira on the way there. Oh, and he also took a small detour to the Canary Islands because you can’t pass up on a Kite & Sail cruise, right? The purpose of this trip: to kitesurf, of course, but also to bring new gear to all of the destinations on the way. If you want to read detailed blogs about each leg of the trip, check out all of them here.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of Jürgen’s trip:


Linus Erdmann: always on the road

Our team rider and reigning German freestyle champion, Linus Erdmann, was on the road a lot this year. Together with his girlfriend, Loni, he traveled to one of our destinations every few weeks or months. DakhlaEgypt, Cape Town, Zanzibar, Tatajuba, Sri Lanka – all checked off the list. While there, he trained for the upcoming championships and together with Loni he worked as a kite instructor. If you want to retrace their route and read exciting blogs about the destinations, we can recommend Linus’ Travel Diary – the perfect reading choice and inspiration for a day off.

And thanks to his vlogs we can also daydream of exotic places like Zanzibar here in Germany (or wherever you are). For all those who still need their daily dose of wanderlust, we’ve picked out one of the Zanzibar vlogs here. Have fun!



The KiteWorldWide Catamaran in the Caribbean

In February we were out at sea. Living on the Lagoon 52, our luxury catamaran, we spent two weeks sailing through the Caribbean. The kite conditions were incredible. The catamaran gave us access to all the spots, even those that are difficult or impossible to reach by land. So we often had entire bays and beaches all to ourselves. You can read more about this sailing trip on our blog – and of course, we also have some photos for you ;)


Slice of Life Clinics

Maybe you’ve heard of our Slice of Life Clinics before. But if not, here is a short explanation: British kitesurfing pro Tom Court takes some of our guests through his typical daily routine during these clinics. Since he is a real professional, he wants to create the perfect learning environment. Throughout the year, several of those clinics were held in Dakhla, Essaouira, Sri Lanka, and Tatajuba. All participants were able to improve their kite skills significantly and had a lot of fun doing it. It was demanding, but also rewarding. Thanks to Tom’s ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy everyone got the most out of their training but was still able to kick back with a cold beer at night. Consequently, these clinics definitely belong on our highlights list.


Kiki in Sri Lanka

Kiki, also known as KiteWorldWide’s #1 adventurer, has been calling the Seahorse Bay in Egypt her home for quite some time. The center manager there is her husband, so she is always quite close to a great spot. In order to get to know a new spot, though, her and her son Noah flew to Sri Lanka, in April. There, they were met with incredible conditions: shallow water, strong wind, plenty of space on the lagoon. In addition, they also took a trip to Wilpattu National Park where they saw wild elephants; an unforgettable experience to round off the trip.


Introduction of BBTalkin

This year, we started using a new kind of sports-optimized radio system called BBTalkin. By enabling you and your instructor to communicate much more directly, it enables you to progress way faster than before. Currently, we’re using this system in Tatajuba, Kalpitiya and on Zanzibar. We hope to be able to introduce it in more destinations soon.


Here’s to 2019…

And with that, the KiteWorldWide 2018 recap is concluded! We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed looking back on all these events. 2018 was a great year for us – and for you as well, we hope. We’d like to wish you a happy new year. We hope you’ll have lots of wind, awesome kite sessions, and unforgettable sunsets at your favorite spots. Thank you for sticking with us. Cheers, and here’s to you!