KiteWorldWide on the Road: Laura in Brazil

One of the great passions of all our employees is to visit all the KiteWorldWide destinations themselves. In order to check off the last destination from her list, our travel consultant Laura took two weeks in October to travel to Tatajuba in Brazil and brought along two of her friends who didn’t know how to kitesurf yet.

Laura and her friends

Departure: Hamburg

Layover: Frankfurt

Destination: Fortaleza

Luxurious airport transfer

From the airport in Fortaleza, they did not go directly to Tatajuba, though. Instead, Laura and her friends went on a small road trip along the Brazilian coast for the first four days. First, they drove to Ilha do Guajirú, a small fishing village that was meant to be a pit stop for the night. The next morning, they continued directly to Préa, where there is also a KiteWorldWide Spot. Laura and her friends spent the day there, but did not yet go out on the water; they waited until the next day in Jericoacoara National Park, at the second KiteWorldWide Spot in Brazil.

Pure relaxation with an amazing view

This slightly larger “hipster fishing village” is very popular due to the beautiful surrounding nature and the famous large dunes right by the water. Laura and her friends spent two nights there, enjoyed their time surfing, wandered around the village and the surroundings and just switched off completely. It soon became time for them to leave again, though, and so they finally reached their destination: Tatajuba, the third and largest KiteWorldWide destination in Brazil, and one of the best spots in the world. When they arrived late in the afternoon, the three were warmly welcomed and immediately had dinner with the other guests. Breakfast and dinner were always delicious, rich and never the same as the day before.

An afternoon stroll through Jeri

Lunch right by the sea

And then they finally started kiting! Early in the morning at 06:45, Laura and her friends took part in workouts led by Linus Erdmann, and afterward in the yoga sessions with Linus’ girlfriend, Loni. Linus is the reigning German Freestyle Champion and is one of the KiteWorldWide Team Riders. After these workouts, they had breakfast together and then went out on the water right away, because from about 10 AM they always had non-stop 30-knot wind! Laura’s friends had planned to learn to kite in Tatajuba and under her personal guidance, they were able to progress quickly.

Yoga by the pool

The spot in Tatajuba

From now on, kiting determined the daily routine. Our three travelers tested all the spots near Tatajuba, including a huge hidden freshwater lagoon out in the countryside, and also mastered a legendary downwinder from Jeri back to Tatajuba.

The lagoon

Laura’s evaluation of the trip was – how could it be otherwise – consistently positive. She was blown away by Brazil’s natural beauty, as well as by the incredible kitesurf conditions in Tatajuba, and will definitely travel there again someday! Her friends, who learned to kite there, also share this opinion.

If, after reading this, you happen to have the sudden urge to go to Tatajuba yourself (maybe again or for the first time), you can read up on everything important here! :-)