Djerba Kite Lagune

KiteWorldWide on the Road: Thordis on Djerba

Although we almost exclusively offer kitesurfing trips, not all of our team members at the office in Hamburg can actually kite themselves. In order to change that for herself, our travel consultant trainee, Thordis, took 4 days in September to travel to our new destination on Djerba, Tunisia – to check out the spot and the hotel, and to learn to kitesurf!

Thordis started her job training with us as a tourism saleswoman three months ago. She had never been on the board before, but soon after she started she couldn’t wait to learn to kitesurf. Thus, a short trip to Djerba was the perfect opportunity for her to get started.

Departure: Hamburg

Destination: Djerba, Tunisia

After a three-hour flight and another half-hour drive, Thordis finally reached the KiteWorldWide Villa late at night and was warmly welcomed by the owner, Tarek, who offered some tea and snacks. The next morning, the first order of business was to explore the hotel and its facilities…

Kite Village Djerba


Kite Village Djerba

The rooms are big, quite beautiful and furnished and designed in a traditional Tunisian manner; especially the largely single-colored rooms have a remarkable, almost magical feel to them.


Kite Village Djerba

Thordis (2nd from the left) and the others at breakfast by the pool

The outside areas are perfect for taking a little stroll or just relaxing with a good book. The pool is the perfect opportunity to cool off, and the villa’s lobby felt almost like a small middle eastern mansion to Thordis. After a lengthy breakfast, Thordis and the others (our founder Jürgen, fellow travel consultant Laura, friend Dorian, and camera assistant Tobi)  headed for the kite spot – after all, that’s what they came there for!

Kitesurf Spot Djerba

At the spot, which is about a 20-minute drive away from the villa, there’s a large, mostly shallow lagoon that stays warm the entire season. The wind was consistent and strong enough for Thordis to ride her first couple of meters on the board, and under the tutelage of Dorian, she was able to progress quickly.

For the next few hours, the group enjoyed themselves on the water. Later, they drove up to the “L’île aux Flamants Roses” – the pink flamingo island. This peninsula in the north of Djerba is known for its beautiful sunsets and wild flamingos, which can sometimes be seen there.


Of course, our travelers also wanted to see what else Djerba had to offer, and so on Sunday, they visited Houmt Souk, the island’s capital, and its traditional Tunisian market.



Looking back now, Thordis really enjoyed her trip to Djerba. In comparison to Cape Town or Tarifa, it’s definitely a calmer spot. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do besides kitesurfing: you can go on ATV or camel tours into the desert, explore the flamingo island or simply relax by the villa’s pool on some pillows and blankets, illuminated by candlelight.

Kite Village Djerba

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