Slice Of Life Clinic With Tom Court – Firsthand Experience

If you want to push yourself to the limits, on the board as well as in other activities, Slice Of Life Clinics are just what you are looking for! Led by none other than our team rider Tom Court, who hails from Great Britain and has mastered the sport like few others. The idea behind the slice of life clinics is to create the perfect environment for learning, progressing your kitesurfing plus having fun with a group of good people and exploring new, unique spots in different locations around the globe.

We don’t want the clinic to be one dimensional and only focus on the kitesurfing element, but the full picture. Yes, of course, the central heart of the camp is about pushing your kiting to the next level, but we also focus on the health and fitness side of making sure your body is ready and fit for kiting. And then finally the relaxing side of having a few beers and a good chat about the day with your friends (and the odd party or two). Tom also uses a combination of instruction, demonstration, and video analysis during his slice of life clinics. The combination of all three helps to generate a faster progression.

Tom Court headed to Essaouira to give you guys and 9 journalists a taster of what Kiteworldwide and our Slice of Clinics with Tom Court are all about…

It was a whirlwind 48 hours in Essaouira where we tasted the amazing cuisine cooked by Aunty. Regregia is her real name but we call her Aunty as she is like family and looks after everyone so well in our KiteWorldWide Riad. From mouth-watering lemon chicken to lamb with almonds, pastilla and BBQ’s. We for sure had the fuel we needed to get us through the weekend.

The days started with a stretch and warm up before heading to the water to surf and catch a few waves in the morning and then going kiting all afternoon. We were split into two groups with beginners and improvers. The beginners started with Tom and then were under the instruction of our awesome team in Essaouira. The improvers all had a one-on-one session with Tom to ensure they achieved their goals of riding confidently and landing their first jumps.

Evenings were spent with a celebratory beer as we watched the sunset, before heading back to the KiteWorldWide Riad for scrumptious dinners and more beers on the roof terrace, chatting and laughing about our day.

The entire time we were there, we got places by riding the beautiful camels that live at the KiteWorldWide camp – they’re used to people kiting and surfing around them (and sometimes even jumping over them, as seen below)

So what did we learn? Of course, the central heart of the Slice of Life Clinic is about pushing your kiting to the next level, but we also focused on the health and fitness side of making sure our bodies were ready and fit for kiting. Tom also used a combination of instruction, demonstration and video analysis during his clinics, the combination of all three helped to generate a faster progression.

You can also watch a video of our weekend with Tom here: