Kitesurfing & Soccer world championship

June 14th is the day of the days! The World Cup starts in Russia. For some, it’s the event of the year they’ve been looking forward to for the past three years. For others, the time they would like to spend somewhere far away. Of course we are equally looking forward to football fans, World Cup runaways and everyone in between in our destinations, because after all it’s all about kiting! Here we have a small overview, where there is despite football-free zone on the water the possibility to watch the games.

England plays:

18.06 against Mexico

24.06 against Panama

28.06 against Belgium

15.07  hopefully in the final

Egypt, Seahorse Bay: Yes

Since our colleagues in Egypt are totally enthusiastic about football, it will definitely be possible to watch the games. Where exactly you can cheer for the English and Egyptian national team is not yet definite, in the coming weeks we will announce the final location. Lucky we’re not in the same group!

Italy, Sicily: Yes

What do you mean, the Italians aren’t in the World Cup? We can’t quite believe it either. But we have already arranged that there will still be a TV broadcast in Villa Lo Stagnone and in Santa Maria via Mediaset. Thanks to our new tents and hammocks, the cosy atmosphere at the Public Viewing is already provided for.

Morocco, Dakhla: Yes

And even in the middle of the desert there is the possibility to cheer for the team and relax in the hammam afterwards. Or the other way around, that’s up to you. The World Cup will be broadcast on a big TV set in the large common room, where you can cheer for the English team and the Moroccan national team.

Morocco, Essaouira: Yes

What does 1001 nights of flair, screening and a cool beer sound like? Here you have the possibility to watch the games in the café next door or directly in the KiteWorldWide Riad. Watch football from a different angle.

Spain, Tarifa: Yes

In the kite metropolis there is a lot of celebration and, of course, the World Cup is also broadcasted. There is great internet and many bars in the neighborhood where the games are shown live. Roof terrace and laptop or bar and beamer? The decision is entirely yours.

Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya: Yes

In our small kite paradise in Sri Lanka the games will be shown on a big TV. We are just trying to organize a beamer so that nothing is in the way of public viewing. Watching football under palm trees will surely make all your friends jealous!

Zanzibar, Jambiani: Yes

After a kite session in the crystal-clear water, all football fans will not be able to watch the World Cup matches directly in our lodge, but in the Hotel Coral Rock. Alternatively, of course, you can always relax by a campfire on the beach and let the football be football while chilling around the campfire.

Brazil, Tatajuba: Most likely

A destination for World Cup runaways, because thanks to our internet connection you can forget about streaming here.  But there is a beamer on site and our center manager Samuel is just trying to find a solution. More information at the end of May. Probably a paradise for all those who stay as far away from the football event as possible.