#11 Kitesurf Roadtrip: With the Kite Camper Van from Spain to Morocco at 50 knots

Jürgen had another great idea. A mega storm is forecast for Tuesday 10th of April. Plus a lot of rain and 12°C. In any case not the perfect kite weather. So he though he could use the time more effectively and see what the Spanish ferries are able to do. The fast ferry is cancelled anyways, but the big ferries from Algeciras to Tangier Med always run. So we quickly did some shopping, filled up with water from the van, emptied the toilet cassette and off we go to the ferry port.

After 2 weeks of sailing on the Canary Islands some waves can’t get too bad. At 4 pm we are supposed to start, at 4.30 pm there is still not even a green light at the entrance and everything is ready. The storm is in full swing around it. The wind is so strong that the KiteWorldWide Van shakes back and forth and tips garbage cans over.

When asked at the counter they say “yes, the ferry is on its way back from Tangier”. “Vesselfinder” gives the position of the ferry. It’s like a flight tracker for boats. Yeah, it looks good

The ferry leaves at 7 pm. You can hardly stand on deck, the wind is that strong. A tug is positioned for departure to protect the ferry from drifting. Exciting. After the harbour exit it is actually quite boring, the big, 150 m long ship defies the waves. During the crossing, entry formalities are already completed and the passports stamped. Everything easy.

Shortly before the harbour entrance to Tangier Med it suddenly becomes uncomfortable. The boat tilts to the side. The guests on board are getting anxious. The boat turns and suddenly it’s quiet. Then nothing happened. No rocking, no announcement. An hour later the ship is still standing on the same spot, the lights do not move a metre.

The next announcement: the port of Tangier has refused entry. We’re going back to Algeciras. At 11 pm the boat is back where it left four hours earlier.

The ferry company had a creative solution: everyone gets cabins, can spend the night on board and go back to Tangier the next morning at eight. Dinner is also free! That’s a top service, Jürgen thought and moves into his room after dinner. Beds, bathroom. Great. Good night!

Eventually at 3 a.m. someone is hammering at the door. The port police didn’t like the ferry company’s plan. Everybody has to leave. Find a new ferry. Just awakened from the dreams of Moroccan waves Jürgen stands at the ferry company counter in the middle of the stormy night. Together with about 50, mostly Moroccan, guests, who are no longer so quiet. Finally a solution: A ferry to Ceuta leaves at 6, here Jürgen gets a place and a few hours later it starts. Through the Strait of Gibraltar again. This time everything is quiet and the hour ferry journey passes in sleep – in the truest sense of the word.

Arriving in the Spanish enclave he looks for a place to make up for the lost peace of last night. There is a border crossing and 200 km drive to Chefchouan on the program.