Kiki Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya / Sri Lanka

Where do you go on holiday when you call a top shallow-water spot your home? Our team member Kiki, who can actually be found together with her husband in the Seahorse Bay in Egypt, asked herself the same question. After long planning and a daily check of the wind statistics as well as extensive questioning of people who had already been there, the decision was made: together with her son Noah they went to Sri Lanka! More specifically to Kalpitiya in our chic boutique style hotel with pool and a cozy shallow water lagoon.

On their departure from winterly Hannover, the two could not yet imagine being catapulted into summer. But the first morning in Kalpitiya is full speed: the sun is shining, it is already pleasantly warm in the morning and the view over the lagoon from the balcony is priceless! First they check out the pool, then they strengthen themselves with a tasty breakfast and then: off to the first session! By boat we go to the KiteWorldWide beach hut on the other side of the lagoon, where the two enjoy their first out of many 3-4 hours sessions.

In the coming days the wind reliably starts at 12 o’clock and becomes stronger in the afternoon, so that the two can enjoy the warm water in Sri Lanka extensively. Kiki is usually the first at 12 o’clock and has the big lagoon all to herself. And even Noah as a freestyler gets his money’s worth – thanks to the smooth water. In between there is a little refreshment at the KiteWorldWide beach hut directly at the spot, before we go to a second session on the lagoon. In the evening Kiki and Noah enjoy an extensive dinner before falling into their well-deserved sleep.

A special highlight for the mother and son team was (besides the great conditions for kitesurfing) the visit to Wilpattu National Park. Actually they only expected to see one elephant, but instead there were hundreds of peaceful animals to see – goose bumps guaranteed!

The conclusion from Kiki: Kalpitiya is a hidden jewel in the middle of the Sri Lankan jungle. Everyone talks about Brazil, Sicily, Cape Town – but in Kalpitiya you will still find everything that guarantees a really good kite holiday: wind, shallow water, seclusion, and exoticism!