#9 Kite Roadtrip: Barcelona to Tarifa with the KiteWorldWide Van

Thursday 05.04.2018

7:00 pm: The most important part has worked. From Lanzarote back at Kiteworldwide Van. All the luggage came along and the van is still undamaged in its place. Top. There was still a little back and forth with the people from the parking lot. The 14 day airport parking was booked in advance (75 Euro!) and somehow they didn’t have that in their system, but after a few words in Spanish the correct amount was charged, instead of the 270 Euro, which the machine first wanted to have.

7:30 pm: Let’s get out of here. Head south. Because it’s pretty cold in the north of Spain. 14 degrees in the evening at nine. Quick shopping again in Mercadona and then on the highway. The van manages three hours before the driver has to take a break.

10:30 pm: During these longer distances Jürgen doesn’t look for a camping site or something. The van makes you independent for at least 4-5 days. Then fresh water has to be supplied again and not so fresh water has to be disposed of… But he can simply stop at a motorway service area, close the awnings and enjoy the comfort of his hotel room.

Friday 06.04.2018

7:30 am: The next morning a chocolate croissant and Café con Leche. Then a quick shower and let’s go. There are still 800 km to go. The landscape along the way is impressive. The weather is rather less. But at least the snow-covered mountains of the Sierra Nevada look good. But hailstorms and 5 degrees are not the reason why you come to Spain in April.

The path goes on and on, but the destination – Spain’s southernmost tip and probably the windiest spot on the Iberian Peninsula – remains firmly programmed in the navigation system.

Finally it goes up the mountains before Tarifa. Short stop for a Gopro Karma “Dronie” and further, directly the serpentines down the mountain again, up to the Balneario. Here you can also stop for a night in the absolute low season. And on Sundays parking is even free.

9:00 pm: Tarifa would not be Tarifa without a detour to “Amador El Caseron”. I guess they have the best steak tariffs here. After that it was already over for the evening, after almost 8 hours in the car it’s time to go to sleep, tomorrow a few meetings are scheduled – and there should be wind. Tarifa is also a good spot for beginners. Check out our learn kitesurfing tutorials.

Saturday 07.04.2018

7:00 am: The next morning they leave early. Quickly to the old town. Finally get out the Carver skateboard with the Mellow electric drive. Let’s see what the waves do. Jürgen is surprised by an amazing rainbow and spends a few more laps on the dam that separates the Atlantic and Mediterranean and which has finally become famous through Ruben Lenten’s Kiteloop video.

9:30 am: Breakfast is very rich. It is difficult to choose between quiche, chocolate croissant, energy balls and brownie. They’ll have to take everything with them. So the kite and meeting day can start in Tarifa!

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