#7 Kite Roadtrip: The anchor situation or: How can you rescue the anchor of a sailboat hooked into the rock?

Monday 02.04.2018:

02:00 pm : After the catamaran has sailed to the north of Lanzarote and everyone has had a good time with wakeboarding behind the dinghy, surfing and the SUPs, the crew is back on board. Quickly stow everything away and lift anchors. But there is one small problem: The chain doesn’t want to come up anymore, the motor pants, the 30 kg anchor hangs on 70 meters of steel chain.

Well, Tobi has thought of everything and attached an extra rope with a buoy to the anchor, so that our adventurers can pull it from the other side if this happens that the anchor hangs on a rock. So the dinghy goes back into the water and the crew pulls out. And pulls. But there’s nothing to be done. The anchor of the sailboat is stuck to the rock.

New attempt: They turn the catamaran backwards into the wind with the help of the machines and pull with 160 HP full speed at the anchor. The anchor is stuck in the rock. Rock-solid.

That’s silly, everyone thinks. “Now I guess we’ll have to stay here forever. Or drop anchor and continue.” But then they no longer have an anchor and have to stay in ports for the next few days. That was not the idea of anchoring in lonely bays.

3:00 p.m. Tobi has a new idea. He knows a diving school on Lanzarote, they call them. The owner, Götz, speaks German. It’s Easter, so he’s busy, but in the evening he can come with another instructor. This is a matter of honour for the divers of www.davioon.com . A little time goes by, but the team is not worried, the anchor is holding up particularly well this time. .

5:30 p.m.: Tobi picks up the two divers from the harbour in Famara by dinghy. At short notice, two of the guests (both experienced divers) decided to accompany the action under water and watch the catamaran from below.

18:00: The divers are at the boat, fully loaded with diving and salvage equipment. Götz warns: “Stay together, I have to take care of the anchor with my partner and cannot help you. There’s a strong current down there and the nearest mainland is Africa. The view down there is modest.”
Iris and Sebastian are already wearing their wetsuits and the divers are going to diving stations.

7:00 p.m.: Now they have to wait. All those who are left behind on the sailboat are jealous that they cannot be there. But also somehow happy, because it is now seven and is slowly getting dark. Fortunately, they can still see the divers’ air bubbles rising from the depths to the surface. But they don’t know how many of them they’re from.

7:15 pm: A little eternity passes. Tobi is still in the dinghy and circling around the anchor buoy. Then finally the team on deck sees one of the divers ascend. Thumbs up. That means they’ve freed the anchor. But actually they need the chain. Because – what many people are not aware of – the anchor chain holds the sailboat by its weight and less the anchor itself.

So everyone pulls together on the anchor chain. 20 yards of steel can’t be pulled, not even with four people. So put them around the windlass, which you can wind up with the motor.

7:45 p.m.: After another half hour the chain is recovered. What a feeling when the anchor comes up. Götz is happy that he could help the crew, thanks again to him and his mid-diver. If you want to take a diving course on Lanzarote, think of him and his team from www.daivoon.com . He helped our team a lot, otherwise they would have had to drop anchor. On the way back to the harbour in Famara there is another “anchor salvage beer”. Thank you Götz!

20:00 hrs: The sun sets and they go to the anchorage bay in front of La Graciosa, known from the week before. The catamaran arrives in the dark. On the swaying way they have already cooked, today there is something simpler, chickpeas in tomato sauce, vegetables and pasta. A few carbohydrates can’t hurt after this strenuously exciting day.

Tomorrow they’ re back on the water, 16-20 knots are predicted. And the crew can anchor in their favourite bay. With anchor and chain. Yeah!

Here the whole adventure:

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