#6 Kite Roadtrip: La Graciosa → Fuerteventura → La Graciosa

Friday 29.04.2018:

9:00 am: In the morning they say goodbye to Uwe von Gleiten.TV and the other guests of the week. Florian and Inga, who took part as riders for Gleiten.TV, decide to stay on the boat and kite for a few more days and so the catamaran is well occupied again with a total of 9 people.

10:00 am: Tobi and Cathi stay on board and take care of the boat while Jürgen does a “little” shopping tour and explores the island.

Here is a small excerpt from the shopping list:

100 l drinking water in 5 l canisters
approx. 20 kg fruit (papayas, bananas, apples, pears, grapes, lemons, oranges,…)
approx. 20 kg vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, (sweet) potato, carrots, salad, fresh herbs
2 kg prawns
1 kg squid
2 kg fresh fish
2 kg beef steak (whole rump steak)
3 kg of cheese,
2 kg sausage and cold cuts
Beer, juice, wine
etc. etc.

1:00 pm: Lanzarote is also really nice from the shore. Black desert landscapes alternate with green sections, in between the deep blue sea can be seen again and again. On the way to the “Hiervas del Agua” the crew observes a rock formation where the surf is so strong that the sea seems to be boiling.

3:00 pm: Then to Famara, the small surfer village in the northwest of the island. Here are a few kitesurfers on the water, but the kitesurfing equipment has no place in the car besides the shopping unfortunately. But there is a stop at the “Chringuito”, a nice restaurant with Spanish tapas. When Jürgen looks at the sea in the bay of Famara, he still does not suspect what excitement will happen here in the coming week on the catamaran.

4:00 p.m.: Dinner is also inspired by this. As all guests are on deck in the late afternoon, Spanish salami, Manchego cheese, ham and olives are cut open.

20:00: In the evening they have prawns in olive oil with garlic, pulpo (octopus arms) and fresh squid. And the delicious little Canarian potatoes Patatas Braves with Canarian mojo (herbal sauces). After dinner and a glass or two of Vino, they quickly head in their bunks. The next morning… time to “set sail” for the first kite day of the week. 20 knots are the order of the day!

Saturday 30.04.2018:

7:25 am: At sunrise the crew departs from the marina towards Los Lobos, a mini island about 4 km from Fuerteventura.

9:00 a.m.: Here the crew also anchors, because big swell is announced and everyone jumps without kites, but with a slightly bigger board into the water. Only now it is noticeable that it is Easter Saturday and the Spanish peeps apparently also want something of the swell. The wave is – carefully said – “crowded” and so the crew decides after a few attempts to change the waves worth mentioning to go kitesurfing again.

12:00 pm: The wind has increased and they set up the kites on board. 10 to 15 sqm, Twintip, Waverboard, Foil. Everything is there and the kiters have fun in the water. Flo also dares to get closer to the wave and has some really good runs in offshore conditions in the long breaking wave. In the waves you can easily ride strapless. Have a look at our Strapless Kitesurfing Tutorials.

7:00 p.m.: In the evening everyone is ready. Everyone goes to bed early because they want to challenge their surfing luck again the next day in the early morning.

Sunday 01.04.2018:

6:49 a.m.: The alarm clock rings before sunrise. The group paddles directly from the catamaran to the wave and – wait for it – just another wave rider in the water and so they catch up with the waves from the day before.

10:30 a.m.: Back at the catamaran they have Easter breakfast. In the island surroundings on the boat – except for the chocolate egg and the today very richly set table – you do not get much of the celebration.

12:00: The day continues as before. Kitesurfing, kitesurfing. Chillin’. In the afternoon a small snorkelling unit. And as the wind weakens wakeboarding behind the dinghy. Dinner in the evening. Whole rump steak, cooked in the oven at low temperature for a long time. Plus eggplant lasagna. Hmmm..

Monday 02.04.2018:

8:00 am: The next day the crew sets sail towards La Graciosa. It is light wind from the west, quite unusual, but they want to use it for a calm crossing on the west side.

11:30 am: On the way the wave in front of Famara attracts surfers and the crew decides to anchor in the stony bay. Tobi is very careful and puts the anchor on another line with a buoy if it gets caught on a rock. So you can pull it from the other side and free it again.

12:00 pm: So everyone goes surfing without worries, some wakeboarding and in the early afternoon they want to continue.

Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t work. The anchor hangs, the catamaran does not come from the spot and the crew experiences a real sailing adventure. But more about this in the next blog. ;)

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