#5 Kite Roadtrip: La Graciosa → Fuerteventura → Goodbye

Wednesday 28.03.2018:

08:30 am: After a cup of coffee on deck and the first rays of sun, we went straight into the water. Photo session. Result: Empty batteries after a successful foil session in front of La Graciosa and tired kiters. The marketing team is happy. In between a short diving break. Wonderful!

11:30 am: It is time for the crew to sail south again. This time along the northwest coast.

07:00 pm: In the evening we dock in Marina in Rubicon. A sense of home is spreading. It’s a special day. Toby, the skipper, has birthday and after dinner we go to a nice cocktail bar at the marina for gin tasting. 30 varieties are available here. Some good ones and many even better ones.

Thursday 29.03.2018: The day after…

07:00 am: Despite the careful gin test operation our catamaran starts early south to Los Lobos. The fresh air is good.

11:30 am: Toby anchors directly at the surf spot. The waves are still small, the wind very light, so lets try something new first: Uwe from Gleiten.TV brought two mats for us to test. Slingshot Phantom and Ozone Chrono, both 11 sqm. Starting from the catamaran is “rather difficult” for one of the candidates, for the others it is no problem. In a few weeks you can see on gleiten.TV how the kites scored, we don’t want to say anything yet. Even if the waves are tiny it’s so much fun to kitesurf with a waveboard. Have a look at our Strapless Kitesurfing Tutorial.

02:00 pm: Due to the tide the water goes down in the afternoon and the waves start to run, so everyone grabs their surfboard and goes surfing. La Graciosa is a top spot and normally there are always some good surfers here, but this afternoon the crew has the spot all to themselves. Consequently they can catch wave after wave.

04:00 pm: We start sailing again towards Fuerteventura. Anchoring in Corralejo. Where’s our ice cream? After a good serving of a creamy-sweet cooling, we make the Surfshops in this place insecure. The veggies for on board are being restocked. Shopping with the Dinghy is always exciting.

20:26: Sailing into the sunset back to Lanzarote to the marina – feels like home! Normally the crew goes out for dinner on the last evening, but today the restaurant is called “KiteWorldWide Catamaran”, because everyone wants to spend the last evening together on board in La Graciosa. Two kilos of fresh fish. The fish is prepared in Spanish style with tomatoes, onions and garlic. Yummy! The evening ends with Vino, Gin Tonic and a lot of sailor-kiter-yarn is spun.

Saturday 30.03.2018:

A warm goodbye. Afterwards a new group comes on board and everything starts again from the beginning. Kite, Sail, Surf – Eat, Sleep, Repeat. Adventuretime!


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