“Slice of Life” -Kiteboarding Clinics with Tom Court: Episode 1

How to: Put a backroll in your pocket

As part of the Slice of Life Camps, we have a new video series called “New Destination, New Trick” by Tom Court. As Tom runs his exclusive clinics in our destinations, we will create a new video for each camp detailing a trick the group is learning at that particular camp and give an introduction to the place and the spot as well. The first in the series was from the awesome clinic in Tatajuba Brazil, last November and shows Nick “putting a backroll in his pocket to take back to Tarifa”. The video talks you through the common mistakes and how to master your first backroll, which is the basis for lots of tricks going forward. Check it out and let us know what you think.

For this year we have clinics in Dakhla, Sri Lanka and Tatajuba in Brazil.

Dakhla 2nd–9th June and 9th–16th June

Sri Lanka 30th June–7th July and 7th July to 14th July

Brazil 27th October–3rd November and 3rd–10th November

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