#4 Kite Roadtrip: La Graciosa → Los Lobos

For the next three nights the catamaran is located in front of La Graciosa at Playa la Francesca. Surrounded by volcanoes and dunes, a nice shallow water freestyle spot. Everyone in the crew wants to get on the water.

Monday 26.03.2018:

9:30 am: Taking the dinghy to the beach. The kites have to be set up.  Twintip, waveboard and foil. 20 to 30 knots. The perfect start into the day!

13:37 pm: One part of the group climbs the mountain and is rewarded with a breathtaking view over the whole island.

5:05 pm: Later on, a part of the group goes with a Safari Jeep to the northernmost tip of the island to check out a wave spot. The conditions are with 100% offshore wind, rocky entry and high waves “more advanced”, but the downwinder back to the boat the adventurous squad can not be taken away from them.

7:45 pm: In the evening a short hike through the dunes. The crew explores the small village of La Graciosa. 620 people live here, non-native cars are forbidden and tourism is very limited on the island, which has been declared a nature reserve. A bar, a supermarket for fresh vegetables and a restaurant. The food here is very tasty. Pulpo, prawns, fresh fish and fillet of beef in Roquefort. And a vino tinto. Yummy!

The most comfortable accommodation on the island is probably our catamaran which is why Jürgen and the others on boat still have the kitespots to themselves. Is there anything more to ask for?

Tuesday 27.03.2017:

10:30 am: The next morning Florian and Jürgen have a nice kite session. Flo with 10s and waveboard, Jürgen with 7s and foil. A few pictures of the two with the island in the background are on the shooting schedule.

Afterwards they land on deck and it is time to set sail south of Lanzarote. Fortunately this time is more relaxed than on the way there, because our catamaran glides over the sea at 20-25 knots with room sheet course (wind from diagonally behind).

7:30 pm: The crew decides to spend the night in the marina. The next adventure will take them to Los Lobos, a small deserted island between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.


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