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After all those festive weeks of stuffing our faces with big family meals, mince pies, chocolates, and drinking to excess its time to think about getting active again. However the winter is still here in full force which is not very motivating at all, so how about getting away from it all and heading to the sun for some winter sun kite sessions?


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Morocco: Dakhla – Kitesurfing in February

Dakhla is our all-round kite surf destination, open 365 days a year: Beginners, Intermediates, Freestylers, and Wavekiters can all enjoy the conditions here all year long.

The luxurious bungalows are extremely comfortable and right at the spot. If you feel like socializing, you can spend your time in the common areas at the heated pool or from the sunbathing lawn you have a wonderful view of the lagoon. Sure, you can always catch up with the other kiters during dinner time to share your highlights of the day with each other.  The Ocean Academy is right next to the hotel, where you can find the professional instructors and kite equipment from Duotone. Coupled with the perfect beginner and intermediate conditions in the shallow lagoon make learning to kite in Dakhla a breeze. Aside from all this, you can take a yoga class right in front of the pool, where you have a wonderful view of the lagoon and leave those winter blues behind.

+ Massive Lagoon with shallow water and heaps of other spots
+ Perfect wind forecast for up to 365 days
+ Best conditions for freestyler, beginners, intermediates, and wavekiters
+ The most luxurious and comfortable accommodation: La Tour d’Eole
+ Professional Kite Center with the most current material 

Cape Verde: Sal – Kitesurfen in February

It is hard to find a better spot to learn to kitesurf than the Cape Verde Islands, or ride some waves for you pros. After a freezing winter-period (+ 20°C) it is finally getting warmer on Sal again! With a lot of wind and perfect conditions, February is one of the best months to spend a vacaction here. We would like to welcome you in our KiteWorldWide Kite House. Imagine watching late sessions from the rooftop, drinking a glass of wine or a chilled beer, catching up with the other kiters after your sessions in our chilled common areas. What a place to get away to.


+ The KiteWorldWide Kite House
+ Get comfortable with other kiters, embracing the unique vibe
+ Great wind forecast for our winterspot only 6 flight-hours away
+ Professionell Kite Station from Mitu Monteiro at Kite Beach 
+ Learn (Wave-) Kitesurfing with the world champion
+ Wave Camps with Mitu Monteiro in Januar and April
+ Kiteboarding Events with a massive material-pool in February 
+ daily kiteshuttle and general program inclusive
+ GoPro demonstration with free rental of equipment on site 
+ Season from October until May

South Africa: Cape Town – Kitesurfing in February

Once you get to our KiteWorldWide Mansion, you will be surrounded by a bunch of other kiters ready to discover the best spots around. The accommodation is right at Sunset Beach, only 100 m away from the water. Marci and Jana from Kiteboarding Events will always be there for you during your stay. They will take you on the water, wine-tasting or to the South African Braii. Spend an unforgettable holiday in the Mother City.


+ KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town: Lifestyle-Loft-Villa right next to the Kitespot  
+ Breathtaking spot-diversity 
+ Many opportunities for activities and trips 
+ Amazing community feeling in the mansion 
+ Exclusive with KiteWorldWide
+ Discovering the best spots, trips, and parties with Juli, Martin, and Marci from KiteboardingEvents

Zanzibar: Jambiani – Kitesurfing in February

An exclusive kite spot for KiteWorldWide is located in front of our hotel in Jambiani, right on the East Coast of Zanzibar. There is no better place for beginners and advanced riders to start into the new year! A great riff only 2km away forms a lagoon with shallow water conditions. This is where we teach. 5 km north from Jambiani, next to our “Homespot” is the most famous spot of Zanzibar: Pajé.

+ Huge turquoise lagoon right in front of the lodge, protected by a vast coral reef 
+ Red Monkey Lodge right in front of the spot- the only Lodge with Sustainability-Certificate at Zanizibar 
+ Kitecenter Zanzibar/ Jambiani in the Red Monkey Lodge with the newest equipment from Core Kiteboarding  
+ Winter and summer destination 
+ Exklusive with KiteWorldWide
+ Season: June – September, December – March

Sri Lanka: Kalpitiya – Kitesurfing in February

We’re having the contrarious North-East wind in Sri Lanka during February. Those conditions are perfect for adventurous kiters, because you can discover the lagoon and parts of the beach from another perspective. Due to the low tidal range, there is always the possibility to kite in the lagoon. The free 4×4-Shuttle takes you easily to the other side of the lagoon during wintertime. Shallow water or endless ocean? It’s up to you. This spot always provides a lot of wind, heaps of space and kiting without unwanted obstacles.


+ Massive lagoon with shallow water and many “glassy” freestyle spots  
+ The first lodge right at the lagoon with high quality standards 
+ Pool rooms right at the pool from the KiteWorldWide Lodge
+ Professional, own kite-center for KiteWorldWide guests
+ Extreme great wind forecast in summer, still pretty good during winter
+ no unwanted obstacles & sandy ground 
+ KiteWorldWide beach-shed on the other side of the lagoon
+ Cheap flights, short-term booking
+ Jungle safaris, ancient cities many more activities
+ Full-board residential with lunch at the lagoon in our KiteWorldWide beach-shed
+ Season: May-October, December-March



Egypt: Seahorse Bay – Kitesurfing in February

Seahorse Bay starts usually with 20°C in february, so a neo will make you feel pretty comfy. The shallow and sandy lagoon has more than 70% wind during the year, which is the best forecast for mind-blowing sessions. Thanks to all the space, we have to schooling-areas in the lagoon, so everybody has enough space to shred. Don´t forget to pack a jumper, since the evenings can become quite chilled. No worries, the sauna in the kiteclub Seahorse Bay will warm you up after your session.


+ Family-like atmosphere at the Ibi & Friends Kiteclub at the Seahorse Bay 
+ Accommodation right at the spot  
+ Full packages for beginners, intermediates and advanced kiters 
+ Limited booking for more space on the water 
+ Exklusive with KiteWorldWide


Brazil: Tatajuba – Kitesurfing in February

Even if the year comes to an end, the season will not stop in Tatajuba, so it’s a great place to kite into the new year. The spot is located next to the accommodation and you can still walk in the water during high tide. Beginners can relax, since there is enough space for everyone. Leave your neo at home, 28 °C water is waiting for you in February. It is a great spot to improve your new jumps and for cruising around. Further down the spot, you can enjoy waves and fresh water.

+ New accommodation right at the beach
+ Exclusive deals for your flights, only for our KiteWorldWide guests
+ Beautiful landscape with a lot of space
+ Shallow water in front of your door and other great spots 
+ KiteWorldWide owned, VDWS Kite Center                                       
+ Best weather forecast in Brazil for kitesurfing 
+ Jericoacoara only 45 min. away 
+ Exklusive with KiteWorldWide


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