Kite & Sail – Caribbean Cruise Logbook #0

Nine years ago, Jürgen (one of the founders of KiteWorldWide) sailed through the Caribbean with a catamaran. Since then, the idea of merging kitesurfing and sailing has kept in his mind… That’s why we have the catamaran tours to the Canary Islands and this year the first explorer’s tour to the “islands in the wind”, as the Grenadines are called sometimes, takes place. During island hopping they explore new spots, admire the beautiful landscape and relax. There is no specific route on their way up, they will stop where ever it’s good for kitesurfing. The best thing about it: 100% of the time is spend on the water.

The catamaran, a Lagoon 52, sails with its two runners stable over the waters of the Caribbean, so that no one gets seasick. The luxurious catamaran is comfortable, spacious and fully equipped. From the sun deck, the panoramic sea view in the kitchen, to large cabins with private bathrooms.. there is nothing to miss on that cruise. That’s how a vacation should be! For all sailors and learners there is another special offer: You can also sail the catamaran yourself and collect miles for your sailing licence during your holiday.