Kite & Sail – Caribbean Cruise Logbook #2

Kite & Sail – Caribbean Cruise with KiteWorldWide | Logbook 2018

Kite & Sail – Caribbean Cruise | Day 1 | | Shopping & Sailing to  Carriacou | Thursday 25. Januar

05:30 a. m. Port Luis – The next morning starts early. Five hours of time difference makes the team wake up early. Coffee aroma flows through the cabins. This morning’s action is: Ship briefing from the Charter Company and bulk purchasing.

06:30 a. m.  But Jürgen doesn’t want to miss the deep red-violet sky at sunrise and starts the drone to look at the marina of Port Luis from above.

There are many yachts here. From 25 to 200 feet everything is included. Old sailboats join four-storey mega yachts. Grenada is – after Barbados – the second port of call for Atlantic crossers. The spice island is actually worth a visit. Yellow Man tells about waterfalls, spice plantations and rum distilleries. But we have other plans for this trip. The team is waiting for the first kitesurfing session, the forecast for the next 10 days is phenomenal. 18 to 25 knots from north-east.

08:00 a. m. But first of all the necessary preparations have to be made. Tobi and Cathi get an introduction into the technique of the ship. Nothing new, but here and there the buttons are arranged differently. Modern technology makes it easy.

Another part of the crew goes on another mission: to buy provisions. We get Yellow Man out of bed and he drives us home. In the local, well-stocked supermarket, one shopping cart after another is filled. Cathi wrote a shopping list, which could be processed for the most part.

12:00 Now the ten shopping trolleys are put on the boat and stowed away.

13:00 Then it finally starts. Cast off! First of all it’s about 35 miles northeast to Carriacou. This is the longest distance that has to be covered, after that island hopping begins. But the journey takes about six and a half hours. Unfortunately no sailing yet, because it goes against the wind and we drive under engines.

15:30 On the way we stop at Ronde Island. Jump into water for a moment to cool down. It’s not that easy, the water has a bathtub temperature.

16:30 We leave. The first sunset at sea is spectacular. Only in the darkness we reach Carriacou and fall into the berths after anchoring – tired of the fresh sea air.