Kite & Sail – Caribbean Cruise Logbook #1

Kite & Sail Caribbean Cruise with KiteWorldWide | Logbook 2018

Kite & Sail Caribbean Cruise | Day 0 | | Arrival & Move-in | Thursday 25. Januar

09:00 a.m. Frankfurt am Main – The crew meets at Frankfurt Airport. Linus Erdmann, teamrider of KiteWorldWide, has been in Frankfurt for two days. He comes straight from a two-month trip out of Africa. First catamaran trip to Tarifa, then EgyptCape Town, and Zanzibar. Now again Frankfurt to fly directly to the Caribbean. Not the worst winter.

Tobi, the skipper and his girlfriend Cathi, come directly from Cape Town.

Jürgen, one of the two founders of KiteWorldWide, will not miss the opportunity to participate in the tour. He is also the only one of the crew to have made this trip before, but it was nine years ago.

The crew is completed by Dani, Tobi’s brother and one of the founders of Supreme Surf, who also do the Zuparken and Pangea Festival.

The eight guests are also on the Condor plane, at Gate B43 from Frankfurt Airport.

15:30 Grenada – The nine-and-a-half hours of direct flight to the Caribbean to Grenada pass faster for some and less quickly for others, depending on how much they have slept in the previous nights.

But by the time they arrive at the airport, everyone is wide awake again. 28 degrees Celsius and the sun are doing their job.

Entry is unproblematic and – for Caribbean calmness – also relatively fast. All the luggage has arrived. Wow.

Get out of the airport, get in the transfer bus. Our driver is the Yellow Man. Rastas on the head and under the chin. Cool! He will help us the next day and give us valuable tips.

Quickly put your things in the two minibuses and off you go to the port of Port Luis, where Arian is waiting for us. That’s the name of our “little” yacht. A Lagoon 52 f, built in 2017. 15.5 meters long, 8.60 meters wide. Our swimming, 133 square meters shared apartment with six comfortable cabins, each with its own bathroom with hot water shower and toilet. The boat costs about as much as a large penthouse apartment in Hamburg city centre. A million and a half you have to pay for a barge like that. Dani, who has booked a room at short notice, goes to the so-called dog cabin in the front of the backboard bow.

17:00 Port Luis – All the 15 boardbags and a similar number of suitcases are carried by wheelbarrows over the jetty to the boat. After just a few hours on board, living like a student flat-share. Some go shopping for the first evening and the coming breakfast, others store their luggage. Cathi, the Kite Cruise experienced co-skipper, throw together a classic meal: Spaghetti Bolo. Everyone likes that. Yellow Man had a hint: River’s rum from the island. 69% alcohol puts us in a comfortable state and after a little sailor’s yarn helps us to get a deep, first night’s sleep on board.