Kite & Sail – Caribbean Cruise Logbook #3

Kite & Sail – Caribbean Cruise with KiteWorldWide | Logbook 2018

Kite & Sail – Caribbean Cruise | Day 2 | First kite session near a sandbank | Friday 26. Januar

07:00 a. -m.  Carriacou – We wake up early. Thanks to jet lag. Let’s have a cup of coffee first. The scent is flowing through the cabins and so slowly everyone comes on deck. Tobi and Cathi transfer the dinghy to the island. We have to “check out” in Carriacou, because we leave Grenada and the next “country” in which we move is SVG: St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

After an extensive breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon, we start. Today we finally want hit the water. Passing small groups of islands we first check the back of Carriacou. That would actually work as a kitespot, but since we don’t have a reasonable place to set up and don’t want to start on the first day from the catamaran, we choose one of the nearby small sandbanks in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Afterwards we assemble the boards on the way.

12:00 It’s windy. The measure shows 20 to 24 knots wind. Most of the kites are set up from 9 sqm to 12 sqm on the sandbank. It’s a cool feeling to kitesurf on the open sea.

Only the Caribbean colours are missing because it’s cloudy and it looks more like the North Sea despite 28 degrees Celsius. But the weather forecast for the next days is great, so we don’t worry about it, because we still have twelve days on board.

16:00 After the most of them are out of power, we want to continue to Union Island. Known by Jeremie Tronet and many videos of North Kiteboarding. Some of us haven’t had enough and stay on the water for a “half-winder” to Union. Accompanied by the catamaran over the sea. The harbour entrance is prominently marked by “Happy Island”, a small bar built on the reef.

7:00 p. m. In the evening we start the barbecue. Still on Grenada we bought great ribeye steaks from an Italian butcher. Served with pumpkin-potato vegetables, salad and red vino. That’s how life should be.