Dakhla – Remote „Work“ in Morocco

At the beginning of February our team members Jelsa (Sales) and Timo (Marketing) escaped from the cold and went to Morocco for a long weekend. The main goal of the trip: to bring new Core material to the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp in Dakhla and to check out the spot, the wind conditions and the team.

Departure airport: Hamburg
Destination airport: Dakhla
Luggage: a lot! (6 board-bags, 2 large suitcases and hand luggage)
The flight was very enjoyable and went by relatively quickly thanks to Netflix and a good book. We arrived in Dakhla, it was nice to go out again without a thick jacket, the two of them doubted whether all the luggage had really arrived. Fortunately, everything arrived safely at the destination. We where very fast through customs – with no problem at all, as several kitesurfers arrive here every day with large bags. Outside Jelsa and Timo were welcomed by the guys from KiteWorldWide Villa Camp Dakhla. Most of the luggage got stowed away on the jeep and then it took about 15 minutes to drive to the camp. After arriving here, all they had to do was unload and go to bed, because the next days will be pretty intense!

After a energising kite surfers breakfast including fresh fruit, orange juice, yoghurt and coconut cake… Yes, coconut cake for breakfast! (By the way, it’s really delicious!), Timo and Jelsa realised for the first time that they are in the middle of the desert: an incredible landscape full of sand and this huge lagoon right in front of the door. They were totally ready for a session!
After they explored the kite camp, they went down to the kite center where the kite instructors and assistants where already waiting. Both got really well advised on which is the best kite and board size for the current wind conditions.

Kurzer Spotcheck:

Side onshore✔

Shallow water✔

No obstacles around✔

Then it was time to set up, lay out the lines, tie them on, one final check and go! The kite instructors and beach assistants help you in every situation. It was his first time on the water this year for Timo. How much he missed kiting during the cold Hamburg winter! Jelsa gets her first kite lessons from the Moroccan kite instructor Sáad and progresses very fast.

Afterwards Jelsa and Timo drag themselves with their last strength out of the water and went for lunch in the large common room directly at the pool. The food is a dream! A three-course lunch menu with all kinds of Moroccan delicacies. Afterwards it is time to relax in the hammocks at the pool. But the duo could not lie still for too long, armed with a pickaxe and other “tools” they went to set up the newKite World Wide  flag.

The afternoon is, as it couldn’t be any other way, dedicated to kiting. Jelsa continues her kitesurfing course and the others have a lot of fun and action on the water with strong winds and small kites to suit. So it’s not surprising that the KiteWorldWide team kept riding till the sunset.
After an extra-long shower, the cosy part of the evening started. With ice cold beers, Moroccan music and a delicious dinner. With a good mood and tired muscles they went to bed relatively early.
Next day, same same but different! Breakfast, kitesurfing kiting kitesurfing, lunch, kitesurfing kitesurfing, dinner, music and beer:) This is how we imagine a perfect kite holiday! Here are a few more impressions:

Our final judgment: Amazing spot! Timo and Jelsa don’t want to go back to cold Germany, not just yet… what a great team: Hamza, Badre, Paolo, Giada and all the beach boys, plus very tasty food! Timo and Jelsa were particularly interested in safety during kiting. They felt safe on and off water all the time, even after small faux pas (Kite-loop crash with subsequent self-rescue). The kite instructors and assistants were always on hand with the lifeboat ready.
Last comment by from Timo and Jelsa: ”We’re definitely coming back!”