Sara from the KiteWorldWide UK-office sales team traveled to Brazil and reports first-hand from the Tom Court Clinic


The rules of the week were simple:

1. Play Hard and Train Hard
2. There is no such thing as a hangover

DAY 1: Cashaca and Skinny Dipping

We kicked off the morning with a quick run through of the objectives for the week which spanned from the impossible Nick ‘looking good when you jump’ through to first jumps, back rolls and jump transitions, all should be achievable under the masterful coaching of Tom Court!

For the first morning we had a lagoon session in front of the Pousada; perfect flat water and 9m kiting, while Tom filmed, and coached. In the afternoon it was time for gnarling session in the ocean on the 6m kites.

After a long day on the water we headed straight to the bar in true Court Style the evening kicked off with Caipirinha, Beers and Cashaca shots, which were more, like half a pint rather than a shot! What followed next is strictly between the group, but skinny-dipping, lost phones and some crazy dives into the pool all occurred before 10pm!

DAY 2: Bring it on

As there is no such thing as a hangover the morning kicked off with fitness training, 1000 reps (the sweat it out mentality) followed by a huge breakfast with a large coffee and then straight into the water for more of the same. Tom focused time individually as we split into smaller groups with each having an hour on the water with Tom coaching and videoing

After the perfect BBQ lunch we headed off to a different lagoon for an afternoon of free riding and then back to the beach bar for a video review of the day and of course a few drinks….

DAY 3: Achievements started rolling in

Progression Progression Progression that is the name of the game. The group has all improved so much that first day objectives were being ripped up and new ones written! Miranda’s objective was to jump (Tom asked which part of the jump she wanted to focus on, she explained as she hadn’t managed to leave the water yet, she had no idea about the landing, so maybe she should focus on the lift first and then worry about the landing after). Miranda has now nailed the load and pop as well as first jumps and now wanted more…The back roll. Ronny didn’t want to be able to do the back roll one-way but both ways. It was so amazing to see everyone happy and pushing the boundaries.

We also had the best crash of the week (not naming any names) All I can say is who put the boat in the way!

The video review of today certainly got a few laughs and cheers all round.

DAY 4: Everyone is Jumping

After a strong session at Guiru lagoon we all did the 18km downwinder back to Tatajuba, this is a great way for everyone to practice what they have learnt without having to worry about other people or keeping upwind.

Everybody was flying out of the water and first jumps by Mat and Francesca where achieved

A celebratory evening followed of a delicious BBQ a few shots and a bonfire party on the beach

DAY 5: Oh NO it can’t nearly be over already

No excuses, no hangovers and no such thing as NO! We kicked off with our 1,000 reps and then a full day at our Lagoon in front of the Pousada; again we split into smaller teams to ensure maximum focus time with Tom. Nick and Miranda nailed their back rolls. Emma and Peter perfected their toe side riding. Laura and Kasia started riding with confidence and smiles all the way. Francesca and Matt jumped higher and Ronny back rolled in both directions and learned the art of go-pro selfies whilst riding! (So important!)

Day 6: The Final Day of Coaching.

Great session in the lagoon in front of the pousada, as well as heading off to the Grande Lagoon (or teabag lagoon) where you have a huge amount of space to practice practice practice.

We then headed up the sand dune to watch the sunset with a few beers and give a big cheers to an awesome week with an amazing group of friends.

The award for the most progression was given to Kasia so she is now the proud owner of a 2018 ION Harness.

The only one objective still outstanding is if Nick managed to look good while jumping – Check out the video of the week to see if he managed it…the jury is still out on this one.


Tom Court Slice of Life Clinic 2018

Dakhla:                 28th April – 5th May and then the 5th May – 12th April
Sri Lanka:             30th June – 7th July and then the 7th – 14th July
Fuerteventura:    September tbc
Tatajuba:              Brazil 3rd – 10th November and 10th – 17th November

All I can say is I can’t wait for the next Clinics (Yes I have decided I will be helping run them all to ensure each one is a success, of course this has nothing to be with selfish reasons at all)

If you want to join us then drop me an email on or give the UK-office a call on +442036085777