Linus Travel Diary #10: Downhill Scooter Tour and Skydiving

In December there was the opportunity to take part in our Christmas raffle and at the same time decide what Linus should film for you. The results came in and the general consensus was for a downhill scooter tour from the Table Mountain in Cape Town and also skydiving.

The first choice of a scooter ride was quite relaxed, Linus was the only participant of the Scooter Tour.  He caught a day when the heat was on in Cape Town and only a few other crazy people choose sweaty activities instead of keeping cool by the pool or the beach.  It may have been hot and sweaty but Linus was rewarded with an unbelievable view and a fantastic cruise down the famous Table Mountain.

Then, a few days later, Linus went up in the air for the second activity.  Just a few hours before his departure to Zanzibar, Linus jumped out of an airplane with the boys from MotherCitySkydiving – the first time in his life he had gone skydiving. An adrenaline pumping and truly exciting activity! At the same time, it was also a nice end to the cool time in Cape Town.