Tatajuba Brasil Kitelagoon

Josie & Marco for kitesurfing in Brazil

Dakhla, Essaouira, Tarifa, Portugal, France and Sardinia – until now Marco and I have been to quite a few KiteWorldWide destinations. Always accompanied by our faithful 4×4 truck, the “Beachexplorer”. Because I wanted to experience the fantastic conditions in Brazil this year, which Marco has been talking about for years now, we both had to say “Goodbye mulled wine – Hello Caipi” at the beginning of December and head to the plane!

The first adventure was already waiting for us, because of 4 passengers didn’t show up and a missed de-icing slot delayed our departure plans by 26 hours. But it wasn’t that bad, because we were accommodated in a nice hotel and could already get to know the other KiteWorldWide guests.

In Fortaleza, we felt like we’re in a greenhouse: From 0 degrees in Frankfurt to 30 degrees. In Germany, we had already put shorts and T-shirts into our hand luggage and were therefore able to dive directly into the holiday feeling at the airport.

Transfer Fortaleza to Tatajuba

When we arrived at the KiteWorldWide Pousada, we are very warmly welcomed by Samuel and the dogs Sammy and Caju, who accompany us to our beautiful lodging. Actually, it was much too exciting to go to sleep, but after 48 hours of arrival we soon had our eyes closed.

From now on our days have a wonderfully relaxed schedule: first there is a tropical breakfast with super delicious fruits, homemade spreads, bread and cake and then we can chill at the pool for a few hours before the wind hits the high tide on time. From now until sunset at around 6 pm it’s time to go kitesurfing, kitesurfing and kitesurfing!

The river mouth in front of the Pousada offers a huge playground, where tricks can be practiced on shallow water or little waves of the sea came across. Later on, the lagoon will fill up in front of the accommodation and you can let off steam in a sunset session until your muscles weaken. With this perfect setting I finally succeeded a boardgrab while jumping and landing the backroll on both sides – whoop whoop!

Meanwhile, Marco spends all his time with Megaloops with late backroll and tow ups (up to 40 meters high!!!!) and creates a new Signature Move: a Santa Loop without touching the bar! :)

Just in time for dinner our new little friend Joey picks us up and takes us to the restaurant in the Pousada. Here we are delighted with three delicious courses every evening by cook Bruno, who is Brazilian but has learned to cook in Germany. At the beginning there is usually a light salad or carpaccio, the main course consists of tender fillet or fish and the dessert is a truly treat with liquid chocolate cake or passion fruit mousse – hmmmmmmmm…. Luckily, we spend several hours a day on the water in Brazil, otherwise we would’ve probably taken home one or two kilos more with us.

Of course we didn’t want to miss a trip to the legendary Jericoacoara, Jeri for short. There is not much left of the former fishing village, except for the sensationally good grilled fish, which you can get everywhere. Otherwise the village has turned into a peaceful surfer – hippie place. In the many small, cute little shops you will find clothes, jewellery and of course flip-flops (the only “footwear” you need in Brazil), lots of souvenirs to discover.

We end the evening with Caipis, for which there is a special street in Jeri, and a great sundowner on the beach.