Linus Travel Diary #8: Arrival at Cape Town

The next stop for our team rider Linus Erdmann is the “Mother City”: Cape Town. Together with his girlfriend Loni and cameraman Fabi, Linus will be exploring the city in the next few weeks. Together with their friend Oswaldo Smith they are strolling through the breathtaking landscape, hike to a waterfall and go kitesurfing in the sunset.

Community Feeling at the KiteWorldWide Mansion in Cape Town

At the end of the day the hosts of our Mansion, Marci and Jana, prepared a welcome barbecue. At the large, long table, everyone eats together in the evening – perfect for exchanging experiences of the day. In the video you will also get a little insight on what the KiteWorldWide Mansion looks like. Soon there will be a lot of action from Cape Town, because the to-do list of the three of them is long!