Kite and Sail in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean – From Mallorca to the Canary Islands

Sometimes things turn out differently from what you expect. Actually, the initial plan of us (York and Jürgen, the two founders of KiteWorldWide and four friends) was to sail with the KiteWorldWide catamaran Tonia the last part of the crossing from the Baltic Sea to the Canary Islands and kite. This section should have started in Tarifa. We wanted to give Linus Erdmann (the new KiteWorldWide Teamrider) and his girlfriend Loni “a high five”, who were together with skipper Tobi and Kathi on their way from Amsterdam to Tarifa with the catamaran.

Then there was Hurricane “Ophelia”. And the Tonia was stuck in Brest.

The flights were already booked, it was a milestone birthday and somehow we wanted to rock the Moroccan coast from the open sea. So the search for another catamaran began. Also for the KiteWorldWide Sail & Kite Canary Islands Tour, which should start on November 4th. Just in case..

Wanted – Found! “A little” bigger than the Tonia, the “Lagoon 500” with a length of 16 m and a width of more than 8 m came along.

As already mentioned, we started in Mallorca. The cat was in the marina of El Arenal with the infamous “Ballermann” just around the corner which can be claimed “done” by now, but somehow everyone was happy when the trip started next day. The first destination was Formentera, because the weather forecast promised wind. At first with foil and 12 m, but then wind increased a lot and we unpacked the waveboards and twintips. Turquoise blue and clear water made us look forward to the sail & kite caribbean tour in February.

But there were still about 1,200 nautical miles ahead of us and at sunset it was time to set sail for Tarifa.

What followed was “Sail, Kite, Surf, Eat, Sleep, Repeat”. Well, with not so super much “Sleep”, because the new cat was ready for pickup in Mallorca and so 400 additional nautical miles had to be covered in the 11 days. That meant night sailing and night watch. For each of us. From 10 to 2, from 2 to 6 and 6 to 10. Always 2 people. Four hours in the dark. Every night. On the horizon, bright spots pass by, in slow motion, again and again. So as in the sky. The stars look nice but we were happy to be equipped with electronic charts, AIS, GPS and other things, so we didn’t have to navigate by these yellowish-white things in the sky.

Don’t worry, the KiteWorldWide sails and kite tours are much more relaxed, but it was also a cool experience to sail the cat itself through the night.

In the next parts of this blog series we’ll tell you about kiting and wakeboarding on the open sea, how we had a cool kite session in Tarifa, surfed and kitesurfed in Essaouira and finally sailed across the Atlantic to Lanzarote – accompanied by dolphins.