Linus Travel Diary #5: Gibraltar, barbecue and sundown kite session

Our team rider Linus Erdmann and his friends are up early in the morning to enjoy their time in Tarifa as much as possible. They go for hiking towards Gibraltar and kitesurfing at the Balneario later on. There was enough wind on the beach to spend a lot of time on megaloops.
At the end of the day they enjoyed a cosy barbecue on the roof of the KiteWorldWide Town House in Tarifa with salads, grilled meat and a glass of wine.

The next trip is a bit of a challenge for everyone. They cross the airport runway on foot and soon find themselves on English ground, more precisely in the British colony of Gibraltar. The next hours are filled with walking over steep roads in the heat up to the top of the mountain. But the road to “The Rock” was worthwhile. When they arrived at the lookout point, there were a lot of big and small monkeys waiting, which can get pretty naughty. But the view over the sea is worth every effort. Afterwards they went to the beach for kitesurfing until the sun slowly went down on the horizon.

But the time in Tarifa is already coming to an end. Lonia and Emma bring back the rental car to Brest. That means that they will cover 20 hours of driving again. In the meanwhile the guys did some exercising before they head off to Palmones for another kite session. They scored some really cool tricks at Palmones!

Bye for now, Tarifa!

A few days later the World Kiteboarding League took place in Egypt. Linus finished twelfth in the qualifying round. Shortly afterwards the group made a tour to our spot at the Seahorse Bay and used the time there for an extensive kite session. Read more in the upcoming blog.