Linus Travel Diary #3: The KiteWorldWide Town House and megaloops

Whether stand-up paddling in the waves, foiling with a SUP or megaloops on the Balneario coast: the main element is water. Unfortunately, a day has only 24 hours, so they have to use the time as much as possible. So Linus and his crew are going on a lot of small trips and are trying to spend as much time as possible on and around the water, sometimes only 14 km beeline distance from Morocco.

Together with the locals, they explore the surrounding forests along the Rio Miel, which flows into the Strait of Gibraltar and fish at Punta Paloma. They will also take you to our KiteWorldWide Town House in the Spanish Old Town. The Town House is furnished with great attention to detail in the Andalusian style and offers a perfect view of Tarifa and its kite spots from the rooftop terrace.

Linus also shows you what happens when you patch up your own harness and lose it at a height of 15 meters in a megaloop: