KiteWorldWide in Denmark

Two weeks ago we made a lot of preparations, until it was finally Friday: Off to Denmark! The whole KiteWorldWide family, including some kite instructors and partners from our destinations, gathered together for a Team Weekend. We have covered about 250 miles and, as always on German motorways, we have also covered several miles of traffic jam.

But little by little we all arrived at our house in Ulfborg, which is located between Thorsminde and Hvide Sande. Three of us already left in the morning and waited with delicious food for the arrival of the others. We had an eventful weekend ahead of us with many presentations, workshops and lots of wind. Our mantra of the team weekend was: Eat, Kite, Sleep, Repeat.

The next morning the program started early, because we all wanted to finally go on the water in the afternoon. Since we had the task of capturing all the adventures with GoPros and cutting videos at the end, we had a GoPro introduction first. We were all curious how to handle the GoPros. But now not only the GoPro teamers in our exclusively GoPro destinations Cape Town, Cape Verde and Zanzibar know how to handle them, even the office team does.  Although the sky was grey and cloudy and the rain didn’t want to stop, the wind was more friendly. So we went to the top flat water spot Kloster at the Ringköbing Fjord. The conditions were perfect for the beginners among us, so we jumped directly into the (literally) cold water. Only when the sun set we finally went out of the water.

The third day had plenty of sunshine in his pocket. Before kitesurfing at Kloster, we used the bright sunshine to take new team photos. And some cool drone shots as well. After that we splitted the group, because half of us wanted to go to Hvide Sande for wave kiting. The other half prefered to return to Kloster. Both spots delivered with 26 knots.

On monday morning we were out of bed early, unfortunately it was the day before the last. The wind was much stronger and more choppy than the days before. So again best conditions to go kitesurfing all day long. But for cold hands and feet as well because it wasn’t that warm in Denmark. At the evening, all groups came together to edit their videos. The big presentation of all finished films was planned for later on. Right before there was a highlight: Kite champion Linus Erdmann visited us and showed us his latest edit.

Tuesday was our last day and the motto was: The big packing. During the team weekend we laughed, filmed, went kitesurfing and of course made new acquaintances. But also learned a lot. Finally, between the sessions we had informative workshops and presentations on various topics. Thanks to everyone for a great weekend!