Sail & Kite – Tonia on the Baltic Sea

Cast off for Sail and Kite on the Baltic Sea! Together with Charter & Sail and Kiteboarding Events we captured all the precious moments of the tours with our catamaran Tonia. We started in the harbour of Rostock with course to Denmark. The first stop on our journey was Gedser, the southern point of Holland and Denmark. It’s a fantastic flat water spot for kitesurfing.

Along the coast we found a huge sandbank which offers lots of space and is like a playground for beginners and advanced kitesurfers alike. Between the sandbank and the coast we could kite on glassy water without any bigger waves. On the other side we were able to enjoy and use the vast amount of space for some freestyle tricks. This spot thrilled the crew so much that they decided to stay for three days. After that they visited the nature island Vjerö to enjoy its beautiful landscape. Due to lower wind conditions they took the dinghy for wakeboarding and paddled with SUP’s to the island.

One of the last stops was at Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Unfortunately they didn’t have enough wind for kitesurfing. So they organized a little city trip with shopping, danish soft ice and a bit of culture.

Come on board with KiteWorldWide from the 26.08. to 02.09.2017 or with Kiteboarding Events from 02.02. to 09.09.2017 !

Tonia in the harborCrew - Baltic sailing trip 2017Preparation for sailingGedser, DenmarkKitesurferKitesurferKitesurferGedser, DenmarkTonia in the harbourOn board from ToiniaFoil KitesurfingFoil KitesurfingMuch space for kitesurfingTonia on the way to the havenSUP-boarding behind the dinghyFrom the rail on the foil ;)Kitesurfer