Kitesurfing in September

Whether you fancy the Italian sereneness, a solid Caribbean flair with steady winds in Brazil or Instagram suitable palm beaches in Sri Lanka – all those places are perfect for kitesurfing in September. Choose between flat water in the lagoons or go kitesurfing in the waves with sunshine, wind and a laid back atmosphere.

NEW 2017 in Italy: Sardinia – Kitesurfing in September

+ Kitesurfing in the unexplored south of Sardinia!
+ Live together with like-minded people in a former country estate
+ Professionial Kite School
+ Get from the airport to the spot within an hour
+ No-wind-activities included
+ Season from April to June and September to mid October
+ Explore the real Italy: great food and exclusive wines
+ Kitesurf and live in the middle of the breathtaking nature of Italy

Close to the KiteWorldWide Cottages on Sardinia we spotted two remarkable beaches for kitesurfing. The bay of “Is Solinas” has a lot of space for beginners to practice how to fly a kite or the first rides with the board. On the other side of the peninsula you will find nice little kicker waves in Porto Pino. Everyone who loves riding waves will fall in love with the spot on big days.

Italy: Sicily – Kitesurfing in September

+ Huge flat water lagoon in Lo Stagnone
+ Hotel Santa Maria: the ONLY accommodation directly at the spot with swimming pool
+ More than 300 days of wind a year
+ Season from March till November
+ Newly renovated apartments located on the front row to the spot
+ only 3 hours away

We have three lovely furnished accomodations with a fabulous view over the lagoon of Lo Stagnone/Marsala at the east of the Italian island Sicily. You will find knee up to the hip deep water here. The glossy water conditions will help you to learn the first steps with the kite quickly. For advanced Kitesurfers this is a perfect freestyle spot. Plus, you don’t have to watch out a lot because the wide lagoon offers enough space for everybody.

Brazil: Tatajuba – Kitesurfing in September

+ Beach site accommodations
+ Incredibly beautiful pousada far from crowded spots

+ VDWS kite center managed by KiteWorldWide
+ Flatwater spot in front of the door and other spots nearby
+ Best wind in Brazil
+ Jericoacoara only 45 min. away
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

Tatajuba is a beautiful place to stay at in September. Directly next to the crystal blue lagoon our KiteWorldWide Pousada delivers a perfect holiday place for kitesurfing and to let go of your daily routine. Different spots far off the beaten tracks are offering enough varieties on the water. In the middle of a palm garden the Palafitas and Beach Bungalows are giving you a carribean flair. After the kitesession you can chill out in a hammock in front of your house on the beach.

Morocco: Essaouira – Kitesurfing in September

+ The KiteWorldWide Riad in the old town of Essaouira
+ High wind probability
+ KiteWorldWide Guide on site

+ Kitesurf spot with shallow entry
+ Great for wave beginners and advanced wave kiters
+ For those who rather push their level together: Kiteboarding Events Essaouira

In the beginning of April until the end of October the wide, sandy beach of Essaouira is a great Kitesurfing spot with a high chance of thermal wind. Most of the time the wind is on- or sideonshore wind which makes this spot quite safe for beginners. You can walk 100 meters into the water with ground underneath your feet. Wave lovers will find some famous spots around Essaouira where they can surf the swell, like Moulay Bousselham or Sidi Kaouki.

Morocco: Dakhla – Kitesurfing in September

+ NEW in 2017: exklusive spa and maroccan hammam
+ Stunning Kite Villa Camp exclusively for Kiteworldwide 
+ Diverse, shallow flat water spot in front of the camp and wave spots around the corner
+ Perfect wind conditions from March to October, good wind from November to February
+ VDWS licensed kite center under KiteWorldWide management 
+ New flight times without overnight stop

Our KiteWorldWide Villa Camp Dakhla is located on a peninsula in the Western Sahara. The modern villas are standing with just 80 meters right next to the beach. A headland reaches out 40 kilometers in front of the beach. It forms a huge flat water area where you can safely learn how to kite. Advanced kite surfers can cruise over glassy water and learn new freestyle tricks easily on the huge lagoon. On the other side of the peninsula a nice swell makes the kitesurfer’s heaven complete.

Egypt: Seahorse Bay -Kitesurfing in September

+ Family like atmosphere at the Ibi & Friends Kiteclub Seahorse Bay
+ Living right at the spot, without TukTuk rides
+ Complete packages for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders
+ Limited availability for more space on the water

For Beginners the Seahorse Bay in Egypt is one of the best spot to learn kitesurfing because of two instruction areas. The Kite School, the accomodation and the kitesurfing spot are so close to each other that you don’t have much of a distance to walk or even take a TukTuk Ride like in El Gouna. In between the kitesessions you can chill in comfy canvas chairs on the rooftop terrace with a nice view on the lagoon. Furthermore you have a variety of activities next to kitesurfing.

NEW 2017 in Sri Lanka Dreamspot: Eco Kite Lodge – Kitesurfing in September

+ NEW: Dreamspot Eco Kite Lodge with an exclusive new kite spot
+ huge flatwater lagoon with numerous glassy freestyle spots and the ocean with wave spots right in front of the Dreamspot Eco Lodge
+ professional KiteWorldWide Kitecenter with new Core Kites
+ extremely good wind statistics during the summer season
+ no underwater obstacles & sandy sea bottom
+ Favourable flights, short-term booking possible
+ Delicious and exotic food
+ Exotic Eco Resort with Robinson Crusoe feeling and pool right at the spot
+ Sri Lanka is the closest tropic destination from Europe and offers a lot of possibilities for exploring culture and making day trips
+ Consistent warm and pleasant temperatures
+ Seasons: May-October, December-March

Brand new: the Dreamspot in Sri Lanka with our KiteWorldWide Eco Kite Lodge nearby. The enormous flatwater lagoon has a great wind statistic for September, which guarantees epic kitesessions. In between exotic palm trees our guest house is standing just 10 meters from the beach. The Camp is far away from any typical touristic hotels so that you have a perfect place to eat, sleep, kite, repeat.

Sri Lanka: Kalpitiya – Kitesurfing in September

+ The first lodge directly at the lagoon with a high standard
+ Massive flat water lagoon with numerous “glassy“ freestyle Spots
+ Super wind-proof during the season
+ Favourable flights, short-term booking possible
+ Delicious and exotic food
+ Professional Kite Center, owned by KiteWorldWide and exclusively for our guests
+ Free boat shuttle to the other site of the lagoon & lunch in the KiteWorldWide beach hut
+ Sri Lanka is the closest tropic destination from Europe and offers a lot of possibilities for exploring culture and making day trips
+ Consistent warm and pleasant temperatures
+ Super friendly people on-the-spot and a stunning landscape

In Kalpitiya our beautiful KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodges offers you a fabulous view on the lagoon. Also a pool can cool you down if it’s too warm during the day. All of our guests are shuttled  to the kitesurfing lessons on the other side of the lagoon. At our comfy beach cottage you will find prepared lunch, showers, chairs and shadow for your break.

Spain: Tarifa – Kitesurfing in September

+ Our own kite school exclusively for KiteWorldWide guests
+ Season from April til June and September til October
+ Spanish lifestyle and epic nightlife
+ High wind probability and mild climate only three flying hours away
+ KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa for a great community feeling
+ KiteWorldWide guide on site

At the white sand beach of Los Lances in Tarifa in Spain we spotted a first class kitesurfing area. From September to the end of October you can kite downwind along the coast looking at the old town of Tarifa. Small laces beside the sea are growing with high tide to small lagoons which are also nice to kite. After a great session you can chill out on the rooftop terrasse and get in contact with other guest during a tasty BBQ.

Greece: Kos – Kitesurfing in September


+ New in 2017: The first kiters house on Kos!
+ Kitesurfing far away from areas of intensive tourism
+ Special schooling system with boats
+ Family-friendly spot
+ Discover an original Greece and experience Mastichari
+ Cheap flights

On the small island of Kos in Greece our teamrider Anne spotted a nice place for kitesurfing. The beach of Mastichari is also great for everyone who is not kitesurfing as well as families. The kite instructors are specially trained to teach the beginners from a boat. This unique and will give you the safety for your first rides. An “Upwind-Taxi” will bring you 800 meters out on the water so that you don’t have to walk back anymore after bodydragging or riding downwind.